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$5 USD / jam
Bendera INDIA
chennai, india
$5 USD / jam
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$5 USD / jam
Bendera INDIA
chennai, india
$5 USD / jam
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NANOSOFT TECHNOLOGIES - SOFTWARE SERVICES NANOSOFT TECHNOLOGIES (formerly known as AIXIN TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS), Chennai-15, Information Service Corporation is a leading and fast growing IT consulting and software service provider. With over 50 IT talents, The Company has evolved innovative and proven business models that address the range of requirements of our customers. We offer unique solutions to build integrate and manage IT systems across a broad spectrum of industry. New technological strengths are nurtured and domain expertise substantially enlarged. Our mission is "To provide competitive and innovative software services globally by providing an ecosystem of global resources". Company profile: In 2005, a team of young and dynamic computer professionals sowed the seeds of NANOSOFT TECHNOLOGIES and nurtured it into a respected Information Technology (IT) company providing quality and cost-effective solutions to its clients. Magna offers IT solutions under one roof to its clients world wide across a broad range of platforms encompassing both current and emerging technologies. Managed by individuals with an average IT experience of years, NANOSOFT TECHNOLOGIES strength comes from several man years of hands-on experience in the industry as well as a sound understanding of international business practices. Company Vision: NANOSOFT TECHNOLOGIES company vision is to provide world class services that help maximize the customers and promote teamwork and creativity. The company strongly believes in the corporate philosophy of fulfilling its commitments to its customers". In one word saying “Empowering people & generating trust for IT” Quality policy: We at NANOSOFT TECHNOLOGIES are committed to total customer satisfaction by meeting their evolving needs, expectations, and aspirations-stated, implied or talented. Towards this we shall strive to provide products & relative service of global quality and reach a position of leadership in our fields of operations, setting new value. Continuous improvement across the organization and upgrade technology at least cost to the clients shall be the means of achieving the goals. The approach would be through proper systems & procedures, training and total involvement of our honorable employees who is brain of business and the business associates who is heart of our business. Infrastructure: • Multi-skilled resource pool • Technical team members are post graduates from reputed universities • Average of two years of industry experience • Over 25 networked workstations with various operating systems • Dedicated leased line for Internet connectivity with • State-of-the-art multimedia studio, multiple secure web servers. • Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider and IBM Business Partner • Multi-level password and firewall protection • Uninterrupted Power Supply • Backup power generators • Controlled access to facilities • 24 hour guarded premises with video surveillance Our team: NANOSOFT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS extends its customer-centric philosophy to its organization structure, reflecting our clients' thought cycle as they progress through their software initiative. Our Relationship Managers are consultants and industry professionals with strong consultative skills to help clients evaluate the offshoring initiative. Project management draws on senior industry resources to draft a road map for an optimal long-term offshoring strategy. Operating teams are led by managers with significant experience in managing operations in our clients industry, supported by qualified, motivated and innovative process executives. The Director ensures compliance with appropriate control and regulatory environment to help mitigate customer risk. All our technical team members are graduates of reputed universities and with an average of 2-4 years of industry experience. Our technical team members have provided services to clients - large and small covering a whole gamut of business areas - manufacturing, insurance, brokerage, telecommunications, order fulfillment, public utilities, entertainment, and professional services The organization is supported by quality consultants, finance & administration professionals, technology resources and people management to ensure uniform, effective and productive delivery. When you give NANOSOFT a project to complete, you can be rest assured that it would be a complete solution that we would deliver! These themes are led us in Information & Technology field. Onsite consulting: We provide a full range of on-site consulting services. Our team of highly skilled consultants provides technical insight, ability and guidance to strengthen your in-house capabilities and resources. Our comprehensive approach helps clients to successfully make the transition to new technology base and transform their organizations to prepare for the next millennium. Well established and growing, with a reputation for delivery and quality, we are prepared to meet the challenges of a diverse and evolving marketplace - a dedicated partner for all your changing information system needs. Our strength lies in the quality of its service and its people - well trained and highly skilled who work with you to create systems that empower your organization - then empower you to use and maintain those systems. As a fast growing IT company, we consistently attract and retain the best technical professionals in the business. Every partnership we form is built on a clear, in-depth understanding of industry trends and client's needs at the technical, organizational and human levels. This ensures the complete responsiveness of the systems we create, so that the solution we design to work today is the one that prepares you for tomorrow, too. Our valuable skills: Skills would cover: • Application Development and Maintenance • Testing Services • Globalization and Localization Services • Infrastructure Maintenance Also we have proven experience in enterprise services: • Business Intelligence (BI) • Content Management (CM) • Enterprise Application Service (CRM, ERP, SCM ) • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) • Knowledge Management and Online Collaboration (KM) • e-Business Our development team has both excellent skills and in-depth industry knowledge. Also, we know fully well how to integrate technologies with business practices. Technologies and skill set of our development team are as follows: Services Skill Sets Tools/Language/Technologies Application Services (Development & maintenance) Technical Design Rational Rose, Visio, Power Designer Data Modeling ERWin, Visio, Power Designer J2EE Eclipse, IBM WSAD, Visual Café, JBuilder, Sun Java Studio, Net Object, Ants .NET Visual Studio .Net Application Servers Websphere, Web Logic, Sun ONE, Tomcat, JBOSS, iPlanet Database Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, OLAP Service Programming Java, C#, VB.NET, C/C++, VB, Java script, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Pearl, Python Multimedia Flash, Dream weaver, FrontPage, PS Enterprise Services (Packaged software, application integration, portal development & technical support) Business Intelligence Cognos, SAS, TeraData Content Management Interwoven, Fatware CM, IBM Lotus CM, Documentum ERP SAP, MBS, Oracle, Legacy ERPs (PRMS, BPCS, JD Edwards) EAI IBM WBI, Web Method ,Web Service, SUN Java, Enterprise Systems, .Net Server 2003 Family, SAP XI, CA Clever Path Directory Services MS AD, SUN ONE NI, Domino, Open LDAP Groupware Lotus Notes Enterprise Portal IBM Web sphere Portal, SUN ONE Portal, CA Clever Path, MS Share Point Portal Testing Service Application Testing Rational Robot, MI WinRunner, MI LoadRunner, Test Director Embedded System Testing C++TEST, GCT, C-Coverage, Code TEST Localization Localization Trados, PageMaker, Frame Maker System Maintenance Maintenance Windows Servers, AIX, AS400, Linux, Sun Solaris, HP Unix Industry focus: 'Industry Focus' is the success formula of NANOSOFT. Our tactical approach towards industry focus incorporates continuous analysis of market strategies for many varied and diverse industries which is bound to extensive changes from time to time. We could offer our Customer with guaranteed opportunities for developing competitive advantages and thus help to achieve a competitive edge in their particular industry. IT Training: NANOSOFT TECHNOLOGIES started IT training division started during its development and we have infrastructure with the training capability of more than 100 students a year. Our training programs focus on solving staffing problems facing many employers and mainly students in the software industry. On one hand, there are tens of thousands computer graduates from various colleges and training schools; on the other, many employers can‘t find enough qualified candidates to meet their growing resource needs. We have developed industry leading software development curriculums, and established a professional training team. Our 90% job placement rate is among the highest in the IT training community. What set us apart from our competitors are our focus on practical skills, our relationship with colleges, universities and training schools, our partnership with software parks, associations and companies, and our extensive employment network. NANOSOFT ’s Project Training Features: • Innovative Teaching Management System o Innovative Teaching Approach Both as tutors and colleagues, senior software engineers from development front line take part in full-course guidance and communication with students, fully reflecting the interactive way of Lean and Ask and promoting student’s technical growth. Being totally different from traditional spoon-feed patters that are lack of interactive communication, lack of real project cases and lack of practical training, it is well received by students. o Innovative Learning Methodology The advanced and sophisticated experimental teaching system focuses on developing student’s practical ability, independent thinking ability and abilities to analyze and solve problems o Innovative Course Design Adopt state-of-the-art technologies to meet the demands of fast industry development. Abandon weak points in traditional course systems such as outdated contents, high repetition, low composite rate, lack of cross function and too many theoretical classes. • Up-to-date Training Contents o Adopt Industrial Leading Technologies Keep track of the latest industry technologies and incorporate with excellent resources of partners Renew courseware every 6 months to guarantee courseware’s leading position. o Build Reasonable Knowledge Structure Set courses based on knowledge structures of talents needed by software companies. Assure students of practical, comprehensive and extendable knowledge structures. o Teaching in a Simulated Environment Unique advantages that a software company can provide – realistic projects, senior software technicians as teachers, CMM standard project cases, real software development technical environment, actual office and professional environment provided by a real software company • Proven Programs o Complete and Reproducible Course System With two years of teaching practices and learning from foreign advanced courseware, we have summarized and made a set of complete course system that can be carried out nationwide. The system consists of syllabus, examination outline, examination platform, exam database, case database, student textbooks, teaching materials, experiment materials and experiment video. o Well Trained Faculty Members There are strict teacher qualification review process; a perfect teacher training and certification system; and a scientific and reasonable teacher performance assessment system. The faculty team is composed of technical controllers, project managers and senior engineers who have rich practical project experiences and teaching experiences. Most of them have over 5 years of technical development experiences. o Sophisticated Teaching Management Flow There is a full set of professional teaching affairs management flow, student feedback flow, inter-departmental communication and coordination flow and assessment systems for teaching and management as well as student administration policies, computer room policies and safety polices, etc. Nanosoft BPO Services BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING: Where we are for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)? BPO [Business Process Outsourcing] has been the latest mantra in India today. IT services companies are making a quick entry into the BPO space on the strength of their existing set of clients. We hope to address all issues related to BPO in India on this portal. We are focused on end-to-end outsourcing and operates on the principle that true BPO is transformational — in addition to the cost arbitrage, we consistently demonstrates enterprise-wide improvement in client operations through process optimization, process re-engineering and best practices. At NANOSOFT TECHNOLOGY BPO SERVICES everything we do has a clear purpose: Longevity of client relationship. We believe in deep and broad long term relationships with our clients and this is reflected in the organization structure, the delivery ethos and the induction program for all employees. Since partnership is a passion with us, our most strategic decision is who we will work with. Here, we draw our inspirations and guidance from NANOSOFT TECHNOLOGIES 93% of whose revenue is generated through repeat business from its strong global client base. And the real distinction? Those pleasant surprises brought about by our focus on the client Flexibility NANOSOFT TECHNOLOGY BPO SERVICES has a collaborative approach towards structuring our relationship with our clients. Our contracts are structured in a manner that the outsourcing initiative it is well aligned to client business goals. We are committed to providing maximum possible flexibility along key BPO dimensions: Scalability of resources: We have a unique and proven ability to rapidly ramp up operations and provide you resources with relevant skill sets. Our domain expertise helps us in smooth and quick migration and efficient steady state operations at our site. Risk mitigation: NANOSOFT TECHNOLOGY BPO SERVICES offers geographic choices that will minimize the possibility of yours business interruption. Why we are in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)? NANOSOFT TECHNOLOGY BPO SERVICES hears the slogan, "moving up the value chain" often in the context of business process outsourcing (BPO). BPO service providers typically use this to refer to the execution of other knowledge processes such as financial or legal research that gain them better revenues and margins. We also frequently hear the phrase, "business transformation," usually used as a synonym for BPO that demonstrates cost savings and little more. Culture: NANOSOFT TECHNOLOGY BPO SERVICES is all about partnership delivered through team – work and passion. At NANOSOFT TECHNOLOGY BPO SERVICES we are proud of our heritage. Our parent is globally recognized for its values and employee orientation. We follow the NANOSOFT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS C-LIFE principle: • Customer Satisfaction • Leadership Through Example • Integrity and Transparency • Fairness • Pursuit of Excellence Our aim is to be globally respected as a process management company that is truly viewed as a strategic extension of our clients' capacity. We recognize people as our core strength and lay special emphasis on hiring and retaining the people we believe will make this organization a global leader. BPO is the backbone of any company, who led them in revaluing IT. What NANOSOFT TECHNOLOGY BPO SERVICES under takes? NANOSOFT TECHNOLOGY BPO SERVICES helps companies outsource business processes involving back office and customer support, allowing clients to: • More easily scale operations to meet changes in demand levels • Reduce the cost of support services • Improve processes and capture new efficiencies • Reallocate resources to other strategic initiatives Our services include: Information Processing / Back Office Support designed to most efficiently and cost effectively capture and process information from a variety of sources and formats: • Application processing • Order processing • Benefits administration processing • Product and warranty registration Customer Interaction Services designed to reduce the costs of providing IT support to customers and employees, while increasing productivity and improving the overall customer/employee experience: • Customer Support • Customer Service • Data base creating • Technical Help Desk • Mail support To put in a nutshell, our team members are expertised in the following areas: 1. Data Entry - Form Filling 2. e-Publishing / e-Books a. XML coding b. SGML coding c. HTML coding d. Image Processing e. Pagination f. In-design g. PDF/TIFF/JPEG to Doc conversion Portfolio: 1. CAMS, Chennai 2. Cameo 3. Olumpus Pvt Ltd, Chennai 4. BServe (vendor of Macmillan) 5. Vishal information technology ltd 6. Dr Kurups Innovation NANOSOFT TECHNOLOGY BPO SERVICES works with clients to establish process standards and define metrics, against which continuous improvement can be tracked, both in cost and productivity measures. “Improved business process through securable transformation”
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