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OBJECTIVE: A Developer position with the responsibility for the evaluation, design, development, integration, conversion, migration, documentation, and training of interesting software. SUMMARY: Nineteen years solving development problem domains. Self-motivated with excellent analytical, creative, logical and conceptual skills. I care greatly about the quality and reliability of the software I write and I strive to bring that into all my works. Very goal oriented and has interest in solving varied problem domains. SOFTWARE: Languages: SQL, Visual Basic, Python, JavaScript, C/C++, PL/SQL, Bash, OpenRoad, PHP, AWK, QBasic, Assembler, Turbo Pascal. Libraries and Tools: Django, git, jQuery, Crystal Reports 7.0, LAMP, Vim, grep, find, Google Maps, Amazon Web API, QEdit, NetU, SQL*Plus, Epsilon, SQL*Loader, Win32, YUI, Apache, Erwin, Power Designer, bcp, ADO, Sockets, Emacs, autoconf, make, gcc. Standards: XML, HTML, JSON, CSS. Databases: MySQL, Microsoft SQL 6.5, 7.0, Homegrown databases, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Sybase Server, INGRES, Django ORM. Operating Systems: Windows XP, Linux 2.6.X, 2000, NT, 98, 95, Solaris 2.51. EDUCATION: Mira Costa College, Encinitas, CA 1992-1993. Mesa College, Claremont Mesa, CA 1993-1994. University California of San Diego Extension, San Diego, CA 1995 EXPERIENCE HIGHLIGHTS: CONSULTING, Center Moriches, NY Consulting. May 2000 – Oct 2010 · SECOND MELODY. Migrated & converted a PHP/Zend Google maps web app to Django using YUI, git via telecommute for Panasonic. · SEGYA.COM. Wrote a quick little zoom and pan engine in jQuery via telecommute. · BEAMTO.US. Programmed a ‘Web 2.0’ internet voting module in Python, jQuery, MySQL, AJAX and Google Application Engine under Mercurial via telecommute. · MORCREDIT.COM. Developed a secure credit/financial web application using Python, jQuery, Django, Git and MySQL via Django’s ORM via telecommute. · SONOISM.COM. Wrote an interactive audio visualization website in Python, Django, Git, jQuery, Adobe Spry Tools and JavaScript. [login to view URL] (now defunct) · TRINSICSOFT. Maintained, developed and operated under 64 bit dual core version of Linux OpenSuse 11 using gcc, make, configure, automake. · MINPINS. Programmed utilities using XML databases, SQL DDL and PHP scripts. · MARION MEYER BOOKS. Sag Harbor, Wrote reporting and database utilities in Visual C++, Visual Basic Excel, XML; Technical support via on site and telecommute. · INFRAGISTICS. Converted a legacy CAD authoring program written in Borland C Win16 using Microsoft Visual C++ into Win32. · ECLIPSYS. Debugged and enhanced a health care ERP product written in Microsoft VC++ and embedded SQL running on Oracle 8/NT. Incorporated and Tested Microsoft Win32 API functions into a health care ERP software package written in Visual C++. OAKTREE SYSTEMS, Calverton, NY, Senior Programmer. Aug 1997 - May 2000 · Developed, converted, designed & tuned financial database software using SQL data-marts using VB6 and Microsoft SQL 2000 using OCX, VBX, EXE. · Developed and modified over 40 independent financial software modules/mailing reports in VB 6.0/SQL: Data Entry, Pledge Status, Subscription, Statistical Analysis, Receipts. CONSULTIING San Diego, CA, Consulting. Mar 1996 - Jun 1997 · AIRTOUCH CELLULAR. Served as temporary Sybase SQL Database Administrator. Modified and fixed SQL reports, documented their existing database processes, fixed database issues. · EQUIFAX NATIONAL DECISION SYS. Developed a front end for a statistical report application in Visual C++ for a geographical decision support service. · VIRTUAL GAMING TECHNOLOGIES, Del Mar. Developed an online administration system using and Microsoft SQL Server for maintaining web database of live interactive game transactions using Java. CMstat, San Diego, CA, Senior Software Engineer. May 1994 - Jan 1996 · Developed and maintained a complex Configuration Management software suite on Sun Solaris UNIX and deployed in Windows. Tools: OpenRoad, INGRES, VB 3. · Administrated Oracle & INGRES databases (NetU, SQL*Plus, AWK & Power Designer). · Debugged other Developers’ software modules. COMPLIANCE SOLUTIONS, San Diego, CA Software Eng. Jul 1993 - Apr 1994 · Developed an OSHA compliant Training Manager application with a portable, self authored custom database. (Written in Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0, Win16 API). · Managed full product life cycle of an OSHA Manager software package written in Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0. (Included was the support of 4,000 shipped production units and an electronic online support service). PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS SOL, SD, CA, Programmer. Aug 91 - Jun 1993 · Developed administration client apps under in Visual Basic 1.0 and Borland C, Sybase SQL Server under DOS/Windows 3.1. · Developed Microsoft C Database API for Sybase/SQL Server for Tank Management Client Server solution. using Embedded SQL. MASTERSON JOHNSTON, Patchogue, NY, Programmer. Mar 1991 - Jun 1991 · Developed Serial Communication, Installer & Help modules for MS-DOS in Borland C++. · Customer relations & support for a health care service bureau. · Configured novell network hardware and software. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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