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Client praise can speak volumes. I am a full-time, professional proofreader/copyeditor for a Fortune 200 company as well as doing freelance work for repeat clients year-after-year. I have 5 years' professional experience on top of a natural gift for language. Here are some excerpts from a collection of client praise: 1) "I am shocked that the other proof reader did not catch more. What the hell! Guess that's why I got you! Thanks and your work was perfect. I like your comments and such." 2) Agent: "I don't know that I have seen a better response from a client than this. Thank you for knocking it out of the ballpark!" Client: I LOVE (ProfProofed)! He is efficient times 10! Thank you." 3) "As always great job!!!" "Thanks for working with me on such an 'on demand' way. It is awesome!" "You have been a life saver in this process."

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