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Minecraft Book Cover

Respectful vichewitt, here is draft cover according to your brief description. I have more then 15 years of experience working for newspapers, magazines, TV and guarantee most professional attitude and quality of work.I am completely familiar with Minecraft and we may change look, colours, items etc. of characters according to your vision. During drawing I will send you screenshots for review. Unlimited revisions and corrections are guaranteed.Copy proof will be more then a book quality. Original illustration is 1600x2400 300DPI. Spine, back, synopsis and ISBN will be placed. I just started last week to bid on projects on, pls. read recommendation of doctor Trevor Duke in my portfolio,so award this project to me and let us start right now!Hoping that you will publish many books as there are tiles in Minecraft! Sincerely, Igor Balgavi Zezanimator

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