Splunk is a data analysis platform for uncovering data-driven insights. It provides log management, on-premises and cloud monitoring, and real-time streaming analytics to enable companies to analyze the mountains of data churned out everyday throughout the enterprise. Splunk comes with built-in functionality that makes it easier to search, analyze, visualize and alert users on the data. Splunk Developer is a technical class of user who is responsible for designing Splunk dashboards and applications, writing customizations and scripts as well as troubleshooting existing Splunk deployments.

A Splunk Developer can help clients optimize their IT operational efficiency by setting up a suite of real-time alerts, dashboards and reports in their Splunk environment. By diligently monitoring patterns in the system, a Splunk Developer can quickly identify potential bottlenecks or anomalies in the system before they become major problems. The resulting visibility into the system can be used to improve performance, reduce cost and spot opportunities for business optimization.

Here's some projects that our expert Splunk Developer made real:

  • Script creation with data processing: Our developer created scripts to process incoming data and quickly sends to the specified databases.
  • API integrations: Our developer integrated APIs into the existing software and applications in order to read/write data into existing databases and systems.
  • Installation, setup and configuration of IDS and Spunk platforms: We successfully configured secure IDS systems, along with Splunk's comprehensive security settings across various platforms like AWS.
  • GUI Interoperability: We have successfully integrated middleware solutions into existing GUI solutions in order to create applications with improved functionality and scalability.

Splunk Developers are usually hired when an organization needs help analysing large amounts of data for decision making purposes, or when there is a need for software development customizations and operations related tasks such as scriptwriting, incident management solutions etc. With a professional expert on your side you can unlock powerful insights from your raw data which can drive strategic decisions at all levels of your organization.

If you have complex Big Data requirements that need an expert analysis or researching solutions for quick time to market solutions then a Splunk Developer may be the right fit for you. Post your project on Freelancer.com today in order to hire one of our knowledgeable professionals in the field of Splunk Solutions!

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