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The Red Shaman - How We Heal

Hello Client,after i read your brief i sit down and came up with a very unique and original idea of mine. My creativity sparked and i thought about making a simple shaman in a robe with a shirt mascot along with the text you mentioned. So,i made the shaman look friendly and inviting,not agressive. He wears a red robe and his eyes are covered by the robe,yet he has a little smile and is very inviting and friendly. I didn't go with the fox idea because i think this is more related to the text and the podcast,so i wanted to do something very original and unique. I took your pictures and some real life pictures on Google for reference and created this perfectly built mascot. The main text is unique and stylized so it can be used alongside with the mascot,while leaving the subtext more simple yet powerful. I have also included a mockup to show you how the logo will look on paper. Please do give feedback and rating as i put a lot of work into this logo design. Thanks, DinovDesigns

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