Banner for Instagram (Targeted Advirtising)

oleh olzhasrakhimov

These works were ordered by the PFG Marketing Agency, located in Almaty City, The Republic of Kazakhstan. They started advertising to attract customers for their partners. People born after 1985 are representatives of the millenial era. Briefly about who or what is it? Now it is not only on the streets of our cities, but even in our phones there is a lot of advertising, isn’t it? And we are so used to them that sometimes we do not even notice them. So Millennials are those people who need only 2-3 seconds to understand whether their further attention is worth what they saw. And entrepreneurs are faced with such a problem: How to interest? How to get people's attention? Such guys like me help them answer these questions, choose the right colors, creating a picture, in one word creating magic!

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Tentang Saya

QUALITY, SPEED & PASSION If you need to create a unique and selling design for your product, then you are almost there. I specialize in: - logo design and branding, - design of advertising and printing materials: banners for social networks, brochures, posters, flyers, business cards and so on. Worked as a leading graphic designer in 4 educational centers, 1 wedding salon. Now, looking for new experience in freelance. There are some examples of my works from different fields in my portfolio. Warmest regards!

$15 USD/jam