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its a Simple Windows Form Game, fully written in C#. The goal is to move the red label with "O" sign in it through the maze of blue labels. You are moving by clicking on the buttons bellow the maze (game level), and collecting the number that is right from the label that says "????? ????", and you collect the number by when you are above it, and click on the button "ZEMAJ", and with that you will get +10 points if that is the right number, or -10 if it is not. Features: -Dynamic controls -Algorithm for counting the time for next level according to the points from previous level, and algorithm for counting the end points -Dynamic color changing to the labels in the maze -Function that first checks if the number we are collecting is in the maze, if it is not, it gives other random number, and do the checking agai Working on: -connecting with database -implementing multilingual resources -skinning the GUI

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Hi, I am Nikola Gjorgiev from Macedonia, I have a lot of experience with Game Development especially with Unity3D and CoronaSDK. Recently I have attended an official Microsoft Web Development course, which had improved my .NET knowledge. Hire me, and I wont disappoint you.

$10 USD/jam