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Starting a Contest

1.  From the main menu bar, click Post a Project.


2.  Give it a title and a description. This should be as detailed as possible so that freelancers have an accurate understanding of the work that needs to be completed.


3.  Upload supporting files and examples as well. (Optional)


4.  Add up to 5 skills required for freelancers to join your contest. It will help us reach freelancers with relevant skills.


5.  Choose Start a Contest.


6.  Set the budget and the currency for the contest prize. The minimum prize is 10 USD. This varies depending on the currency selected.


7.  Decide if you want your contest to be posted for 1 day (Urgent) or for 3 to 30 days. If 1 day is selected, proceed to step 10, otherwise, proceed to step 8.


8.  Set the duration of your contest (3-30 days), and click Next.


9.  Choose between Basic Contest and Guaranteed Contest. The Guaranteed and Featured upgrades are auto-selected but you can untick these options if you choose not to avail it, and just select your preferred upgrades instead.


10.  Click Show Advanced Options and select the upgrade(s) that you wish to add. (Optional)


11.  Review the details of your contest. Click Get Entries Now and you will be prompted to fund the prize. Once this has been completed, your contest will be live.


To make sure you are notified for every entry submitted to your contest, turn your email notifications on.

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