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Cancelling Milestone Payments

For awarded projects


As a client, you may cancel any Milestone Payment that you created, provided your project has not yet been accepted by your awarded freelancer.


Here is how:


     1.  Go to your project's page.


     2.  Select the Payments tab of your project


     3.  On the Milestone Payments section, click Cancel next to the payment you wish to cancel.





For in progress projects


If your project is already in progress and you wish to cancel a Milestone Payment, ask your freelancer to cancel it for you. The Milestone Payment system works this way to protect both you and your freelancer


In the event that your project does not go as planned and your freelancer refuses to cancel a pending Milestone Payment, you may use our Dispute Resolution Service to resolve the issue.



What happens to canceled Milestone Payments?



Canceling a Milestone Payment will remove it from the project, returning the funds to your account balance.


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