mineral deposits


Mineral deposits are parts of the Earth's crust, where it is in complex geological conditions of creation came to a natural increase of mineral substances, in quantities and quality, by which the industrial production can make a profit. Profit is realized through the exploitation of the applicable parts of the reservoir in different industries, such as mechanical, metallurgical, electrical, construction, agriculture, shipbuilding, and others. Mineral resources, the physical condition, are divided into:

• solid,

• liquid and

• gaseous mineral resources.

Solid minerals, the composition and purpose in the economy, are divided into three groups: metal-, and non-metallic miner ¬ ence of energy raw materials (Table 1).

Mineral deposits are geological bodies built by the co ¬ risnih minerals, which in practice usually called minerals.

Ore is a mineral aggregate from which it is technically possible and economically justified to obtain a compound of metals or certain minerals that can be used in the economy. The term ore, previously used only for metal-mineral resources. Now in the literature under the term includes useful minerals concentration of metallic, nonmetallic mineral and energy resources.

The concentration of ore in economic quantities is called ore body. Ore body in terms of geology, the local concentration at birth ¬ mineral resources (mineral aggregate) with characteristic structural and lithological elements.

Mineral deposits are as a rule, the larger scale of the ore body, both in length and the burial. Meeting. more ore bodies are usually bearing. There are cases that an ore body is a reservoir, such as individual sedimentary deposits of coal, clay and the like.

Ore is deposited in the surrounding rock masses. Rocks are mineral aggregates in which practically no concentration of ore.

The concentration of useful component in the rocks, several times higher than the surrounding rock, but still insufficient to be able to economically exploit-called mineralization.

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