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Mary-Lynn always told me story's. Old fairytales, mytths or something closer to everyday life. She never was content in life uless she told stories, wich she told as if she was living them the second she started them. She was always worrying about the things she figured she was missing. The lives of others were much better, she believed. I remember most, the stories she told when I was Fourteen Years Old. A Summerday while lying in the grass at the meadow where we felt savest. Lying with our yellow dresses feeling the grass that tickles our bare backs. In her beautiful voice she asked me; 'Kathy, are you never wanting to be somewhere else?'. I laughed, 'No, when you are near i could never want to be anywhere else, as long as you are around, I have everything I need'. She smiled bitter, failing to conceil her pain.

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