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IKEAFoundation.org Lucky enough to work as the Lead Web Developer for this Project on multiple occasions. Great organization. This was first made on WordPress where I was instructed as the Lead Developer to make it a fully fledged CMS. For those who know WordPress will understand that this type of CMS is more suited to Blogs. However with careful planning and knowledge, I proceeded to almost re-create the WordPress framework to have it reach the desired requirements. It was a complete success. A year later, they moved up to having the site re-designed and moved with content to the DynamicWeb CMS where new features were added such as being able to add new content on the fly with many options and great ease of use. I left this project behind after leaving Skyhatt AB a while ago. Still, a great client and a great job.

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Im here to help you and get what your after. I am a fully educated, professional web and software developer with a rich history and a solid knack for solving difficult problems. I want you to be happy with the results of our project, and will maintain constant communication with you. I limit the amount of work I take on to ensure I produce high quality applications and web sites because I do not cut corners and always produce the best end results (as seen on my portfolio for big companies) even if it means that I will lose out. Giles Turner Wilkinson, Web Developer and Programmer. English/American , born July 1991, San Francisco, California. Programming and software capabilities: ASP.NET C#, HTML/XHTML/HTML5, Css/Css3, XML, XSLT, PHP, Wordpress, SQL/MySQL Servers, CMS's like Joomla and Umbraco, Wordpress, iOS, Iphone, Android, , Javascript, Jquery, Photoshop, Illustrator and many more

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