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$2 USD / jam
merida, venezuela
$2 USD / jam
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Menyertai pada Disember 30, 2016
14 Syor

Jose Iraides B.


5.0 (55 ulasan)
$2 USD / jam
merida, venezuela
$2 USD / jam
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Professor, thesis adviser, writer, and translator

I am a chemical engineering university professor with more than 40 years of experience and a broad and versatile knowledge of science, technology, and humanism. Also, I have taugth and done research in undergraduate and graduate courses related to chemistry, thermodynamics, physical chemistry, chemical kinetics, catalysis, heavy oils, quality and environmental pollution, research methodology, relations between art and science, and topics about integral education in humanistic, ethical, ecological and social issues. Likewise, I have advised several theses in the mentioned fields. I speak, read and write English and Spanish fluently, and I have written articles, essays, reports , books, and patents in both languages which have been published in recognized journals of the world. In this sense, I offer my professional services as a proofreader, reviewer, translator, researcher and writer of articles, academic essays, reports, rebuttal letters, thesis, books, and other documents .
Freelancer Article Rewriters Venezuela

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Item Portfolio

This portfolio item shows a screenshot from the book "The image of the atom through time." 

This work written in the Spanish language is a historical and scientific journey on the evolution of the conceptions of the atom, which begin approximately with the discussions of the philosophers of ancient Greece and continue today in the theories and experiments of contemporary science. 
The investigation of the true reality of the atom has been a tenacious concern of man to explore and discover the structure of the entrails of matter and energy. 
This search can be considered as a true odyssey of science whose results have led to the proposition of a set of models and theories on the images of the atom.
The saga of this odyssey is narrated in this book.

This book written in the Spanish language is a collection of short essays on thermodynamics, its laws, concepts, applications, and its most notable relationships with relativity theory, quantum mechanics, chaos physics, and other general topics related to philosophical themes. It is a free look at these areas of knowledge that may be of interest to students and professionals of engineering, science, and all those interested in the bifurcations of universal thought. The book is written in a didactic way using simple language, without using numbers or equations, to avoid interrupting the narrative discourse and to facilitate its understanding and analysis.

Lecturas Termodinámicas
Los crudos pesados de la faja del Orinoco


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Tapis ulasan mengikut: 5.0
$730.56 USD
Did the work on time and followed the instructions well
Spanish Translator Castilian Spanish Translator
Bendera Tomislav J. @SimeonCe
5 bulan yang lalu
$30.00 USD
The quality of the work was excellent, delivered on time, and great a writer!!
Article Rewriting Article Writing Ghostwriting Research Writing
Bendera Aldiyar B. @yourfreek
10 bulan yang lalu
$79.00 USD
Great work as usual
Proofreading Editing Article Writing Research Writing Article Rewriting
+1 lagi
Bendera T M. @TM888
1 tahun yang lalu
$79.00 USD
Good work as usual ..
Proofreading Editing Article Writing Research Writing Article Rewriting
+1 lagi
Bendera T M. @TM888
1 tahun yang lalu
$8.50 USD
Very pleased I have found you. Your work was excellent! Was also delivered very quickly and I will come back for more. Thanks Jose! :)
Proofreading Editing Article Writing Research Writing Article Rewriting
+1 lagi
Bendera Rafaela R. @rafaelarigo
1 tahun yang lalu



Universidad de Los Andes, Mérida, Venezuela
Okt 1974 - Okt 2000 (26 tahun)
Chemical engineerig professor in thermodynamics, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, kinetics and heavy oil processing.


Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

Penn State University, United States 1975 - 1977
(2 tahun)


Procesamiento de los crudos pesados

Ciencia e ingeniería 19 (1), 40-58
Aquí se presentan los resultados de varias investigaciones sobre el procesamiento de crudos pesados venezolanos.

Arte y ciencia

Universidad de Los Andes
Este libro presenta una visión acerca de la relaciones entre el arte y la ciencia contemporánea.

Lecturas termodinámicas

Editorial Académica española
Este libro presenta un conjunto de ensayos cortos sobre algunas relaciones entre la termodinámica , la mecánica cuántica, la física del caos, teoría de la relatividad y ciencias afines.

Positive and negative entropy production in an ideal gas expansion

EPL ( Europhysics Letters) 70 (4). 446
In this article is analized the positive and negative entropy production in an isothermal ideal gas expansion.

An exceptional theoretical process with internal entropy coupling

J. Chem.Educ 74(3),116
This paper describes a thermodynamics process with an internal entropy coupling that generates an exceptional operating behavior.

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