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Dear Mr.---------------, I write these few lines to you with regard to a proposal I wish to place. We are a services company based in the southern half of India in its silicon belt. We offer customers end to end business solutions in helping them design, develop content, maintain and generate revenues for their websites. We are also in the business of target based solutions. We offer clients who already have a website with a revamp of any particular process that requires attention. We believe that the future of business is and will be online. Research has shown that industry has already spent in excess of a billion dollars in social CRM gearing up for meeting the expectations of a global target segment hitherto unknown. This potential target segment, behemoth in size, does business very differently from the way traditional business was conducted. Requirements are expected to be fulfilled instantly in real time. In this scenario I'm sure you would agree that "Content is king". Nothing is constant but change and hence meaningful content that is relevant to the day is what we feel will drive in traffic. We offer our services as a company that could provide high quality content that is target specific, crisp and stylish. Our writers bring to the table expertise in various fields. What draws them to a common table is the passion for writing itself. Travel, Politics, Technology, Health, Entertainment, Life Sciences, Fashion, Business and Lifestyle are subjects we love to dig our pens into. The first impression often turns out to be the last impression. We understand this and hence pay great attention to what we are writing keeping in mind the ultimate goal of the exercise in itself. We strongly believe that the content we provide needs to be showcased to the intended target segment. We could and most definitely would be lost like a grain of sand on the beach if we did not know how to use the tools and resource we possess to bring ourselves to their attention. May we now bring to your attention our SEO services? Everybody under the sun knows the importance of being ranked high on a search engine. It doesn't take rocket science to understand that a search engine optimization is the solution. Like billions of websites there are an equal number of SEO providers all offering the same thing..."A Higher Ranking". Interestingly they all offer a similar set of solutions to achieve their objectives. It's like everybody offering to run a race at the same speed. "No prizes for guessing that nobody wins". We on the other hand understand the holistic approach required in coordination between the SEO team and the Creative writing team to address specific issues aimed at specific target segments in the language required for the day. We pay great attention to the way we blog or micro blog for that matter. We ensure that we don't sermonize but debate, we don't advertise but participate in appropriate forums, we don't sell but suggest. This is how we gain followers, by talking about what they like rather than thrusting our ideas upon them. This USP of ours employed along with the tools used by every other SEO provider in the market place gives us that additional speed required to run the race."No prizes for guessing who wins this time around". Our daily blog activity on your behalf will generate tremendous interest. So confident are we that we are willing to be put on a trial for a mutually agreed period so you can see the results for yourself. If you are just starting of your venture we would be pleased to present to you with innovative ideas on the look and presentation of your website. We also offer to develop the website and make it functional. I would like to conclude by asking you for one opportunity or be given a sample test according to your choice. I am confident of being able to deliver everything I put in writing on this letter. Looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely yours,

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