Pine Script is a language created by TradingView, a website that offers charting services to track market insights. But TradingView users can also create their own charts, share and learn ideas from other traders, and improve their own trading skills.

Pine Script is that which enables users to create their custom charts or modify the available Pine Scripts depending on their needs. Learning the Pine Script language is most beneficial to financial analysts and stock exchange traders.

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    We are looking for a specialized Pinesciprt developer to explain to us a piece of code of 366 lines. Most of the code is repetitive so we expect this to be an easy exercise.

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    1. Revise existing Trading view Pinescript study alerts to format that faciliates automation through execution engine to place orders to Interactive Brokers 2. Convert existing Trading view Pinescript study to Pinescript "strategy" to allow backtesting on TradingView backtest engine. 3. Automate trade execution from TradingView to Interactive Brokers

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    tradingview indicator based on ichimoku cloud. very easy with very simple rules

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    Pine script Scalping 4 hari left

    require to build a strategy in trading view.

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    Quiero una estrategia que me ejecute la operacion al momento de que el precio toque una media movil, y salga cuando toque otra media movil, en la misma vela del toque, con un Stop calculado con el ATR

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    am willing to buy existing and working "Buy & Sell" indicators for TradingView, the best indicators are always developed by experienced traders, and often times combine a few trading set ups to get accurate winning buy and sell signals most of the time. If you have coded anything similar, I'm willing to buy it if you can prove it works. Thank you.

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    Доброго дня. Нужно несколько индикаторов, которые присутствуют у сервиса 3 commas в базовых настройках ботов ДСА на различных ТФ объединить в один с возможностью бэктеста на ТВ. Например Индикатор на графике отображает место открытия сделки при выполнении одновременно следующих условий: Исходные данные условно - BB20-2 на 1 часе больше 0,8+BB20-2 на 15 минутах больше 0,3+parabolicSAR на 3min под шорт+Haikin Ashi 3candles на 5 минутах+RSI 7 на 5 минутах пересекла сверху значение 65 То есть на каждую переменную нужно окно активации (галочка), сама переменная (выбор из выпадающего списка), период на графике, таймфрейм, Условие (больше, меньше, равно, пересекает вверх/вниз), значение условия (число) Всего возможность объединения до 10 индикаторов по различным таймфреймам в один общий индикатор...

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    Looking for some assistance in developing a pinescript indicator using some reference material, such as other available indicators currently on trading view. Ideally indicator will also be available for use through a python trading framework such as CCXT as well, so will require compatibility with pandas. The main requirement I'm after is someone who has indicator development experience (ideally pine script) but CTrader, Sierra, MT4/5 are also useful. From there I can likely hold a conversation with them to see the viability of what I'm asking. What I'm trying to build already semi-exists and I'm making use of, however as it's a closed-source public indicator presently it provides a bit of a risk to me as it could potentially disappear at any stage, so I'...

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    Pinescript strategy 3 hari left

    I need a pine script strategy by using the Tradingview chart pattern indicators . Indicators of interest: symmetrical triangle,( rising/falling triangles), rising/falling flag, pennant Buy on cross upwards (configurable 0,5 - 1%) - SL on return into the triangle. Take profit of 50% position at 5% profit (configurable) Sell short on downwards break and SL on a break back above the line into the shape - again configurable Orders are to be executed provided there is a continuous break of the line and not by a gap New positions should be 20% of account capital (configurable) (broker Interactive brokers) This strategy should apply to a specific watchlist of tickers (or some form of collection I.e. list etc) of stocks

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    pinescript task 3 hari left

    I want to meet someone who have full experience with pine script. I will share detailed content through chat.

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    I need a box that displays gap information. Able to display For example for YM1! each gap (box) will contain this information 1. Display with green color as it is gap to the upside. 2. Display number of points (YM 2183 approx as of May 30, 2022) 3. Display the date the gap started (May 22, 2022) 4. Symbol 1. Display all open gaps only. 2. Display for multi symbol in same study (YM, NQ, ES and RTY)

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    Trading View Indicator 2 hari left

    Hi, I want a Trading view indicator which shoes daily, weekly , monthly Horizontal line separator and daily , weekly open vertical line, this indicator already in trading view but monthly separator is missing there. More details are given in attached file , if you have any question the let me know, thanks

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    I am willing to buy existing and working "Buy & Sell" indicators for TradingView, the best indicators are always developed by experienced traders, and often times combine a few trading set ups to get accurate winning buy and sell signals most of the time. If you have coded anything similar, I'm willing to buy it if you can prove it works. Thank you.

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    Trading veiw Charts i neee 1 hr Candle High and low calculations to single digit. Example 1. If High is 32300 = 3+2+3+0+0= 8 2. IF LOW IS 32200 = 3+2+2+0+0 = 7 And It should calculate high - low = Result in single digit

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    Data entry from tradingview 1 hari left

    Hi, I have an indicator, I need this excel file filled in. It is a simple data entry job, no thinking required. Note you should have a tradingview account and at least be able to see all of 2021 on the 15 min chart

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    I have two indicators. First the Futures RSI Dashboard. Gives me signals which Currency Future is weak/strong on 3 time frames, For example EUR is above 50 on 3 time frames it will show green on dashboard and USD is below 50 it will show red. Then at the bottom it will show EURUSD is a Buy. Firstly i need the values changed on this dashboard. So instead of 50, it has to be above 55 for bullish. And below 45 of bearish. The RSI value is already connected to the futures. But not to below 45 and over 55 futures value. Then the second indictor is a custom 3 mtf Ichimoku cloud, with 3 mtf trailing stops and 3 mtf volatility lines. Completely below every cloud and line it means bearish. When price is completely above clouds and lines it means bullish. All i need done is the dashboard and my ...

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    Hi, I am looking for a pine script developer to write my strategy in trading view. Let me know if you can program it for me. Thanks, AV

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    on balance volume indicator and having 20 days simple moving average on {on balnce voulme } indicator,,,, and when {on balance voulme} indicator line goes above average line it should generate buy signal and sell signal going below the line of average...i want this on all nifty stocks if possible then signals live in it possible ? if yes then iam interested....

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    Edit tradingview strategy 1 hari left

    I need to edit a pine script strategy for comparison

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