Turning the Tables

oleh Tank50us
Turning the Tables

(Taken from my Deviant Art page) An FA70, Piloted by Lt. Jorge "Wolf" Watts with back seater Ensign Brian "Eyes" Marks of VF-103A Jolly Rogers pulls a Kulbit maneuver to get behind two Su-33 Naval Flankers. Wolf has already shot down four Sukhois in this engagement (one is burning in the background), and is now working on the Su-Leader (right) and his wingman (left). To emphasize his dominence over the Sukhois, Wolf has yet to use a single missile in the fight, and has relied solely on his 25mm cannons to make the kills, while the Sus have yet to land a single hit on the Panther. Art, models, scene, copyright Myself. FA-70 Panther 2, copyright Lockheed Martin and Bagera3005

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