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Geo3DViewer is my open source software to visualize large datasets from Geographic Information System (GIS) in 3D and in realtime. Please visit my homepage (section project for more information)

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My name is LĂȘ Thanh Vu, I\'m 28 years old and I\'m Vietnamese. I have just finished my studies in computer science and am currently looking for a job or a postdoc within my research domain. I currently have a Ph.D in computer science from LIUPPA (Pau University, France). I am doing research in \"Real-time 3D visualization of large data-sets from Geographic Information System (GIS)\" with Dr. Mauro Gaio. Besides my research at university, I have been developing Geo3DViewer which is my software to visualize huge terrain data-sets in 3D and record videos from a predefined fly path. During my Master at LIUPPA, I have done a research internship at TOTAL (France) to develop a system to visualize their GIS data in 3D for the whole world in SISMAGE (Geophysical interpretation software developed at Total). As I was interested in doing more research in terrain visualization and wanted to acquire deeper skills in GPU (Graphics Processing Unit or Graphic Card) programming and to have a solid base of visualization algorithms, I decided to go back to university. The result of my Ph.D research is a new modern framework that combines many good features from different methods to optimize modern GPU capacity for terrain visualization (visit my homepage [login to view URL] section phD). I love video games and when I was at university (in 2005), I developed my 3D game engine and thereby I acquired lots of experience in making a game (programming 3D engine, modeling and animating characters, making a level editor etc.). Later I have been doing more research on physics numerical simulation for a better 3D engine with amazing realistic dynamic animations as well as my Ph.D for a deeper knowledge in visualization algorithm. I have also some experiences in administrating and making website : during my Ph.D, I have been webmaster of CIES ([login to view URL]) - French website for Ph.D students in Pau University. I have also made the website of Meteoominium ([login to view URL]) with PhP during my BTEC\'s internship to develop real-time temperature measurement website from a database. Denmark is a nice country and I have moved here after my studies to build my new life with my girlfriend, who is Danish. I am Vietnamese and I have been studying in France for nearly nine years. I speak French, English and Vietnamese and have recently started learning Danish. As a person, I\'m kind, polite and respect people around me. I\'m always curious, eager to learn and learn fast. I like working in a team and thank to my multicultural experience, I could adapt quickly with the change of environment (new country, new team). I like challenges in work and I always put a lot of passion in what I am doing. If you are interested in my profile and would like to know more about me, please send me a message on my email. I also use Skype and you are welcome to contact me through Skype too. My Skype ID is le-thanh-vu.

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