Pieces of My Puzzle

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Pieces of My Puzzle

This triptych was created to describe myself using three of the nationalities from which I am formed. I chose German from my father's side, and Chippewa and Irish from my mother's side. I wanted to more deeply explore the pieces of myself in order to come to a greater understanding of who I really am. I feel like these parts of my heritage have had more effects on my life than I've ever realized, which is why they have become so important to me. I gave each picture a look of antiquity in order to represent how it goes all the way back to when I began.

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Tentang Saya

I am a recent graduate with a a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art, emphasizing in Computer Graphics. I love all types of art and would enjoy the opportunity to work on a variety of freelance projects. I will work hard on every project I obtain, and I will make sure the customer is always pleased with the results.

$22 USD/jam