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A well known example of a trip history project is the Hubway Data Visualization Challenge. This data set comes from the Boston-based bicycle sharing service, Hubway. Originally launched in 2015, the competition sought a visualization of the company’s trip history from the date of its official launch on 28 July 2016 till the end of September 2015. Variables within the data include duration, membership type, gender, and destinations among others. The data provides an engaging exercise in data wrangling and serves as a classification problem

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Data Science (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, NLP ) Experience : 5 years Full Stack Development with designing Experience : 8 Years Data Science Skill Sets: Scientific Computing with Python (SciPy) Mathematical Computing with Python (NumPy) Data Visualisation (Matplotlib) Data Analysis and Machine Learning (Pandas) OR Data Manipulation with Python Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning (Scikit- Learn) Mobile Skill Sets : - Push Notifications, Background Processes, Audio, Video, JSON APIs, Animations - Database : SQLite , MySQL (Web Backend) ,Firebase Realtime DB - Text-To-Speech & Speech-To-Text - Third-Party Libraries (Networking & Image related): Volley, Retrofit, Picasso, Glide, OkHttp - Version Control tools: Gitlab, Bitbucket, Github, SVN Web Skills sets:- - Mean Stack Development (Mongo DB, Express js, node.js, Angular js) - Database management (MySQL, MariaDB, NOSQL, Firebase, AmazonRDS) - HTML and CSS and XML - Graphic designing

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