xMF and IXP (high speed, HA telecommunications nodes)

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xMF and IXP (high speed, HA telecommunications nodes)

xMF and IXP are acquisition and data mediation components of a Tier1 signaling networks monitoring solution. xMF probes E1/T1 or IP links or integrates with a SS7/Sigtran STP to acquire up to 10 Gbps of real-time data. Based on complex filtering rules and deep packet inspection, it distributes individual messages to several downstream IXPs for further processing. IXP then performs detailed analysis of received frames, extracts KPIs but also correlates related messages together for later call troubleshooting. Results are stored in a large Oracle database. The diagram below shows how the solution can be used to troubleshoot real time voice quality of VIP customers. Configuration and reports are run on the NSP JEE platform. Technologies: Linux, C++, real time database, kernel programming, TCP/IP, SNMP, telecommunications protocols (SS7, Sigtran, 3G, 4G/LTE), MySQL, IBM Clearquest, subversion, Cisco 4948, 3560 configuration

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