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CMS Forex - Wholistic SEO

Before being bought by, CMS Forex was one of the fastest rising Forex Platform globally. And much of it also can be blamed for the SEO effort. Was involved from start to end for Keyword Research & Mapping, Meta Data Development, Site Keyword Optimization, SEO Strategy Planning and Implementation, Content and Press Release Marketing, Link Building, etc.

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CV: [login to view URL] Asif Anwar, a Internet Marketing enthusiast working in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Involved professionally with Search & Internet Marketing since 2003. He has been studying Google and the online marketing strategies since 2001. Initially, which started as hobby gradually turned into his profession when he found success in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Web 2.0 Buzz Marketing, Internet Marketing, Email & SMS Marketing, and B2B Portal Marketing. Occasional Guest blogge r in: Search Engine Journal - [login to view URL] Social Media Today - [login to view URL], and Marketing Pilgrim - [login to view URL]"by+asif+anwar" Bragging Rights One of the top 50 tweeples in Bangladesh. Most connected person in LinkedIn from Bangladesh. One of the pioneering internet marketing professional from Bangladesh. An internet marketing blogger and researcher. Mad Internet Marketing tweeter and marketing content aggregation. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Skills Keyword Research & Analysis Keyword Research for PPC & Webcopy: Collect keywords through [login to view URL] (experienced in working with paid subscription), [login to view URL] (Yahoo Internet Marketing), [login to view URL] (Adwords Keyword Tool), [login to view URL], [login to view URL], etc. Compile & analyze keywords in terms of popularity (search volume), competition, Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI), and Search Marketing Niche Targeting. Stock Image Metadata Keywording: Keyword selection and tagging for image metadata for making the files searchable t hrough Image Search Engines like Stock Image Directories. Collect keywords through thesaurus, search engines, and Meta Tags of related sites. Input and edit the metadata through Adobe Photoshop and other image keywording softwares. Create, edit, convert, and import/export XMP files. Multilingual Keyword Research: Convert keywords into other languages (e.g. European, East Asian, Arabic, Russian, & Latin American); collect relevant & important keywords through multi-lingual interfaces of Overture Keyword Inventory, Google's Adwords Keyword Tool, [login to view URL], [login to view URL], etc. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Pre-design SEO Analysis: In-page Keyword Density Analysis, Competitors' SEO performance analysis, Competitors' SEO activity comparison against specific keyword, competitor content analysis, duplicate content analysis with [login to view URL] (if previous contents are available), competitors' inbound and outbound link analysis, etc. Strategic SEO Copywriting: Strategic rewriting of Page Title; General Meta Tag rewriting (Keyword, Description, Title); additional Meta Tag rewriting for Search Engine utilities; strategic repetition of important keywords in the body; thematically define headings & bold texts; balancing keyword density (inpage balancing or balancing against competitors' contents); proper placement of important keywords (top, body, end); rewriting Alt Texts of images; rewriting Anchor Texts of Links; etc. Strategic (Search Engine Friendly) Web Designing: Service or Product Architecture Designing, Inpage Links and Navigation Architecture Designing through Keyword-based channels, define SEO friendly CSS codes, optimize web components & resources for SEO, planning page structure for template; etc. HTML Code Rewriting for SEO (W3C Validation, CSS, Cleaning): Rewrite HTML & CSS codes for W3C Compliance to eliminate browser & search engine spider errors and make it compliance for all the browsers. Optimize site's HTML codes with CSS formatting to reduce Code : Content Ratio as well as keep SEO formatting options like H1, bold/strong, font size tags embedded with HTML codes. Clean unnecessary HTML codes to decrease the size of the site to ensure faster load and quick indexing. Social Media Optimization (SMO): Optimizing site for natural & spontaneous link building in online Social Media, Building keyword enriched tags and commercial profiles, submitting site to various social media marketing sites like [login to view URL], technoratti, dig, etc. .htaccess Optimization (URL or Mod Rewriting & Redirection, 404 Eror Page): Well conversant in Mod Rewriting for dynamic URLs generated through dynamic sites development softwares, .htaccess optimization for URL redirecting, optimizing 404 error page for SEO purposes though .htaccess. Sitemaps & [login to view URL] Installation: Restrict and control Search Engine Spiders aka Robots with [login to view URL] file. Install & verify XML-based Google & Yahoo sitemaps to monitor various scrawling parameters by Search Engine Spiders/Robots. Monitor site performance in Google sitemap dashboard for stats like: diagnostics, search queries, Crawl & Index stats, external & internal links, sitelinks (multiple links below the results in SERP). Use various Sitemaps tools for [login to view URL], geographical target, enhanced image search, etc. SEO for Multilingual Search Engines (Search Engine Localization): Search Engine Localization is making existing English sites searchable and getting it indexed in Multilingual Search Engines like: [login to view URL], [login to view URL], [login to view URL] etc. Process for Search Engine Localization: Create single page profile in desired language, create simple keyword enriched summary in the desired language with Unicode, use the Unicode summary as Link Title in the Language Tabs of each page that link to the desired language profile (or embed the Unicode anywhere in the page). Web Content Development Technical Copywriting & Corporate Blogging: Content research; on-desk & off-desk information sourcing; competitors' contents analysis; preparing thematic contents; analyze keyword density; perform SEO operations; proofread the contents for duplicate contents through [login to view URL]; uploading & blogging the articles; etc. Multi-lingual Content Development: Provide two way communication supports in Chinese (simplified & traditional), other East Asian, Spanish, Arabic, and European languages for webpage contents, emails, fax massages, postal mails, and documents. Refer to item#4 (Language Proficiency) for more information Article, Press Release, and Profile Content Writing: On-desk & off-desk information sourcing, develop thematic contents for articles and press releases, analyze keyword density, optimize article with SEO operations, proof read duplicate content with [login to view URL], submit articles & circulate press release, etc. Natural Semantic Twisting: Due to Google's recent Duplicate Content Filter Algorithm update, each web content needs to be unique. Complying with this can increase the cost for getting articles written by experts. However, the same contents can be used by changing meaning of words & rearranging sentence structure. Currently, this is done by automated changes of meaning of words, but not by rearranging sentence structure. Another way to do it naturally is by having the content in another language and translating it back to English. This way no two translations will be the same. Link Building Oneway & Reciprocal Link Building: Searching for valuable link partners & reciprocating links; ensuring strong link page for outbound links (fair linking); link building for other pages giving inbound links; create thematic & quality contents or articles in sites providing inbound links; etc. Directory Submissions: Create unique profile contents within specific number of characters (due to Google's recent Duplicate Content Filter Algorithm), data mine relevant directories for submissions, submit profile contents in the directories, and reciprocate links if necessary. Pay Per Postings - PPP (Forum, Blog Comments, Classifieds Posting): Data mine relevant forum threads and blogs. Promote expertise through comments by Forum & Blog comments post. Create & design classifieds and submit them in various classified sites like Social Media Bookmarking (Tag Keyword Posting): Optimizing site for natural & spontaneous link building in online Social Media, Building keyword enriched tags and commercial profiles, submitting site to various social media marketing sites like [login to view URL], technoratti, digg, [login to view URL], etc. Replica Sites in Free Site Hosts (Online Profile Building): Create and design replica sites in free site hosts and sites that provide free profile posting with links, perform SEO operations in the replica sites and profiles, submit the replica site & online profile to Social Media Bookmarking sites. Multilingual Link Building: Data mine for relevant Multilingual directories and online profile building sites, create multilingual profile contents with the help of machine translation, submit links to the multilingual directories. Refer to item#4 (Language Proficiency) for more information Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Performance Monitoring Competition Monitoring: Monitor competitors' SEO activities, monitor & update links according to the competitors' link building activities; use search engine alerts to monitor competitors' activities; spying on competitor's bidden PPC keywords through [login to view URL] and [login to view URL], etc. Web Analytics Monitoring & Reporting: Monitoring & logging web visits through Statcounter and Google Analytics; observing & interpreting web visitors' behavior; predicting probable sales; predicting probable spying by competitors; conducting marketing & web research for keywords and site upgrade; etc. SEO Parameter Monitoring & Reporting: Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) rank monitoring & reporting for important keywords; competition monitoring & reporting; link popularity monitoring & reporting; upgrading sites through SEO operations if necessary, etc. Google Alerts: Use Google Alerts efficiently for competitors' SEO activities, link popularity monitoring, search for potential pages for link building, find new clients, etc. Other Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Skills Paid Per Click (PPC) Marketing: Well conversant in Google Adwords, Overture (Yahoo) PPC, & MSN adCenter; calculating PPC parameters like: Return on Investment (ROI), Conversion Rate, Click-through Rate, etc.; using various PPC tools; etc. SEO Tools & Software: Efficient use of Web CEO & Internet Business Promoter (IBP) for Keyword Research, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Copywriting, Keyword Density Analysis, Validating HTML Codes, Submit sites to various Search Engines (including Multilingual & country specific search engines), In crease Link Popularity by Link Building, SEO Parameter Monitoring & Reporting (see above), etc. Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM): Proficient in pushing specific page downward in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) that hurts the reputation of the company. This is done by creating various profiles (increasing the Corporate reputation) and push the profile upward in SERPs through Search Engine Positioning activities. Other Internet Marketing Skills Online Social Media Marketing (SMM): Professional networking in LinkedIn, Xing (previous OpenBC), Plaxo Pulse, Orkut, Facebook, Jobster, and other Online Social Media portals. Search for Search & Internet Marketing professionals through the Search Engines and get connected with them. Share knowledge and expertise with connection. Promote expertise for outsourcing opportunities. Ask expert opinion for taking managerial decisions in critical situations from various Internet Marketing professionals through the Online Social Media. Stay aware about the current trend in Internet Marketing. Online Marketing Campaign & Project Support: Sourcing resources and information for the online marketing campaign, Prepare outline & strategy for marketing, device service and product architecture, prepare project guideline & timeline, design presentation for marketing campaign, writing detailed report for online marketing campaigns, mass correspondence, etc. Email & Other Direct E-Marketing Skills Marketing Data Mining: Information resource collection, information research, client analysis, client tracking, service diversification opportunities analysis, etc. by efficiently utilizing the Search Engines through strategic keywords, online directories, and yellow page (online & offline), etc. Email Extraction: Extracting email address from any available file format, address book, emails, Webpages, online & offline yellow pages, domains, and from search engine result pages (SERPs) through keywords. Address Book Maintenance, Utilities, & Addins: Maintaining dynamic address book, manage address book for collective/mass emailing, utilize various email utilities & add-ins for mail client (e.g. Plaxo). E-mail publishing and Circulation/Mass Mailing: Email-merging, using strategic templates for promotion, balancing weight/size of the email through external reference, use mail tags, circulate & mass mailing using campaign softwares, outlook express or other client mail software, etc. SMS Marketing: Client cellphone number data mining, Client cellphone number database management, SMS merge through SMS Marketing interface, SMS campaign management, SMS circulation, etc.

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