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http://eco.takecopy.com is our most recent project together. "Breedable" pets became a popular trend in 2011, at which point the markets were cornered by a select few amateur developers. Instead of creating a consumer product, we decided to create a feature rich framework where content creators could use our library to quickly develop an interactive AI complete with physics, animations, and an array of intuitive method calls. Several elements were required to make this a successful project: +Genetic strings to pass down physical and behavioral traits to their offspring +Easy to define methods which are compiled and distributed by the web server +Hundreds of settings to create unique mating and hunger simulations +Smart physical and nonphysical movement designed to avoid hazards +Creator dashboard for remote management of all sensitive data +SQL storage of all unique data to recreate specimen +Fast/lightweight event handling to process millions of reques

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Thanks for your consideration! Ryan: Web dev, php mysql javascript java lsl css3 html5 Kim: US Army Vet, Adobe Creative Suite, maya 3ds max, blender We are a young couple constantly strapped for cash as we pursue our professional ambitions together. Help us build our portfolio and you will earn two very eager and hardworking, capable contacts in the realm of web development!

$30 USD/jam