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    ...[log masuk untuk melihat URL] file as below: protected function getRouteForMethods($request, array $methods) { if ($request->method() == 'OPTIONS') { return (new Route('OPTIONS', $request->path(), function () use ($methods) { //return new Response('', 200, ['Allow' => implode(',', $methods...

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    I need an Android app that is to be used for delivery of milk in Bangalore. The app has to show customer details with concerned delivery boy and route map to all the customers houses

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    ...(not required). Notes: *The required is mobile number. *Journal 3. *used these extensions: "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]" & "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]" *The website is arabic. Please do it without problems or conflicts.

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    ...consist of a full commercial business plan. The phase 3 plan, will be for the purpose of seeking additional funding, via EIS SEIS crowd funding or traditional institutional route or combination of both. If this project is of interest to you, please read first [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and the attachments. We are

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    Bash Scripting 6 hari left

    TASK DETAILS Perth's Public Transport Authority (PTA) provides public access to its scheduled times, stop locations, and route information from its webpage [log masuk untuk melihat URL] You may download your own copy of the data (about 90MB when uncompressed) by clicking on the first link "By downloading the data you are agreeing

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    ...come fast. The time is 9:[log masuk untuk melihat URL] me and my frnds with my bike and tha rinding man we are going to the shop and by it after fixit. They are comming from aluva. They are riding route is athirapally waterdalls and ride to valparai. So i think in that puncher time we are not in their what they will dooo. They will gooo. But time is going. We dont know the

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    RDP Tunnelling using C# 6 hari left

    ...port 3389 (ideally configurable, but not required) Client must accept inbound communication via the client port allocated on the server and return the response over the same route Client must not require a privileged user account Scenario: Client connects to server on port eg. 443 Server allocates port to Client eg. 2201 HTML5 RDP client connects to

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    ...file, you will find the transportation data that includes bus lines and their stops (route, routeid, lineid, line name, stop id, stop name, stop sequence, etc.) I want you to, do a cluster analysis for this data using KNIME only.. you may consider stops in a route for clustering. what to return? * 4+ page report in PDF including. - The whole knime

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    *The translator has to be physically present in Lyon, France* I am an Lyon, France* I am an Indian and knows English well. I would like to get France driving license but I do not know French. I heard we can take translators for the 'code la route' exam. Is this possible from your company? If yes, how much it would cost. Kindly let me know.

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    ...need a designer to adjust a wordpress theme to fit the company's brand or someone to build and design a website from scratch. I have a few themes in mind if we went down that route. This is for a financial advisor business. I financially coach people out of debt, plan for retirement or help older people manage their money. You will need to work

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    Please have a look to the attachment's and then make...have a look to the attachment's and then make proposal This project consists of solving 3 optimization route problems. a) Single route problems b) Single route problems with different schedules using Two-Phase Algorithm c) Delivery times single route problems with specific times using I1 heuristic

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    Travelling Salesman Problem 5 hari left

    This project consists of solving 3 optimization route problems. a) Single route problems b) Single route problems with different schedules using Two-Phase Algorithm c) Delivery times single route problems with specific times using I1 heuristic I'll provide the pdf. and excel file. Please, detail the experience that you have with Optimization. Please

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    I need someone who can be capable to install and configure a Webmail server using Amazon Web Services EC2 and Route 53. The server we have is an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

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    20 bida id. Next step is he will choose a particular route (As there can be multiple routes for his destination.). If he is a regular commuter for the same route he will buy a subscription monthly 10 days or so. (3) He will make the payment online to recharge. (4) Customer will chose which route he wants to follow for this journey. 2. A driver application

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    Hi, I need help configuring a VPN to bridge an office network to an azure network so the office PC' ad for authentication. I would also like a router at a house to be connected via VPN to the office router as well as the azure VPN. All three networks should be able to route to each other. The router I'm going to use is a Mikrotik hAP ac lite.

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    I have laravel & vue.js project. And I need help creating a file upload button using Vue.js and connect it to my route api. If you are expert, this is no problem. please check the source code. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Thanks.

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    restaturant app 4 hari left

    ...Review order. ........ Store app List Products View orders Accept order Order handed to Delivery boy. ......... Delivery Boy. Receive order request. Reach store Collect Item Route map to reach user. Order fulfilled. Extras Google map integration.(third party) Amazon AWS server.(third party). Android + IOS + Web Backend + Landing Page. Using Kotlin

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    Create an applicat...methods: DFS (LIFO data structure - a stack) and BFS (FIFO data structure - the queue). The result of the algorithm (the route in the maze) should be presented graphically. Application should also show the length of the discovered route. The maze is loaded from a text file. Format of the text file is given at the end of the task.

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    ...server (for example, Mikrotik 4011 has a mask / 18 From Mikrotik 4011 by means of L2TP connection to Mikrotik Hex is provided mikrotik Hex receives data such as IP, Route and DNS from mikrotik 4011. mikrotik Hex is connected to the Internet according to the provider. mikrotik Hex must have a /25 subnet. And it provides connection to workstations

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    ...find tracks and watch photos. Key features of Mobile App and website in very short: ADD NEW TRACK (record): START > walk, run, bike, roll etc. > Take PHOTO > STOP (upload route to website incl. photos). or FOLLOW TRACK (get directions): START > walk, run, bike, roll etc. > Take PHOTO > STOP (eventually upload photos). Key competencies needed:

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    I'm looking...address I'm pretty sure this must be done creating alternative routes with iproute2 and iptables. I already have this server working as a 4g proxy server using ppp0 as default route, but i want it to use multiple connections at once, depending on the ports i connect. There's a scheme atteched so you all can figure exactly what i want

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    ...(hours worked, hours available & break times). - Route Planner (Map that shows where different farm pickup locations are). - % fuel on the truck. - % milk capacity on the truck - Total distance of a trip The idea is that the user can get a snapshot of all these factors and yes it to decide the best route. Ideally we want to have a 3D view, so that multiple

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    ...pickpoints on real-time google maps. For example; User wants to calculate routes between A point to B point. (maybe it can add some stops at the route) the algorithm must calculate the best optimized result and draw route paths and offer to user. Then user starts navigate. (If you will have better idea, you can say) I have some admin html5 templates, you

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    Admininitrative Assistant 3 hari left

    ...renewal lease packets and other special projects as assigned • Provide primary back up support to the front desk to include answering phone calls to effectively answer, screen or route inquiries while providing accurate information and responding pleasantly and patiently • Greet visitors with exceptional customer service as the first impression of the Company 

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    53 bida Lissabona. The Moors were eventually driven out after 400 years by Christian fighters. Lisbon became the center of a vast empire after Vasco da Gama’s discovery of a sea route to India. From the 15th century, Lisbon was an important trading, cultural, and architectural center. The city’s prosperity was however destroyed in a 1755 earthquake. Rebuilt

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    26 bida Wardens Details Block Details Room Details Room Type Details Bed Details Room Allocation Details Fee Details Bus Details Driver Details Attended Details In-Charge Details Route Details Bus Allocation Details Bus Documents Details Home works, General messages, Absents alert, Fee due and Paid alerts, Exam schedule, Exam results and more Fee Pendings

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    ...-Research required information using available resources -Research, identify, and resolve customer complaints using applicable software -Process orders, forms, and application -Route calls to appropriate resources -Document all call information according to standard operating procedures -Recognize, document, and alert the management team of trends in customer

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    ...possible to purchase more than one ticket in the same offer. The next line contains L, the number of itineraries whose cost must be minimized. The following L lines indicate the route foreseen by the itinerary. Each row is composed of the number of cities on the itinerary (including the city of departure), followed by a sequence of numbers representing the

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    ...(isAdmin & isAdminOrSuperAdmin) The Admin can perform CRUD operation for their state group except for routes with isSuperAdmin priviledges. For the D operation, I will provide a route that is soft delete which means whatever they delete will be subject to approval from the SuperAdmin. 3. COORDINATOR ROLE (isCoordinator & isAdminOrCoordinator) The Coordinator

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    Hi We are using one online application to create bus stops and route and live track of the vehicles for this we are using google maps now we need to change the platform google to here maps So iam looking who have experience on this those candidates only

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    ...websites (php, python, nodejs etc.) 2. Install databases Mongodb, Mariadb, Mysql etc. 3. Create custom name servers for multiple sites hosted on this ec2 (possiby using route 53) 4. Self signed SSL will be auto generated while installing IspConfig, but you will have to install our premium SSL Helpful to you... IspConfig package contains FTP, Mailing

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    ecommerce website 1 hari left

    ...Panel PRODUCT MANAGEMENT Product Category Product Subcategory Product Details OFFER TYPE MANAGEMENT Discount Offers AreaBased Offers DELIVERY MANAGEMENT Delivery Route Management Delivery Points Management Delivery Slot Management Delivery Cost Management (Region Wise) Delivery Confirmation ORDER MANAGEMENT Minimum-Order Quantity

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    Summary and Reflection 1 14 jam left

    ...colonialism. The accidental discovery of a trans-Atlantic route from Europe to America by Columbus while in search for a route to India demonstrates this deep fascination. The Silk Road became the main east–west trading route in the Asian hinterlands while the Straits of Malacca stood as a major sea route. Asia has exhibited economic dynamism (particularly

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    Looking to build an app for both IOS and Android that will aggregate events and display on a Dashboard from ...ability for email blasts of customer lists - clickable links to events - back end data management - potential for expansion to include ability to pay for existing events and route funds to hosts of events Please reach out with any questions.

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    GPRS route finder app 11 jam left

    I need an Android app. ready made GPRS route Finder kindly check the link below, I need the same app [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    ...'Ordered', 'Dispatched', 'On the way'. • Send QR code to customer on item pick-up. • Multiple payment options (Paypal, credit/debit, on delivery, etc.). • Emergency contacts. • Route Mapping/google maps integration. • Apply Offer/Promo Code. • Real-Time Ride Tracking. • Trip Payment Calculation. • Rating/Review system ...

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    Trophy icon Gruff's bakehouse 1 hari left

    ...funding and require a logo/branding. We are inspired by our love of camping and travelling in our vw camper, vw beetle, trips to the beach. We like americana, retro vintage, route 66 style advertising and tinware, tikki,hotrod styles. **** please read what inspires us before submitting entries, I have also attached files of pictures of what inspires

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