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ONYX Data Solutions utilizes our Service Readiness team to begin the project implementation process. The Service Readiness team is an implementation team of consultants covering recruiting, training, quality, technology, and operations. This team is involved in the pre-sales process to work through the goals identified in Phase I of the implementation process. The result is a competitive price that considers all of the potential client success criteria. In parallel, this team of implementation consultants will work to assure that the implementation timeline can ONYX Data Solutions is Quality Consultant works to assure that fine tuned, quality processes are set in place to monitor the quality of our support services. The areas measured are based on the relevant goals agreed to with our clients. This will ensure that your customers will have the best experience possible, on every transaction. The Above-mentioned Consultants and Processes work in tandem with a project Imp

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Welcome to ONYX Data Solutions ONYX Data Solutions offers a wide range of IT and IT enabled services and expert back office services that meet the most exacting international requirements. Our team of highly trained computer professionals, qualified management and state of art infrastructure operating on 24x7 mode ensures customer satisfaction. Today we invite you to take full advantage of team, which is brimming with superior skills, enthusiasm, creativity and unbounded energy. Contact us today so we can create a range of services that are specifically suited to your company’s requirements. ONYX Data Solutions aims to achieve excellence in its quality of service to our clients delivering on time and as promised. ONYX Data Solutions experienced technical team who have worked on a number of projects coupled with a well rounded management team in varied industrial sectors make a perfect marriage to write a success story for our clients. The Service Readiness team is responsible for ensuring that ONYX Data Solutions meets the Service Readiness team would be the central point of coordination of the various activities specific to Client The team would schedule weekly calls with Client to discuss progress and updates on key deliverables, assign new ownership and close completed tasks. The weekly calls also act as a platform to drill down to specific areas that need more clarity or information for execution ONYX Data Solutions K N O W L E D G E A C Q U I S I T I O N Transition, Reverse Transition and Offshore Knowledge Transfer In the first phase of our Implementation Methodology, we work with our clients on goal identification for the outsourced program. This is extremely vital to assuring a full understanding of the goals and success criteria for the program. As an example, some client’s goal is to look to improving their depth of experience. This may require additional certifications. Other clients look to achieve more aggressive service level targets. ONYX Data Solutions tries to understand our clients’ desired goal. Once we understand the entire program and goals, we can assure that the solution designed and pricing provided will meet the desired outcomes From there ONYX Data Solutions C U S T O M E R S E R V I C E Process Management ONYX Data Solutions is able to quickly and efficiently begin supporting customers using proven a methodology and process. This process driven approach ensures Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are met and exceeded. Working together with the Client in the initial project stages to design detailed service delivery plan ensures a smooth rollout and successful, enduring relationship. By following an escalating “scale-up” plan, ONYX Data Solutions ensures all team members are carefully selected, properly trained and ready to provide effective customer support. It also ensures that critical service agreements and risk mitigation processes are in place prior to go-live. Management reviews and progress checkpoints are a standard component of our scale-up process. Implementation process adheres to the following Six Steps Each stage of our implementation process covers a key aspect of the transition process ONYX Data Solutions SVP of Operations leads the process and is manned by dedicated individuals from the different operation functions – HR, Training, Quality,etc. The first step is “Goal Identification”. This step involves complete and detailed understanding of Client’s key goals underlying the decision to outsource – like improvement in Customer satisfaction metrics, cost savings, managing a more flexible process/scalability, implementing 24x7x365 coverage, diversification of support resources assuring business continuity requirements, or a mixture of all. The support model is designed to achieve Client’s prioritized objectives. In the second step we “Map Existing Processes”. All key support processes of Client are mapped at this stage. Process details (including Manuals, FAQ’s etc.) are mapped as online knowledgebase that support training as well as self-help resources. This provides the basis for infrastructure set-up and design of detailed training curriculum for the respective support roles. The detailed documentation is used to simulate the entire gamut of Client interaction processes, including escalation and reporting procedures. The third step involves “Assessment and Benchmarking”. This phase involves a detailed analysis of all support performance metrics. Quantitative and qualitative aspects of customer interaction with the support team during the past 6-12 months are analyzed to arrive at leading benchmarks that would provide the basis for structuring effective Service Level Agreements (SLA’s). This exercise fixes both;current mandated attainment levels as well as targets to be achieved within pre-determined periods. The fourth stage defines the “Technology Environment”. During this stage all technology choices are clearly identified and implementation and maintenance processes defined. Key processes include, CRM technology environment and related support processes, implementation of security policies and entitlement and reporting interfaces. The fifth stage involves “Risk Management”. During this stage key procedures are designed to exhaustively define and measure risks to performance. Considering the domain of support, this process identifies the multiple risks to SLA adherence as well as other dimensions of support delivery that may impact Customer satisfaction adversely. Back-end supports processes, including infrastructure are designed manage most risk areas. This stage is key to continued Customer satisfaction management. The sixth stage concludes with “Approval and Deployment of the Service Implementation Plan”. The implementation methodology concludes with the finalization of an exhaustive Service Implementation Plan (SIP). This document continues as a living document, providing the fulcrum of an ongoing, dynamic outsourced support relationship between ONYX Data Solutions and Client. ONYX Data Solutions believes that the migration process of transitioning the support activity to an offshore location is the most crucial element in successful implementation of any support outsourcing project. For different support service groups we provide an outline of the Key Migration Processes required to seamlessly transfer the Primary Functions. ONYX Data Solutions follows a rigorous process for ensuring success during implementation by tracking everything right from the day of awarding the contract to the day the program goes live.

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