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I need a flyer made. I will provide the book covers and synopses that I want on it. As well as the other info I need on it. I need done within 4 hours

The coach synopsis: "A hungry and war ready strategist named Fah, from Asbury Park, NJ, comes home from a lengthy prison bid with a will to win and the mental tools to prosper. He made a name for himself in his town, so he uses his reputation and influence to manipulate a younger strategist named "JJ" to play the role of his puppet, while he plays the master. The youngster is a lot smarter than Fah ever imagined, so staying ahead of the young goon is a challenge. The plot thickens when JJ's older brother comes home and reveals some things about Fah that forever changed how JJ views his mentor. Will Fah stay ahead of the game? Or will JJ somehow outthink him? The shocking end result will blow your mind!

21 serving 50 synopsis: An eye opening account of how the unbridled mass media's agenda to sensationalize "half truths" lead to flawed perspectives, resulting in wrongful convictions correlated with mass incarceration and limitless conflict.

The ultimate checkmate synopsis: After doing nearly thirteen years in prison, a New Jersey native, "Brolick", who has a history and reputation in the streets of Delaware gets released and paroled to his old stomping ground, with a new way of perceiving things. He views the streets as his chess board and the people that he chooses to be a part of his life as his chess pieces. He is the The King and is looking to Checkmate the undefeated concrete jungle that he has lost so much to in the past. Defeat is not an option for him, and he will do everything in his power to win. He moves with precision, strategy and calculates his every move. Will he beat the streets? Or will he be chewed up and spit out before he is able to carry out THE ULTIMATE CHECKMATE?

Breed of uncontrollable elite synopsis: The world of espionage is filled with MISses. MISdirection. MISinformation. MISsing persons. MISappropriations. But most of all, MISconceptions. The unaware people believe that the everyday spy is a tall, firm-chinned white man or a sleek Asian woman with uncharacteristic curves, both of whom have the uncanny ability to change their appearance at will. But anyone making the MIStake of believing all spies are like this has been greatly MISinformed. Business executives by day, assassins by night. Bank tellers who are sharp with numbers or good at typing are really data analysts entrusted with information that people would literally kill for. But, what about the common person? The janitor whom everyone expects to unstick the chewing gum from the carpet? The hotel maid that changes sex-soiled linens for hours at a time? Or the gang banger who is a permanent fixture on the urban street corner? These persons are overlooked...MISsed. People like this come from a breed of uncontrollable elite. Book 1 of "B.O.UNC.E." is a depiction of the lives of such people. They are ordinary, like you and I, until it's time for them to be otherwise. They all had to get their start somewhere. And none of them knew that the world they were looking for had already been looking for them...

Sinceres words are not hard to find synopsis: A showcase of raw talent, trials and tribulations of someone “confined”.

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