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    I need a writer 6 hari left

    I need to write a manual of cognitive behavioural therapy to explain how the application of virtues in each stage would enhance the success of the therapy. ...the application of virtues in each stage would enhance the success of the therapy. I need to find a writer who is experienced in cognitive behavioural therapy and biblical values and beliefs.

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    Tempatan Perjanjian Kerahsiaan
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    globalization paper 6 hari left

    ...Brazilians to produce economically important crops. Some have said that the Amazon must be protected no matter what. Others have argued that efforts to impose the environmental values of the developed world upon South American nations represents a modern form of imperialism. Imagine that you are on reporting to a special committee for the UN that is examining

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    Trophy icon Design a brand logo 7 hari left

    High quality brand logo. To say "Level 5 Vitamins" . Brand values to inspire your creativity: Sustainability, green, life, health, eco-friendly, vegan, environment, love, care, clean, pure, natural, organic, nutrition, compassion, future, progressive, transparent, essential, earth, soil, good. Not married to specific colors, but must be gender-neutral

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    ...SeasonalWarehousing. 8- Compile and run the template project to validate the results of the optimization code. Click on the entries in lstNode to see ArcIn ArcsOut with flow values. 9- Create a second database (e.g. [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) with five or more products over six or more periods, and test your project on this new database. 10- Add a new form named

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    Re-posting as I missed deadline to accept a bid. IMP: I have noticed some people often quote exorbitant values. If you are not comfortable with the range, better don't bid and waste our times. ***************************************** ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION. We need a mobile + web app for managing retail sales for a branded products company. We have

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    ...skills. If you love to learn, obsessed with getting s*** done, and want to make a difference, this is an opportunity you will want to explore. What to expect here: -Our Core Values: Delight Our Clients, Never Shortsighted, Work Hard/Work Smart, and Our People Matter. -Clients Are #1, But Our Own People AND Their Families a Close Second - We love our people

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    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] conn_OL = new [log masuk untuk melihat URL](); string Str_Output_FGP_MASTER = @"C:UsersadminDesktop[log masuk untuk melihat URL]" string pathOfFileToCreate = Str_Output_FGP_MASTER; [log masuk untuk melihat URL] = [log masuk untuk melihat URL](@"Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.15.0;Data Source={0};Extended Properties=""Excel 12...

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    Our agency needs he...standard and custom pixel events for e-commerce brands on both Facebook & Google Ads platforms - Must have prior Google Tag Management experience -Know how to set up conversion values in Facebook & Google ads -Must be available to rescind within an hour M-F 9 to 6pm EST If handled well, there will be more projects sent your way.

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    cryptography RSA 6 hari left

    I Needs help related to RSA (CTF) challenging. Use the RSA values in the attached file to encrypt the given message and submit your first flag. Message = RSA isn't really that hard Submit your flag in the following format: ZD{encrypted_message} your encrypted message should be a big number in decimal format.

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    I need a simple web scraber that will scrape the source code of be able to be run locally and repetitively (not on regular basis but maybe once a month). The information is available in the source code and can easily be accessed. Two values per product need to be collected and saved in the final CSV. In case of questions, feel free to ask.

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    ...Excel 2010 Use the Auto Fill feature to fill cells with data that follows a pattern or are based on data in other cells. Note: This article explains how to automatically fill values into other cells. It does not explain how to enter data manually or simultaneously across multiple worksheets. Find more videos on Mike Girvin's YouTube channel, excelisfun

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    The goal of the project is to create an esp-mdf mesh node that collects readings from SCD30 CO2, Temp, RH sensor. Display the values on a SSD1309 LED display. Transmits the current readings to the root node at a minimum interval. If acting as root node handle communications to and from the mdf network and an http server Need the following configurable

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    ...for the following project; - report generator; we require approx. 10 different templates - all templates with graphics (data depending) and fixed images - data depending on values; if this value / then show this text - required data insert manually or via upload (xml/csv or any other format) - 1 user only - application will run on our own server Please

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    42 bida creation (i.E. shop name, shop image etc.) - image upload with move to specific location with specific name - programatical creation of shop and shop view, and set config values for landing page and other shop settings required +clear cache after creation Magento 2 Duplicate Products Plugin extension: - add product configuration changes for specific

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    ...created in Bulgarian. There is title in English that needs to be translated in Bulgarian and relevant keywords added - Colours to be translated and also mapped to standard values like Black, White, Green, etc. - Product attributes to be assigned in Bulgarian. Example: Look at Description and/or Title and if the product is Sneakers, assign "Closure

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    ...(Already solved also). 3. The website will be filled with specifications/values from the excel sheet, values taken from product1 and product 2 only. These will be visual presented in bar charts (see the attached picture of an example of a horisontal gaming chart with values inside the bars). Bar charts will be shown on different specifications and

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    ...(Already solved also). 3. The website will be filled with specifications/values from the excel sheet, values taken from product1 and product 2 only. These will be visual presented in bar charts (see the attached picture of an example of a horisontal gaming chart with values inside the bars). Bar charts will be shown on different specifications and

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    Hello, My name is Xuezhao (Edric) Zheng and the current CEO at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We are a NYC base...release your creativity and passion within our company. Imagine being a part of a company that makes you excited to show up to work everyday and do your best. If these values resonate with you - you might have just your new home.

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    ...(Already solved also). 3. The website will be filled with specifications/values from the excel sheet, values taken from product1 and product 2 only. These will be visual presented in bar charts (see the attached picture of an example of a horisontal gaming chart with values inside the bars). Bar charts will be shown on different specifications and

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    I am looking for simple two pages, The page will call an restful api securely to get json output. The out put values will be displayed in html. Simple api calls. I need it fairly urgently ie within a day or two maximum

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    ...approach to coding in there so we dont mess up a live site. need to fix things like google structured data semantic use of heading tags update some content and copy update meta values update [log masuk untuk melihat URL] file update/create sitemap create google breadcrumb data Please only reply if you specifically know how to hack on the items mentioned above. we do not

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    ...into their software and pulls data from our beanstalkd queue and feeds it into their software via SDK. They have a metadata API that allows you to push rectangles and string values. 2. Install their software and build the integration 3. Create a Windows installer and be available for modifications if the other vendor has feedback for us during the "certification"

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    We have a s...customer would not be able to purchase these prizes with money, but could only redeem them with points. -We would like the ability to have easy admin access to change point values. (We may want to have a double point Tuesday, or promote a particular video by increasing the value of points that can be accrued for every 5 minutes, etc.)

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    ...5 decimal places; e.g. 1.22335, 27204.5, etc, Where Target=0, then it will not be set. Comments: will be freeform alphanumeric upto 30 characters; Type: will be fixed to 2 values; either 'Instant Execution' OR 'Pending'; Direction: this will be either 'Buy' OR 'Sell'. Compatibility: The DLL must be compatible with both 32bit and 64bit operating sy...

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    ...images are rendered on demand. See image: GUI-Static-graphics to see what the current images look like. The dimensions of all graphics are in the image: Targets-to-render -Values to render images should be stored in a data structure. everything can be created with rectangles, so a data structure that has x,y,width,height, linecolor, bcolor for each

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    ...silent pauses from a police scanner, ham radio, commercial radio or mp3 player. I want to update the look of the program to a dark theme and change the visualizations. Some values need to be tweaked. The program also generates a Runtime Error with certain input. Otherwise, the program functions properly. Program consists of one main window, a settings

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    16 bida

    Hi, I'm building an Inventory Management app for a small company. I'm having some bugs...until I started playing with the CSS on my browser with "inspect". Then suddenly the names of the buttons changed from "Agregar posicion" and "Borrar posicion" to the default values of "Add another" and "Delete" If you accept the job, I wi...

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    I would like someone to apply different regression m...raffic+Volume Code should be written in Matlab and the report should contain the following topics: Characteristics of data sets & pre-processing (i.e. handling of missing values, scaling etc.) Characteristics of the applied regression techniques, parameter settings Performance metrics, evaluation

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    23 bida

    ...a standalone Node.JS express API (input should be JSON as body of a POST request, output should be XML). The output XML will have both constant values (these can be left as placeholders) and dynamic values, which need to be taken from the JSON. There are likely fields in the XML that are not relevant, these can be omitted (as long as they are not mandatory)

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    ...inputs) MISO system. Few of the requirements are: Prediction horizon= 10 hours Control horizon= 4 hours Output setpoint= 90mgdl Sampling time =5mints Or direct constraint values can also be used: For output glucose: 60mgdl <= y<= 180mgdl For insulin: 0<=u1<=80mUmin For glucagon: 0<=u2<=0.5mgmin Rate of flow of insulin: 16.7mUmin per sample

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    Hello I need some one who can deliver me the Magento 2.3.3 based website. Following are the things that I need: 1. Magento 2.3.3 + Porto theme . 2. Inte...[log masuk untuk melihat URL]) 6. Make sure that the site is configured correctly from SEO point of view, make all parameters as defined in the admin for On site SEO purpose to have proper values/options. regards

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    Build brand guide/book 4 hari left

    For new e-commerce watch brand Brand guide including Brand Typography Brand colors Brand mission Brand vision Brand Voice Brand values Must be a pro who has previous experience with successful online brands

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    Angular Complete function 4 hari left

    Angular 8. Add http Get values instead of the current static.

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    42 bida

    ...MATLAB App Designer The GUI will be somehow like the attached image sample, to deliver same like attached sketch. The final should be functioning as follows: 1. Enter the values of 7 inputs 2. Start / Run App 3. Get 15 Output value for each entered input 4. Get Defuzzification / Rate / Crisp value for each output using the FIS file 5. Get percentage

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    Android app 4 hari left

    I need to show 8 values from my google spreadsheets on the android app interface. Also, IOS if possible.

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    7 bida

    I am looking for a custom stats like myfxbook with a graph and bars where values can be entered which changes the graph

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    Looking for an expert consult...document must cover all areas of finance and controlling: GL AR AP Assets SD MM integration Controlling Product Costing You must deliver the document with SAP Screen with unique values and not picked up from google or youtube or any other training sites. The document must be in word formats with SAP screen in all steps

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    Script to scrape data 3 hari left
    DISAHKAN given below: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ----------------------------------------------------- Basically, our script will visit all the pages and scrape some metadata values from the page:- - The movie name and year - Quality of the video - Links that are placed in their embedded player (More on this below) A) The ones that start with "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Alter APK file 3 hari left

    I have an APK file that I need some values altered in it.

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    8 bida

    ...understand your time is valuable and that is why we have a very quick and easy application process. Work with remote admin and owner to breakdown pricing and create schedule of values for large projects. Work with remote admin on licensing and bond requirements for projects. Work with insurance brokers and owner to maintain company worker’s comp, liability

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    Overlay Image with text 3 hari left

    I have images that usually look like[log masuk untuk melihat URL] Now I want to overlay them with a price in different currency. Ideally position it where the price is now but any positioning up top is fine. The values will be price, currency, currency_rate as this s for non-english users. I have all these variables. Ideally use PHP.

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    Need between 1000 and 1200 word research on Augustus of Prima Porta. It cannot include research from encyclopedias and must explain wh...the artist or architect is, the civilization and time period it represents. Should also explain why it was created, and the mediums used to create it. Also, how it reflects values of the civilization that created it.

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    ...main program and have the following required structures. − at least 1 private and 2 public self attributes − at least 1 private and 1 public method that take arguments, return values and are used by your program − an init() method that takes at least 1 argument − a repr() method 5. Provide unit tests that prove that your class methods work as expected.

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    Pop Corn hut 3 hari left

    The logo has been created according to the client's suggestions, and additionally some values have been added in various shades of color that highlight how playful and dynamic the company is By Corn Hut! The design is pleasant to the eye contact and seems to approach us from the first moment to a Gourmet product, of excellent quality.

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    the values in yellow cells change nonstop in excel (auto-updates every 10 seconds), i need to "see the past", what value has been 20 hours ago, 19:55, 19:50, etc until 5minutes ago. attached screenshot. result: i can see at what time what value has been. no offers above ten dolars.

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    Trophy icon Create the logo I designed 2 hari left

    This One Life is a new life coaching business, I coach my clients on becoming more still and present in their lives, getting clear on their values and what is really important to them and then creating the life they desire. I have a attached my idea for how I want the logo of This One Life to look, the F in liFe will be represented by a pathway. This

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    PHP Page Enhancements 2 hari left

    ...label. These label type values will be stored in the MySQL table mentioned above. The drop down should pull its values from this table. 2. Based on that selection, the screen header would change color to signify that a different label has been selected. Each label selection will have its own assigned color. These color values (HTML HEX color codes) will

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    ...if api is available, but manually can be validated in a webpage introducing some DNI's values ) 3. Validate the CURP (unique population registration code) (we don't know yet if api is available, but manually can be validated in a webpage introducing some DNI's values ) The images were scanned with a scanner, but they are not uniformly scanned. It would

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    Need to synchro...have a better solution I would be happy to see it. Table header width should dynamically adjust based on any data provided and the header text must left align with the table values. NOTE: The header and body are separate tables and I would like to keep it that way as the header should stay fixed while the body of the table scrolls.

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    5 bida with the HTML template for the elements : Owner & Property Address only  Use attributes for references, otherwise elements  Use only CDATA and #PCDATA for content and values Upload the XML,DTD , XMLSchema, and XSL HTML template files as PDF in Vtop with the screenshot of validation ....

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