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Mango Languages

Client: Mango Languages Role: Strategy and Concept Type: Student Competition Year: 2011 Insights: 1. People tend to trust their friends more than companies. 2. It is easier to use peoples current behaviour than making them do something new. 3. Bloggers are always looking for something exiting to write about. 4. What young adventurous person wouldn't like to go for a free trip! Concept: Instead of spending the campaign budget on media we would like to send influential bloggers on free trips that Mango pay for. Before they go they have to learn the language spoken at the destination. Once they have arrived at the destination they get tasks to solve and while solving them they are competing with other bloggers. It is easier to win if you know the language and the winner get more money to travel for. Personal learnings: You can steel insights from other areas and use them in your idea. Recognition: a nominee in the Bees Awards.

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Hi, I'm Emilia! I'm a Creative Strategist. I love to solve problems. My favourite feeling is the aha feeling - the moment of enlightenment. This is what drives me. I'm an early adopter and I like learning and trying new things. It is better to try and fail than not trying at all. I'm interested in all kinds of different subjects, from tech to culture, and I'm not afraid to steal inspiration from whatever comes my way. My background is within project management and strategy for digital advertising and mobile applications. I have a bachelor in marketing and loads of books. I'm also a Digital Media student of Hyper Island . My personality is very calm and I'm good with clients. I'm not to fond of travelling for vacation, I prefer working or studying in other countries. In this way, this far I've visited China, Canada, USA, England, France and now Argentina. I'm currently working with Project Fly in Buenos Aires. It is the Innovation Incubator of Kraft Foods and is run together with +Castro Innovation and Contagious Magazine. I write a blog about Digital Media, Hyper Island Methodology and Processes and Personal Development at

$100 USD/jam