Website for an MCC group

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Website for an MCC group

This is a website for a recent local installment of the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden (which is essentially a small group of religious* christian people having meetings and events together) in my local neighborhood. Site features: * Calendar - RSVP (Yes, No, Maybe) - ETA's until upcoming events * Photo uploader and viewer * Small blog updated by administrators * Hidden site-wide content manager for admins * Account system with two clearance levels * Profile setup for non-admin users (has no social purpose in the website's current state besides that, might be bound to RSVP in the future) * 100% custom-made graphics and photos * No 3rd-party scripts apart from a non-essential file manager to allow editing of code and/or other core files when without server authentication/access. * Actively maintained for additional fees. *) Some members of said group might not actually be part of what it represents and/or implies. Hard to describe further, am no

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