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This image was taken from the house of my Grandfater in Tunga Leyte way back the year 1986 if im not mistaking. Everytime I see this photo its remind me of my wounderful years with my late grandfather who gave me an inspiration to continue my dreams ,dispite of the odds and challenges in out side world. That no matter how many poeple will try to put you down if you have a well and determination noting is posible just contiue pushing to the limit and trying everything without harming others nor herting them just to achive something. My Granda pa, a plaesant farmer who molded my personnel to become a best person im today my idol. I wil always be gald that in million of people being born in this world I was born to have and be on the right person whom i can count on. If god will allow to change everything I'd rather not to becouse I dont want to change what i have today. Our family maybe but out heart is rich with love and care from my grandparents ,mother and father.

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Tentang Saya

our palce provides awide arry of beautiful scnery alhough its far from those riches city in the world poeple form our area very much hospitable and god fearing.

$10 USD/jam