Untitled Fiction Story

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Untitled Fiction Story

The sun blazed bright red as it sunk below the horizon, bathing the desert in pink and sending streaks of orange across the sky. Even the clouds were on fire, lit up from behind by the setting sun, but for the two figures picking their way across the remnants of a long-ruined road, the beauty meant nothing. One of them couldn't see it- though he could feel the heat less and less on his dark skin- and his companion, a brown-haired girl with sunburnt features, didn't care for it much at all. Their goal was to get somewhere safe for the night, but on the cracked highway, that was a near impossible feat and the setting sun was only making it more difficult. "Noah, hurry up!" the girl hissed, and the man by her side looked in the direction of her voice, pausing beside the husk of a wrecked car. He couldn't see her, washed-out blue eyes the only testament to his blindness, but he knew where she was and frowned at her all the same.

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I have nine years of writing experience in various fields, but as of now I am focusing on copy typing, proofreading, and maybe a little ghostwriting here and there. I type 90WPM and have nearly perfect accuracy.

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