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$5 USD / jam
Bendera INDIA
bangalore, india
$5 USD / jam
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Menyertai pada Disember 4, 2006
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Victor P.


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$5 USD / jam
Bendera INDIA
bangalore, india
$5 USD / jam
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ABOUT US VRM Infotech was established with a definite outlook – a commitment to quality. We provide effective Internet solutions coupled with a range of services. Whether a business is small or gigantic, we understand its value. VRM Infotech takes a step beyond providing services; it is set to help you achieve your business goals. Sustainable solutions with an edge over competitors – is what awaits your business at VRM Infotech. Evolution VRM Infotech is grounded in values and ethical conduct. But pertaining to strategies, ideas and technology, we are geared to evolve. Internet and computing technology is constantly changing; we will help you plunge in and make the best use of resources available. We continually study and evaluate the market, and develop new strategies to help our clients distinguish themselves from the crowd. Team At VRM Infotech, you will meet a team of highly dedicated and qualified professionals with the industry know-how. Each member of the team is driven by the need to provide quality par excellence. In our team, technological skills meet creativity. We have achieved the perfect blend of individual effort and teamwork. It’s About You We know that you understand your business above everyone else. You will find individuals who will listen to you at VRM Infotech. From conceptualization to execution, VRM Infotech ensures that you are satisfied every step of the way. With your inputs and our expertise, we can help you excel. SERVICES SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Technological applications can help maximize the potential and minimize risks of any business. VRM Infotech provides customized software solutions that spell out quality. We undertake software development projects across a wide range of businesses from healthcare to telecom. Whether a simple application is needed for a single workstation or one that caters across various platforms, VRM Infotech can deliver it. Redefining Software Development VRM InfoTech’s solutions pay attention to detail, cater to every aspect of the task at hand and ensure synchronization among all aspects of an application. VRM Infotech develops sophisticated software that covers various aspects of a business. But we realize the fine line that separates sophisticated and complicated. Our software development projects are sophisticated in their functionality but simple in their usability. We ensure that our software applications are simple to use and manage. Brain Power Our software development team is highly experienced and recognized for its technological skills. The team works towards understanding clients’ needs and requirements, studying the various facets of the problem at hand and finding effective solutions for the same. It meticulously organizes and designs its software applications. Based on this, the team members develop software applications that effectively cater to the client’s business needs. Consultancy & Support VRM Infotech offers a wide range of consultancy services related to software development for its clients. Whatever the challenge is, VRM Infotech professionals can help make computing simple for its end-users. We also offer constant support for our clients. As our client, you will be free to approach us with any technological query and dilemma. WEB APPLICATIONS Managing your business can be a simple job with the advancement in technology today. Monitoring business processes and achieving real time business solutions is made easy by the power of networking. VRM Infotech takes into account the potential of LAN, WAN and Internet and helps you utilize these with our exceptional web applications. With VRM Infotech, you can unleash the potential of the web to maximize your Return On Investments. Beyond Technical Solutions VRM Infotech is committed to improving your business and minimizing risks involved. We take a step beyond technical design and application. With our talented team of developers, we actively analyze the various aspects of your requirements and help find creative solutions for the same. We then develop web applications that effectively cater to your business requirements. Distinctive and Custom Web Applications Each business is unique in its own manner. VRM Infotech web applications will cater to improving business tasks as well as help you promote your business. Our web applications are designed to suit your business and ensure that they creatively and technologically reflect your business. Reach Across Expanding your business, tapping into the digital future, monitoring business processes, managing supply chain processes and much more can be achieved with VRM Infotech web applications. Our team is highly experienced and committed to making your job simpler and smarter. E-Commerce solutions, Order tracking, Customer Relationship Management, Inventory and Catalog Management are just some of the aspects we have effectively dealt with. We offer customized web applications for you to reach across the spectrum of your business and manage it effectively. WEBSITE DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Whether you would like a website to merely establish your presence, manage certain business processes, as a marketing tool or an entire online business, VRM Infotech can help you achieve your goals. Website design and development is one of the key services that VRM Infotech offers. Establish Faithful Customers Simple or elaborate, dull tones or bright colors, static or dynamic, irrespective of what suits your taste, the VRM Infotech website design and development team will ensure that your website grabs the attention of the user. Our website design and development projects are user-friendly, highly organized and designed specifically to reflect your business. With our designs, we work towards drawing relevant customers to your website. But more importantly, we try to keep them coming back. Establishing faithful customers is not an easy task but our website design and development team is geared to achieving this. A to Z A website can be set up by a 12 year old kid these days. But for a business, a website can support sophisticated applications and function as a strategic marketing tool. VRM Infotech realizes the need of a website which extends beyond design and content. While these cannot be underestimated, a professional website is user-friendly, organized and manageable. The VRM Infotech website design and development team pays close attention to minute details; such as site flow and navigation, HTML integration with backend technologies, search engine optimization, browser capability etc. Maintenance VRM Infotech offers services to maintain your website. A website is an essential aspect of your business and outdated information can send your customers away. Whether its updating information or inserting additional pages, we can help you keep your website in top form! MULTIMEDIA VRM Infotech is determined to help clients maximize their business potential by utilizing various media. It offers multimedia solutions to help clients provide an interactive experience for their customers enhance their corporate image and eventually improve their business. See, Hear and Feel Multimedia solutions can serve many purposes. Whether you choose it for a presentation or as a site opener, a multimedia solution will demand the rapt attention of your customer. This is one of the best marketing tools to generate new customers and retain old ones. It allows your customers to engage all their senses and better understand the corporate image that your multimedia solution reflects. VRM Infotech provides multimedia solutions to enhance your image and create the right impression. Creativity Meets Technology At VRM Infotech, you will find a unique and perfect blend of creativity and technology. Geared with the latest technology, our professionals are equipped to handle anything you might conceive. Our team is creative and skilled at actualizing concepts into multimedia solutions. With an interactive multimedia solution, you can add power and life to your presentations, brochures, websites, product demos etc. You Imagine It – We Will Do It! VRM Infotech has the brain-power and techno-power to create some of the most fascinating multimedia solutions. We carefully analyze your requirements and produce solutions that best fit your corporate image and identity. Our professionals are constantly seeking to exploit this interactive medium through novel and innovative ideas. VRM Infotech can help animate and pump up your marketing approach. With us, you can obtain the following multimedia solutions: · Site Openers · Logo Presentations · Product Demos · Business cards - CD · Flash Banner Ads · Brochure Design · Corporate Presentation · Flash enabled Websites · Interactive Catalogues · Product/Service Brochures · Trade Show Presentations ONLINE IDENTITY & BRANDING The newest shopping, business and information platform is the Internet. This medium has revolutionized business approaches and it will only continue to grow. At VRM Infotech, we believe that establishing your presence online is just as important as marketing in tangible platforms. VRM Infotech offers you online identity and branding. Who Are You? We can help you in branding and enhancing your corporate image. Anyone can place an ad online – but how to do it, what do you say, what do you stand for, what makes you different from the crowd, all this and more will be dealt with at VRM Infotech. We specialize in online identity and branding. We will analyze your business and study what you stand for using unique research and analysis techniques. We will help you add spin and develop a personality for your business. A business, which is alive, which says something, represents something – will appeal to your customers. Our branding services include developing a brand strategy for you, which is unique to your company and business. We will analyze your goals and objectives, study the competition in the market, and match your vision with the present state of your company. The end result will be a company that rests on the strong foundation of a brand. Displaying Your Identity Once we develop an identity for your company, we work towards representing it. We allow others to get a glimpse of your image in the right manner. We develop a marketing collateral including logo designs, letterheads, websites and the like to accurately present you to the market. With VRM Infotech, you can look forward to an image, which says just the right thing about who you are! SEO & WEB MARKETING Advertising Smarter, Not Harder! Advertising online is one of the smartest ways to reach across to people. So do you start cold-mailing people? Put a few ads on random websites? What are the chances of the right customers finding your website? How about the barrage of information that users already encounter? How will you cut through all of this and appeal to your potential customers? VRM Infotech has the answers. Web marketing and advertising takes a lot of strategic planning and inventive execution. With experience and insight, our team of web marketing experts can help you use the Internet effectively and smartly. We can help you get to your customers and get your customers to you! E Marketing is the New Mantra - How? Placing ads is just a small aspect of our web marketing strategy. We are here to put your business out there – ‘there’ is where the right customers will acknowledge you and find you. We offer several marketing tools including software applications for you to promote your business better. VRM Infotech employs Banner Advertising, Email Campaigns, Search Engine Promotions, Reciprocal Linking and other innovative methods to promote your business. Consistency Advertise once and you will not be remembered. Advertise continuously and customers may remember you. Advertise consistently and innovatively, and people will be consistently interested. VRM Infotech realizes the importance of capturing customers’ interests but more importantly, retaining them. This key aspect of our web marketing strategy will help you cut through the competition and keep your business on top! SEO, SEO, SEO! Losing your website in the virtual medium is very easy. If you want business, you need to generate more traffic to your website. But how do you do that in a seemingly congested and disorganized space like the Internet? The best way to increase traffic and consequential traffic at that, is to mark your presence on major search engines. Search engines with their own spiders list your web pages in a specific manner. Search engine optimization of your web pages will ensure that your customers easily find your website on a search engine. As a part of our web marketing strategy, VRM Infotech offers search engine optimization services to put your website on the major search engines. A team of experts at VRM Infotech analyze the search engines and conceive methods to make your website search engine friendly. Once we work on your website, you can find it among the top listings on a search page. Legitimate Vs Illegitimate Trying to beat the search engine system will not take you too far. Search engines take a hard view at certain search engine optimization techniques. Illegitimate techniques will cause more harm to your website than gain, and may even lead to a ban from search engines! Would you risk employing illegitimate methods such as spamming your content with keywords in a manner, which lends it to be absolutely unreadable? VRM Infotech assures its clients of legitimate SEO techniques that will not jeopardize their websites! VRM Infotech is at the service of its clients and their businesses. We work towards ensuring the improvement of your business and the achievement of your short-term and long-term goals. CONTACT VRM Infotech offers a wide range of services for its clients – from web marketing to custom software development. If you would like to engage our services or have any query at all, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you in no time at all!
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