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I was born in Brownwood, TX where at a young age I discovered I had a love and skill for drawing. As a small child I would find myself lost for hours drawing on any scrap of paper I could find. I think my earliest memories of my art would be found while sitting on church pews beside my parents on the church prayer envelops I would “barrow” from mom and dad. It might be a little silly, but it’s how I got my start. And what kept me entertained when I was board. Around age 15 my family moved to Bastrop TX. where I eagerly enrolled in all the art classes that I could in our local High School. Unfortunately I learned little from the teacher there. But I wouldn’t let that stop me, I was determined to peruse my passion at all cost and I soon realized I would have to teach myself most of what I know now. Truth be told up until the last three yeas I’ve spent the greater part of my life teaching myself how to paint and draw. During my younger years I would wait anxiously for each new Comic book issue that portrayed my favorite artists such as Jim Lee, Todd McFarland, Silvestri and others. I studied their work wide eyed with determination and in the beginning I would first simply recreate the images I saw on those pages. After several months of successfully rendering an almost exact likeness of what I saw on those pages, I moved on to creating my own work with my own style. Although my currant artwork has taken me far from those simpler days, and though I love to paint on canvass and digital canvass, I’ve got to say I still hold a tremendous fondness for pencil and paper sketches. After High School I decided I needed a break from schooling for a while, so much to my mothers dismay I joined the military for a 4 year contract. I sought life and adventure away from everything I knew and I found it in plenty during my service in the Military. I lived a lifetime in nothing more than a few years, and much of the discipline and character I know live in my day to day as well as my artwork, I gained through my life experiences in service. In 97’ I received my military diploma for Electronic Warfare and Intercept Systems. I served as an electronic and computer technician for the rest of my contract. I figured remaining in Electronics was the smart life decision to make so upon completion of my service time, I was on the path to become a professional Computer Technician. While art had always been my passion I never really planed on becoming a professional artist. Perhaps it was due to fears of being the starving artist, or perhaps just seeming too good a dream to ever come true. Whichever it was, I choose the supposed “responsible” and “serious” career path. My military contract ended on September 24 of 2000 and immediately after I took a few classes at the local community colleges in Computer Administration. But life is funny, and as luck would have it it was around that time that the fast moving computer industry took its fall. Thousands of computer technicians suddenly found themselves jobless. So much for my sensible move…. There I was, fresh out of the military with nothing more than a few classes under my belt, living on fast fading fumes of the hope that maybe I could somehow still find something good in hard times. But my story would be far from that case. I was only able to get a job for 9.75 an hour working at a help desk center. I found myself sitting in a small cubicle answer phones with dozens of other computer technicians 15 years my senior in the industry. Surely this wasn’t it… this wasn’t the life I dreamed for myself. And even though I did like computers and still do to this day I quickly figured out that this career path was not for me. I’d had it. Where did I go wrong? I thought I was doing the right thing by choosing the smart sensible career in life, but in that “smart” plan for my life, I never figured in what you do when your career crashes around you and you realize your spending the majority of your life in a cubical working a nine to five that is the farthest thing from your passion in life. So I began searching again. I took some more classes and tried various jobs here and there to see if I enjoyed anything else. Nothing really captured to my heart. Soon after I saw the 3D Industry taking off like wild fire, and artists in the field making some really good money. Now money isn’t everything but lets face it, we all want a comfortable life. Seeing this as a dream come true I took a step, and then another. Finally I would be able to do something I really really love doing. No longer did I have to fear being the starving artist, I mean sure, times are tough again and life throws lots of curve balls, but I didn’t care. I’d seen the possibility, that I could do what I love and still provide my family the life I wanted to give them. I immediately signed up at Austin Community College for their 3D Animation degree program and I was on my way. While there I was required to take some Fine Art classes. Though it was nice to get some formal education in Fine Art and I did learn many things, I was miles ahead of my classmates because no matter where life had taken me, I’d kept my passion for drawing alive through the past years. When the 3D classes came around I quickly discovered how much I love modeling. It came natural to me, just as drawing always had. The tools quickly became transparent to me and I was able to use them as I would a pencil or a brush in Traditional media. The instructors marveled at the skill I displayed in such a short period of time. I felt alive for the first time in a long time. There was no question in my mind now, this, art, modeling, this was what I’d spend the rest of my life doing and I couldn’t be happier at that thought. Animating was great, but there was just something about modeling that captivated me. I’d found my new passion in life and I was eager to further develop my work as a character modeler. So I took extra advanced modeling courses as an elective just to enhance my skills a bit further. When it comes to my art I am a detail oriented person and I find great satisfaction in creating a outstanding and highly detailed model. I received my Associates of Applied Science in 3D Animation/Specialization Character Modeling in May 2009. Now I am in search of a company to work for that wants that edge well above the others that I know my talent will bring. Rob Berryhill.

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