How to Convince Your Old Clients to Hire You Again

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Often times I get asked what freelancers can do to easily get more and better projects, and my answer is always the same: Get old clients to rehire.


If you think about it, former clients already know your work ethic, the quality of your work, and your professionalism, which makes the hiring process way easier. There is no need to convince them of your capabilities because they already know them.


This might sound like a difficult task, but there’s nothing to worry about. Here are a few tips that will help you get rehired by former clients:


1. Always send a final report and ask for feedback.


After finishing a project make sure to send a report on the project and get them to fill out the questionnaire where they can review your performance and the overall project. This can be as simple as sending a brief message with a simple report on what was accomplished and request for the client to submit a review.


This will reflect the type of professional you are and will help you work on the areas you need to improve.


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2. Keep in touch, don’t lose the lead.


Never, under any circumstances lose the lead. Why? Because they are not only amazing references of your good work, but also because they can hire you again.


What can you do? Send an email of your latest success stories with a link to your updated profile on Freelancer. You can even send holiday greetings to let them remember you and what you’ve accomplished together before.


3. Constantly update your portfolio.


As I’ve mentioned many times before, having an updated portfolio on your profile is vital. Why? Because having a collection of all your stellar projects will attract old clients back. It also shows that you’re constantly working on projects and you’ve been doing an outstanding job in all of them.


Never forget that old clients are as valuable as new leads. You need to nurture them, otherwise, they will disappear. Don’t waste a minute and go update your portfolio now.

Improve your chances of getting rehired by following these simple tips!

While waiting for your previous clients to reconnect with you, take this time to find some new ones. Browse projects and bid today.

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