Media Adviser ,Operations Researcher ,Industrial Engineer

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Basically I am an industrial engineer passed from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. I think that I can use operations research, ergonomics, and engineering economy to provide sound solution of critical management problem. I think I am eligible to make mathematical model and using operations research software (TORA) to minimize cost and maximize profit ensuring quality of any organization or Services Company or industry. It is my soul duty to achieve sound management running through making system engineering in where ever I work .Again, as get selected by the PSC(Public Service Commission) in 24th BCS CADRE SERVICE on BCS(Information) CADRE service, I had experience on COMMUNICATIONS,PUBLIC RELATIONS, MEDIA ANALYSIS ,and ADMINISTRATION SERVICE for 6 years as well. I seek position naming (1) Operations Researcher or (2) Industrial Psychologist or(3) Operations Manager or (4)Communications or PUBLIC RELATIONS base or (5)MEDIA Advisor (6)MEDIA Researcher.

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