Drilling Design Optimisation Software

oleh Tsopanakos
Drilling Design Optimisation Software

One of the biggest challenges in teaching well and drilling design to undergraduate and graduate students is availability of easy to use and understand software simulator programs. Hence a design package is needed for educational use which will not only introduce well design principles but also could be a support package for more advanced drilling programs (like for e.g. Payzone, Petris). Easy to use, not heavy, yet fairly accurate simulator built in Matlab environment, allowing teaching important drilling concepts such as hydraulic calculations along the wellbore, bit optimization, pipe and casing design, introduction of mud cap drilling technique, and ability to perform computations for directional drilling. The developed program can be used in undergraduate and graduate classes and in not-very-technical training programs, for teaching important aspects of drilling engineering.

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o Computer Vision (Computational Geometry, Differential Geometry, Surface Analysis) o Machine Vision (Colour and Landmark Recognition, Feature Extraction, Image Enhancement) o Machine Learning (Decision Trees, Neural Networks, Self Organising Maps, Clustering) o Quality Assurance (Automated Visual Inspection (AVI), 3D Solder Paste/Joint Inspection) My research interests involves the characterisation of solder paste in SMT process using 3D shape acquisition technologies. At first, we need investigate the correlation between solder joint defects and solder paste volume and shape deformities, using afterwards that correlation to create a model of stencil printing process for solder paste shape and volume optimisation.

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