Precise distance measurement using ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04) and Arduino

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The challenge:
Measure the distance using the ultrasonic distance sensor after a trigger signal. Send the result through the serial port (Baudrate: 115200, 8 databit, No parity, 1 stopbit) within 200[ms] (so the result must arrive within 200[ms] after the trigger), each result must arrive in a new line. The result must arrive as string rounded to 2 decimal places.
If the result do not arrive in 200[ms] after the trigger then a 0 will be recorded in its place. All the provided sensors can be used. The trigger signal is a high-low-high transition with 10[ms] low time.

How to participate:
Send the hex file of your code to us: ingaelearn (at) [login to view URL] or share your link in the description of your submission. You can send maximum 3 submissions per user (3 HEX files). You have to select your final submission.

An object will be set to different distances from the distance sensor, the output of your code will be recorded. We will test each HEX once during the submission period and once after closing the submission period with a slightly different measurement setup.
The score will be calculated with the Mean Squared Error using the ground truth, the lower the better.

The participant with the lowest Mean Squared Error result will be in the first place. In this case you have to share your source code with us to win the prize.


The hardware setup:
Name Type Pin configuration

Arduino Uno Rev. 3 SERIAL RX: PIN0

Temp. & hum. sensor DHT11 SIGNAL: PIN2

Distance sensor HC-SR04 TRIG: PIN13

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  • patrickwagner068
    • 1 bulan yang lalu

    What do you mean by "high-low-high" transition ?
    Do you want the signal to be triggered on logic level or signal edge ?
    Should it trigger from high to low or low to high ?

    What do you mean by rounding to 2 decimal places? Which unit ?
    Should the String only contain the number or the unit and elapsed time as well ?

    How do you want exceptions to be handled ?
    The HC-SR04 operates between 2cm and 4m, what should happen, when a result is outside this range ?

    • 1 bulan yang lalu
  • tonnyboy
    • 1 bulan yang lalu

    I have a problem while submiting work please check the link

    • 1 bulan yang lalu
  • Abelk020
    • 1 bulan yang lalu

    Is the wiring connection flexible, i mean can the external trigger pin which gives high low high signal be connected to pin 3.

    • 1 bulan yang lalu
  • Abelk020
    • 1 bulan yang lalu

    "If the result do not arrive in 200[ms] after the trigger then a 0 will be recorded in its place." Can you please elaborate.?

    • 1 bulan yang lalu
  • i2eng
    • 1 bulan yang lalu

    Hello! Do you need the code for the DHT11 too?

    • 1 bulan yang lalu
    1. collaborart
      Penganjur Peraduan
      • 1 bulan yang lalu

      The DHT11 is only for temperature calibration if you need.

      • 1 bulan yang lalu
  • collaborart
    Penganjur Peraduan
    • 1 bulan yang lalu

    If you have any questions feel free to ask!

    • 1 bulan yang lalu

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