Daily calorie counter application (with history graph)

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Daily calorie counter application (with history graph)
Daily calorie counter application (with history graph)

A pretty basic calorie/points counter application I made in windows forms a while ago, it allows entry of items with a short description and an associated calorie and/or points value (for the many diet systems that use points). Each item can either be added or subtracted (i.e. exercise or a mistake) and daily targets can be set which are shown alongside today's running total. A scrollable graph can be slid into view below the main application which shows history data for daily totals, daily targets and the average daily total line for the current graph viewport (all in whichever unit is currently active). The inability of WinForms to handle antialiasing with the desktop when using transparent windows, which is made very evident in this project, was the final shove which made me adopt WPF fully.

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After completing my master's in chemistry in 2009, I had already realized chemistry was not the career path I wanted to take. As a long-time hobbyist programmer (on and off for about 15 years), I soon realized software development was what I really wanted to be doing. Since then, I have spent the past 3 years training myself in software and web design; mainly C# (WPF, ASP.NET and Silverlight) but also some C++, HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript. I'm now looking to enter the job market and believe offering my skills as a freelancer is the most effective way for me to achieve this.

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