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I worked for a large public broadcaster in their audience relations department. I have extensive experience in finding information and in written communication. I have worked in the SEO field for a while so I know the importance using relevant keywords and in positioning keywords in titles for on-page search engine optimization. I write in an active voice using StyleWriter to edit my work. I can also write in a more conversational style if needed. I hope you will give me a try. I will do my best for you.

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Web Design, Logo Design and Writing Articles My web design experience is mainly in Joomla CMS. I designed many sites both for my self and for other companies. My logo design and corporate identity experience spans several industries. I provided corporate identities for everything from consultancies involved in lean management training to the adult industry. If it pays and it\"s legal with no obvious moral or ethical problems I will do it. As with all design work my work is about the brief. If the client plans to use the work on-line only I might go for a complex 3d design. If print media features heavily in future marketing plans then a simple two-colour or three-colour design would keep print costs down. If you tell me what your plans are I will try to steer you right. However in the end it is your money and my design will follow your wishes. I am not producing high end art it is a set of business communication tools I provide. I think David Ogilvy had it right when he said: \"I do not regard advertising as entertainment or an art form, but as a medium of information.\" Producing a good design is about interpreting the client brief correctly so their message is visible and compelling. A good written brief will help lots in getting you the client the design you need. I am committed to getting clients what they need; obviously I also expect payment in return for the hard work I do to make that happen. I have worked for a large UK public broadcaster through a third-party company in their audience relations department for three and a half years. The job involved written communication on various issues. A high standard of written communication was an important skill in that job. My background meant that I specialized in reception advice and trained staff that worked in that area, again providing technical training material in written form. In the last ten years I worked in web design and SEO. I know how to discover relevant keywords and embed them in text while keeping writing understandable and factual. I have designed some decent websites like revelations internet café which comes up second after Wikipedia on Google for the keyword revelations. It comes up number one for Northern Ireland internet café. So I am SEO aware and I understand that keywords are important as well as content and of course the all-important links. I hope you will consider giving me a try for your project.

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