Rediscover Gold in Sacramento

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Rediscover Gold in Sacramento

Named after Sacramento River, the booming city of Sacramento is located at the union of the Sacramento River and the American River. It is the capital of California. Sacramento is rich in gold-rush history. In fact, the city was planned and populated after the discovery of gold in the region at Coloma in 1848. The discovery caused a gold-fever among the gold seekers who rushed to the region with their picks and shovels. Today, the city has the gold-rush era preserved in the museums and buildings of Old Sacramento. Old Sacramento takes us back to gold-rush days by offering to its visitors several attractions and historic landmarks related to gold-rush era such as Wells Fargo History Museum, the California State Railroad Museum and Discovery Museum. These attractions exhibit gold scales, large safes for storing gold, live steam locomotives, cobbled streets, paddle steamers, Pony Express postal system and other glimpses of the era. So it is a great place for history enthusiasts.

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