Don't let the $15/hour rate confuse you!

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Don't let the $15/hour rate confuse you!

I work on percentages mostly. For instance if you gave me 10 items to list and each was $100 and I sell 4 in one day and your percentage is 60%, I would make $160 and I would send you the additional $240 with both waiting til the Amazon Fees are taken out of course. It is hard to figure an approximate per hour rate as there are some good days and some not so good selling days. If you like this plan or whatever percentage you work on, please email me at or call Rhonda at 308-224-1382 and leave a msg. so I can return the call promptly. You will not be disappointed if you send me the listings and pics if have them or website to go find the items you wish for me to list. I have been doing this awhile now and LOVE this position! Very flexible...

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You will NOT be disappointed working with me as I check all day long t0 answer customers questions, list products in inventory, do accounting to be sure I send my supervisor his/her portion and get mine as well. I have a VERY good record as an Amazon seller assistant under the name MorriCom Bargain Sales. I am VERY good and on top of things in this position. Please start me asap! Sincerely, Rhonda (Dillon) Morrison

$15 USD/jam