Photo restoration

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Photo restoration

These are a few examples of the very old photos which I have scanned to my personal archive and I have dedicated time remastering and restoring them, these are all photos that had massive rips or water damage and sever colour bleed and fading. There is a before/ after of the best colour restoration. (First + Second image)

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I use Photoshop CS6, In-design and Final Cut Pro to a professional standard and always edit in a clean and efficient manner according to the client's needs; I Understand that each photographer has a style of shooting or appropriating which I always take into account when editing, obviously if the client is unspecific or has no preference then I am happy to take interpret the editing under my own creative flair and work to my own style; I have always been extremely comfortable using computer technology, both Mac and PC; even when confronted with new software I can learn it very quickly. I have experience with a range of camera systems and lighting systems. I have experience using the Hassleblad H1D, and the Focus software it uses; I am extremely familiar with most kinds of DSLR especially CANON 450D and 5D (mkIII). I also have experience in analogue photography, using both medium format (120mm) and Large format (5x4) film. The Analogue camera systems which I am familiar with are Wista, Horseman, Mamiya (7 and Rz67,) Bronica SQB; this means I am also experienced in, and have access to, film developing and dark-room processes. I have free access to all the camera systems above and more. The same lighting systems which I have the knowledge to use, including arri-continuous lighting, kino-flo lighting, dedo systems, Bron-colour packs and Bron-colour mobil systems, among other flash units (including slave units and flash guns.) Although I am new to this site and am reluctant to post a portfolio on this domain for security/ confidentiality reasons I can assure an potential hirers that I am hard working, efficient, love editing and have plenty of experience; Be it from restoring old battered photographs within an inch of their lives into fresh album ready nostalgic images, to high end, post production from fashion shoot to family shoot; I really can cover all your bases.

$7 USD/jam