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Welcome To TechnoVeta! TechnoVeta is a start-up - on paper! The experience of our professionals ranges from 15 years to 4 years. Yes, that does mean we have only experienced professionals as of now. They carry with them international experience - US, EU, Australia, etc - so we do know how things work beyond India's borders. More importantly, the founding board have had the experience of running other start-ups - which reached "decently successful" stage. TechnoVeta was founded to incorporate learnings from the experience of the founders, and even more importantly - to have a longer, bigger vision. Because, now, we CAN dare. Our tag-line is "Brilliantly Simple" - which underlines our core belief that we will win if we use our skills to simplify the life of people (and groups of people = organizations) who interact with us. We are customer-centric and process focused. We KNOW that delivering quality wins. Numbers support us: Most development projects incur 65% of the expenses over the 3 years following initial deployment. Which means that you could have developed the same project from scratch twice in the next 3 years and still spend the same amount! Technology HAS to be aligned to business. We believe that while this will be an ongoing battle globally, most of the gap between IT and Business can be removed by the basic effort of trying to understand the client's business as well as one can. That's why we have dedicated business analysts from premier institutes and with global experience across diverse clients - their job is to understand your business. Technology has now reached the stage where integration and development are now equally important. So we went ahead and covered all ranges of technologies - Microsoft based, IBM based, Java based, legacy technologies - and even Mainframes. We have skills in network based development too - because we know there will be times when we will need to work at the bytes and packets level too. To put it simply: TechnoVeta believes that the old-fashioned traits of simplicity, ethics and morals backed by wide-ranging and deep technical expertise will win.

$15 USD/jam