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Creative artist with extraordinary precision and strong grasp in capturing architectural structures. Developes imaginative and sensible multimedia graphics and websites, drawing from traditional and technical disciplines. Excellent communicator excels in juggling multiple pressing projects simultaneously. Embraces new technologies and collaborates well with others. ----- * Over 5 years of work experience in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator creating sophisticated graphic arts and design * Excellence, great precision and efficiency in artwork production * Fluent in generating art pieces and typographic elements with a wide range of traditional art mediums, from acrylic paint to art clay * Proficient understanding in thematic composition, spatial illustration, characters and animals depiction * Completed layout and graphic element design projects with Corel Painter and QuarkXpress, created personal website with Html and Dreamweaver * Knowledgeable in operating Flash, After Effects, and InDesign * Great photography skill in combination with the use of various photo editing software * Exceptionally creative, analytical, and strenuous on detail * Interested in contemporary art trend and the latest web and three-dimensional modeling development, fluent in both Windows and Mac operating systems * Understanding of Google Sketchup, Rhinoceros, and ZBrush * Highly adaptive individual with multitasking skills and adhere to deadline

$12 USD/jam