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This project is in the building phase for over an year because it is in a permanent change and it`s inspired from military models. Mechanically speaking it`s not the ideal model because it is taller, heavier and it cannot climb big angle hills because the position of the batteries is the main problem. I have used hobby components, chinese connectors and other electrical parts, 30 years old used Sony and military russian components. The video camera is a dual Arecont CCD day/night, 3MPix/1.3MPix made in USA. Unfortunately it send over MJPEG compression and it uses 5-6 Mbps at 1fps/3Mpix. I have spent a few months to build and optimize the DC/DC convertors. Other 2 projects showed me that the DC/DC convertors have a crucial role in the power usage.

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I'm a technology addict which is currently a student at Jacobs University Bremen pursuing a BSc in Computer Science. I have chosen this domain because all my life I was passionate about how things work in a computer and how can I make software be integrated better and better in our everyday life. In my spare time I specialize myself in C/C++ for AVRs, C#, PHP and MySql. Currently I am registered in the Robotics Club, CS Club and in the IT Committee. Ares of expertise: C/C++, AVR programming - Expert C#, PHP, MySql, CAD design for PCBs - Advanced

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