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Google Maps V3

First page 800 X 600 for common screen a. Back to courses page b. Back to design I page c. Reference site (if apply) Background information History of Theremin (Friendly link might be added) Resources a. Schematics b. Parts List c. Output d. Software (code and output) e. Chips list, datasheet and usage Deliverables a. List of file b. Brief Description c. Data of presentation /due/ create d. File size (We think this is important, because it is all about what have you did in two semester of Senior Design) Attractive a. Refer to technical writing courses b. Color c. Picture d. Button (Just make sure your website is comfortable to access and read) Brower option a. Internet Explorer b. Netscape (Make sure Unix user can open ?most? of your file) (Most of the professors are using UNIX machine to view your pages)

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As a Web developer, I want to become an expert in dynamic programming tools and languages that fuel the Web. Might work independently or be part of a team that builds and integrates interactive Web sites, applications, and services for both internal and public sites. My role is to make it work, which means developing Web applications and testing them on various browsers, enhancing and modifying them as necessary to ensure the best experience for the user. As a web developer, i might also architect websites, design data-driven applications, and find efficient client-server solutions. It have an in-depth understanding of the software development lifecycle and be able to communicate project status, issues, and resolutions.

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