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    I'm seeking an experienced ANSYS freelancer to simulate the effects of metro rail vibrations on a residential building. The simulation outcome is to provide a detailed report on the impacts and propose potential mitigation strategies, along with visual animations depicting the vibrations behavior. Key project components: - Simulation of Airport Vibrations: Consider the type of aircraft and its speed, along with the distance of the residential building from the airport. Realistic airport operational processes and the nature of airport-induced vibrations should be accurately reflected. - Residential Building Properties: The simulation should take into account the building's construction materials and foundation type. Effects on different parts of the building under differ...

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    I'm seeking the assistance of a talented Engineer or Industrial Designer to create a battery system for an Electric Vehicle (EV) intended for personal transportation, specifically a flying vehicle. The battery design: - Should allow the vehicle to cover a range of 100-200 miles/kilometers when fully charged. - The EV must be able to support a maximum weight of more than 1000 kilograms, inclusive of passengers and luggage. Necessary skills and experience: - Extensive knowledge of electrical engineering and battery technologies. - Experience with designing battery systems for EVs, preferably aerial vehicles. - Familiarity with energy consumption patterns, balancing performance and efficiency. - Understanding safety standards, materials, and regulatory considerations for such devices....

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    As an aerospace manufacturer, we aim to conduct an in-depth Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for our aircraft fuselage. This project is central to our ongoing investigations of tensile and shear stresses under a combination of static and dynamic loading conditions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in performing FEA on complex structures, ideally in the aerospace sector. - Solid understanding of various types of stresses - specifically tensile and shear stress. - Proficiency in using various FEA software such as ANSYS, NASTRAN or equivalent. - Knowledge of aircraft loading conditions, capable of conducting analysis under both static and dynamic loading. By optimizing our understanding of these stresses and their effects on the aircraft's fuselage, we ...

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    I am an intermediate pilot looking to acquire my Commercial Pilot License (CPL). I am seeking a qualified flight instructor who can provide lessons in my private aircraft, for me (PPL to CPL) and my two sons (0 to CPL). The aircraft is at Burlington, Ontario Key Responsibilities: - Delivering flight instructions for PPL and CPL - Assisting in flight preparation and planning - Ensuring safety guidelines are strictly followed Ideal Candidate: - Must hold a level 3 instructor rating - I hope the instructor has more than 10 hours per week for our training. Interested candidates, please bid with details of your qualifications and teaching approach. Flight instruction must be in-person and not virtual. Looking forward to soaring new heights together!

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    I am currently in need of a skilled flight instructor to help me earn my commercial pilot certification. - Given the nature of my request, someone with extensive experience teaching related coursework would be perfect. - Although I skipped the question about particular skills, anyone with knowledge in areas like jet aircraft operations, multi-engine aircraft proficiency, or aerobatics training would definitely catch my interest. - Highly prefer if you are available immediately, as I need to complete this project ASAP. - Please include your expertise, availability, and proposed teaching methodology in your bid. Looking forward to flying high with your guidance.

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    I'm seeking an experienced, world-class SEO specialist who can help my website ...specialist who can help my website rank internationally in search engine results. * Key Responsibilities: - Utilization of specified keywords provided to boost website visibility and prominence - Outdo competitor websites in search engine rankings * Ideal Skills: - Expert in SEO strategy and execution - Proven success with international SEO campaigns - Familiar with DIY aircraft and/or kit industry desirable - Exceptional understanding of Google Analytics, SEO tools, and techniques This is an opportunity to work on a project with global reach and demonstrate your prowess in the competitive SEO market. I look forward to successful partnerships and fruitful results.

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    ...various models of aircraft. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in graphic design, particularly in creating infographics - A strong portfolio demonstrating expertise in minimalist and abstract designs - Ability to convey complex historical data in a visually appealing and understandable manner - Knowledge or interest in aviation history is a plus Requirements: - Design a minimalist/abstract style infographic - Highlight aircraft model vs manufacturing timelines vs total built - Research aircraft models and download/shrink/orient pictures for graph - Use an engaging, visually appealing layout - Ensure the content is informative for people with varying levels of knowledge about aviation What I Provide: - A detailed list aircraft model names - A deta...

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    ...vehicles as well as a good sense of humor. Here's what I envision for this project: - **Design Style:** - The image should be predominantly cartoonish. - While focusing on a playful and exaggerated portrayal, the Matv truck should still be recognizable. - **Humor Elements:** - Exaggerated features of the Matv truck to enhance the comedic effect. - Incorporate a funny scenario or backdrop of aircraft that complements the truck's exaggerated features. - Addition of a cartoonish person (in the style of ratfink, Roth or other sililar artists)wielding a wrench and screwdriver, adding a human element to the humor. - **Color Preferences:** - The design should use bright and vibrant colors to make the image pop and attract attention when printed on a room for t...

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    I'm looking for a design professional to create a modern and clean resume tailored towards a career as a Corporate Flight Attendant. Ideal candidates will have significant experience producing professional resumes with the following: - Showcase my work experience, education, certifications, skills, and qualifications. - Highlight my aircraft experience, which is a unique asset in my profession. - Cater to the corporate sector within the aviation industry. Designers who are familiar with the industry's requirements and trends will be given preference. Your skillset should include creative designing, resume writing, and deep knowledge of what aviation employers look for. I anticipate an eye-catching, yet professional layout that is easy to read. Note: This project will ...

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    I am embarking on an exciting journey in the realm of aviation and am at the conceptual design phase of creating a revolutionary aircraft. My project seeks a freelancer who can bring a blend of creativity, technical expertise, and experience in aeronautical engineering to breathe life into this vision. While I have not specified the exact elements of conceptual design I need help with, I anticipate needing assistance across multiple areas, including aerodynamics, structural design, and systems engineering, among others. **Skills and Experience Required:** - Strong background in aeronautical or aerospace engineering - Proficient in aircraft conceptual design processes - Knowledgeable in aerodynamics, structural design, and systems engineering - Ability to innovate and think c...

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    I'm currently looking to enhance the interior of my private jet with less than 10 aesthetically-driven pillow replacements. My objective is to integrate these new additions smoothly with the existing decoration, adhering strictly to my predefined color scheme and design theme. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in interior design, specifically with experience in working on aircraft interiors or luxury spaces. - Strong sense of aesthetics and attention to detail. - Ability to source or craft pillows that meet specific design and color criteria. - Versatility in working with various materials that are both luxurious and suitable for aviation use. **Requirements:** - Consultation to understand the current interior, my specific color scheme, and design theme. - Propo...

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    I'm launching an online platform dedicated to selling aircraft parts, targeting both private aircraft owners and maintenance/repair facilities. With a tight timeline, I'm seeking an experienced freelancer to create and develop this eCommerce site within a week. **Key Requirements:** - Proficiency in eCommerce platform development (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.) - Experience with SEO best practices to optimize site visibility. - Understanding of aircraft parts categorization (Engine, Avionics, Interior) for proper site organization. - Capability to implement secure payment gateways tailored for a global clientele. - Knowledge in creating user-friendly interfaces that cater to both private owners and professional maintenance providers. **Ideal Skills:...

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    ...Embrace the 'less is more' philosophy. A clean, uncluttered design can often speak volumes. Consider using simple lines, geometric shapes, or a monochromatic palette with strategic pops of color to convey the freedom and tranquility of flight. 3. Vivid Imagery: Capture the imagination with a compelling visual that demands attention. Whether it's a breathtaking aerial view, the silhouette of an aircraft against a sunset, or an abstract representation of flight, the image should be powerful and evocative. Feel free to suggest or use high-quality stock images that encapsulate the wonder of flying. SEE THE ATTACHED BOOK COVERS AS EXAMPLES ONLY: We've attached images of some of the books in the market that have simple cover designs. Use these as inspiration for y...

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    We’re aiming to create an animation which would educate new and existing Rotax Aircraft engine customers on how & where to get service, training, and warranty support throughout North and South America. Here's what I am looking for in my project: **Core Message:** - The video should clearly depict where and how customers can obtain the service for our Rotax Aircraft Engines - It should emphasize the where to get service, training and warranty support for their Rotax Aircraft engine. **Animation & Style:** - Preference for 2D animation - The style should be engaging, possibly incorporating vibrant colors and dynamic movements to hold the viewer's attention. **Ideal Skills & Experience:** - Proficiency in 2D animation and graphic design. - ...

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    Design a logo Tamat left

    Design a logo for me Aircraft must be color red. Aviation Tool Store (logo) Tools for Aircraft Heroes (tagline)

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    I'm seeking a talented 3D modeler to create an Airbus A330-200 for display purposes with the following specifics: - Exterior needs to have accurate proportions and incorporate the aircraft's liveries. - The interior requires a detailed cockpit a...with aviation-related projects - Attention to detail for accurate liveries and interior design - Ability to create realistic textures and markings YOUR TASK: - Develop an Airbus A330-200 digital model with a focus on precision and realistic liveries for exterior. - Model passenger cabin, ensuring all details are finely represented. Please provide a portfolio that includes any previous work on aircraft or complex modelling projects. I look forward to your bids and am excited to work with talented individuals passionate about av...

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    I am looking for someone to design a logo for a new website I am launching. The website is intended for light aircraft owners to manage the schedule of their plane and make bookings on a calendar. The website is called "SkySlot". I would like a logo that is modern and features an icon/drawing of an aeroplane. The colour pallet should include some or all of the colours blue, grey, white and black. It's important that the logo is minimalist and looks professional. Happy to answer any more questions. Thanks.

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    70 bida intricate, high-end design for a fixed wing aircraft for recreational activities. As an enthusiast of aviation, the design should include all internal structures, highlighting the mechanical beauty of the airplane. Ideal Skills and Experiences: - Aerospace engineering - Aircraft design - Knowledge of aerodynamics Design Constraints: - The design ought to respect strict weight limitations, to enable smooth and safe flight. - My requirement extends to specific wingspan limitations, which must be adhered to maintain performance and safety. - Also, my airplane design must meet certain aerodynamic standards to ensure efficiency and optimize flight conditions. This project will be an exciting challenge for those who share a passion for aircraft design and have an e...

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    I'm spearheading an ambitious project that aims to revolutionize jet engine technology through the development of a new product prototype. This prototype will incorporate cutting-edge electromagnetic coils and high-strength magnets to enhance power generation in aviation engines. Key Project Requirements: - Develo...especially in engine design. - Proficiency in CAD and simulation software. Expected Deliverables: - A detailed design of the electromagnetic coil system. - 3D models and technical drawings. - A prototype plan meeting aviation safety and performance criteria. Freelancers with a stellar track record in creating innovative solutions for the aviation industry, particularly those who have worked on propulsion systems, will be considered highly desirable for this pione...

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    ...analysis to evaluate the aerodynamic stability of an aircraft. The project involves detailed simulation and analysis to ensure safety and optimal performance. Key Responsibilities: - Perform dynamic stability analysis to determine stability values, including pitch, yaw, and roll. - Analyze the effectiveness of control surfaces in various flight scenarios. - Utilize COMSOL Multiphysics for advanced simulation tasks. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency with COMSOL Multiphysics. - Strong background in aerodynamics and aircraft dynamics. - Experience with stability and control surface analysis. - Ability to interpret and present complex simulation data clearly. This is a critical task requiring precise attention to detail and advanced knowledge in aircraft dynamics. If you h...

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    I'm seeking a freelancer who can help design a visually appealing brochure for my aviation business. The primary goal of this brochure is to introduce and promote our products, featuring our high-performance aircraft and luxurious interiors. In particular, I want the brochure to include: - The name of the product and our logo - A brief description of the product features, focusing specifically on the performance and comfortability of our aircraft - A consideration of possible problems that might occur and how we plan to mitigate them, to reassure potential customers. Prospective freelancers should ideally possess skills in graphic design and have a background in marketing or advertising. Understanding of the aviation industry would be an added advantage to convey th...

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    ...for pilot services tailored specifically toward private carriage of passengers or cargo without compensation or for hire. Here's what I need: - Draft a comprehensive contract covering requirements for private carriage and aircraft ferrying services - Ensure the contract adheres to all relevant aviation laws and regulations - Provide guidance on risk management and liability clauses specific to pilot services Ideal Candidate: - Legal expertise in aviation sector, specifically contract law - Experience with pilot services agreements - Knowledgeable in fixed-wing aircraft operations - Skillful in drafting clear, binding contracts - Excellent understanding of aviation industry standards Your legal advice and contract drafting skills will play a pivotal role in ensurin...

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    I'm seeking a talented 3D designer to an X8 Skywalker .stl to a detailed model of a Delta Wing aircraft for 3D printing. I'm seeking a skilled 3D modeler with experience in RC plane design for an intermediate complexity, delta wing RC plane. The deliverable should be optimized for 3D printing (.stl file format). The overall length shall be increased to 150 cm and the wingspan extended to 250 cm. The pusher motor housing suspended to above the upper rear fuselage (see image). The plane shall have an internal support structure. For 3D print, the model must be in segments not exceeding 30 x 30 x30 cm with like male-female connection. Key Factors: - The plane should be designed to achieve showcasing a design that ensures stability and control from the ground upwards. - Consid...

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    I'm looking for a creative and skilled freelancer to produce an animated advertisement video. The visualization starts with a Native American warrior shooting an arrow which seamlessly transforms into modern aircraft and then a SpaceX rocket. Accompanying imagery should include monarch butterflies, doves, and quail highlighted by the backdrop of native drumbeats, a modern remix is a plus! Here's what I envision and require: - The video is primarily for advertising purposes. - The style should be fully animated, showcasing the transformation of the arrow through time. - A sequence of thematic visuals, rather than a narrative, to engage the viewer. - Bringing these themes to life in a compelling, visually appealing way is critical. The ideal freelancer would: - Have expe...

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    We're a group of cadet pilots looking for a creative professional able to design a custom patch that epitomizes our identity and affiliation. We want the patch to feature specific elements: • A modern aircraft • The fleet number - "126" • An identifiable symbol of a cadet pilot • Commemoration of the 100th year of the Turkish Republic The chosen design would primarily serve identification purposes, therefore, it should interpret the specified elements distinctively. Although we would like the style to be modern, it's critical for the designer to maintain a sense of tradition and honor in respecting the significance of the patch in the aviation world. Ideal candidates are graphic or fashion designers with experience in crafting airborne or ...

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    I'm seeking a dedicated freelancer to source CVs for top-tier aviation maintenance professionals, (specifically on the helicopter Bell H145) such as Aircraft Mechanics, Avionics Technicians, and Aircraft Inspectors. Here's what I'm looking for: - **Professional Expertise**: - Valid FAA or any ICAO-standard maintenance license. - Proficient in aircraft mechanics, avionics, and inspection. - **Qualifications & Experience**: - FAA or any other ICAO standard license is a must. - Minimum 8 years aviation maintenance - Minimum 5 years experience on Bell H145 - Has Base Maintenance experience - **Preferred Locations**: - Individuals should be sourced from Australia, Indonesia, Brunei, the Philippines, South Africa, Europe, South America, M...

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    I'm looking for a professional logo designer to create a unique design for my company, Historic Aero Ltd. The design should incorporate several key elements that reflect what our company stands for. Key Elements: - Aircraft - Wings - Propeller - Helicopter Color Scheme: - Blue - Silver The ideal freelancer for this project would have a knack for encapsulating a company's essence in a simple, yet memorable design. Previous experience designing logos in the aviation industry would be a definite plus.

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    Project: simulate Drone for Delivery packages The project will be developed on a simulated drone environment, where there will be a region or country that is the drone's flight range. There will be multiple coordinates that the drone system manager can send to the drone, so there is no human control of the aircraft. The drone will depart from the main cargo transportation center, loaded with goods, and go to the customer. As soon as the customer receives the order, a notification will be sent to the administration that the order has been delivered to the customer with the order number and the order coordinates. The notification will be based on the secret code that the customer enters when opening the package. After delivery, the drone will return to the departure point. We w...

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    Project: Drone Delivery Project Name: Fast Delivery Project Description: The project will be developed on a simulated drone environment, where there will be a region or country that is the drone's flight range. There will be multiple coordinates that the drone system manager can send to the drone, so there is no human control of the aircraft. The drone will depart from the main cargo transportation center, loaded with goods, and go to the customer. As soon as the customer receives the order, a notification will be sent to the administration that the order has been delivered to the customer with the order number and the order coordinates. The notification will be based on the secret code that the customer enters when opening the package. After delivery, the drone will return ...

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    As a drone manufacturer, I am seeking an experienced engineer who specializes in conducting finite element analyses (FEA). The project demands a focus on improvin...finite element analyses (FEA). The project demands a focus on improving the structural integrity of our unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), hinting an emphasis on a potential overall design modification rather than specific area scrutiny. Expected Skills and Experience: - Competency in FEA software - Knowledge and experience with UAV structure - Understanding about key structural elements of an aircraft (although exact areas of focus and specific dimensions/materials of the UAV will be provided later) By applying your expertise in this project, we aim to enhance our UAVs by optimizing their performance, weight, and safety...

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    I'm seeking a freelancer who is skilled at research and data collection. The project involves creating a comprehensive list of Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) companies, along with aircraft component buyers, throughout North, Central, and South America. Key Requirements: - The list needs to include each company's email, phone number, website, and the contact information of their buyers. - No LinkedIn profiles may be included. Ideal Candidate: - Experienced in research, particularly in the aviation sector - Excellent attention to detail, ensuring accuracy in data collected - Strong understanding of the specific regions being targeted: North America, Central America, and South America. This is an opportunity to contribute to a crucial element of our strate...

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    ...industrial metal and plastic fasteners and fastener assembly systems, catering to a wide range of manufacturing industries. Primarily we cater to industries such as automotive, electric vehicles, aerospace, renewable energy, and general manufacturing. We are seeking talented freelance content writers who possess a deep understanding of engineering concepts, with a particular focus on automobiles, aircraft, and related industries. Candidates with an engineering background and prior experience writing for these sectors will be highly regarded. Responsibilities: Content Creation: Produce high-quality, informative, and engaging content that caters to our target industries. Topics may include, but are not limited to: "Why EV Structural Batteries Are a Bad Idea" "Mobi...

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    I am seeking a proficient freelancer to develop an organized, comprehensive, and user-friendly contact spreadsheet for airport pilots using Google Sheets. The spreadsheet's purpose is to compile and manage various data, including names, addresses, phone numbers, along with two significant photo fields - one for the individual pilot and the other for their respective aircraft. The essential requirements include: • Creation of 12 specific fields for each contact entry • The inclusion of embedded photos in cells • Sortability function for any field • Limited user access allowing content editing but not deletion The perfect candidate will showcase: • Proficiency in Google Sheets • Experience with advanced sheet functions • Ability to design use...

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    83 bida to design a hybrid solar propulsion system for a trimaran. The primary goal for this system is to significantly reduce fuel consumption, contributing largely to the vessel's sustainability during its around-the-world journey. Although specific features such as energy storage, energy management, and charging systems were not particularly stipulated, it is presumed beneficial if the professional has knowledge in these areas. Being an ASAP project, I prefer someone who can prioritize this work without compromising on the quality. Familiarity with marine engineering and renewable energy system designs will be a huge plus. Your innovative ideas are welcomed to make this project a success. Your responsibilities will include: - Designing the hybrid solar propulsion...

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    I'm seeking a talented photographer to create captivating content for my website. The images will showcase Amsterdam Schiphol Airport from multiple perspectives, highlighting the dynamic nature of air travel. Here's what I’m looking for: - **Crisp, Realistic Photographs:** - Aircraft on the tarmac, showcasing takeoff or landing. - Inside airport terminals, capturing the architecture and ambience. - Passenger areas, detailing the facilities and daily life. - **Ideal Skills:** - Professional photography with a realistic/documentary style. - Experience photographing bustling environments like airports. - Ability to access necessary areas within Schiphol Airport. - **Project Deliverables:** - High-resolution photos, edited for clarity. - Usage ...

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    ...modeler with experience in RC plane design for an intermediate complexity, fixed wing RC plane for hobby usage. The deliverable should be optimized for 3D printing (.stl file format). The overall length should not exceed 250 cm and the wingspan not more than 150 cm. The plane shall have the overall appearance of the grey render (IMG_7126) but the tail configuration like the image of the black aircraft with V-vertical rudders and small lower V-stabilizers, tapered tail for thrust engine. Internal support structure. For 3D print, the model must be in segments not exceeding 30 x 30 x30 cm with like male-female connection. Key Factors: - The plane should be designed to achieve ground take-offs, showcasing a design that ensures stability and control from the ground upwards. - Conside...

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    To design an in-depth and challenging airlin...Management: Deciding on the make-up, expansion and renovation of the airline's fleet; - Route planning: Strategizing route networks and ensuring efficient operations; - Implement thorough financial management to maintain profitability. Added features to the game would be: - Purchasing and maintaining aircraft; - Scheduling and optimizing flights; - Managing finances and profitability; - Implementing a passenger demand system; - Predicting and responding to airport demand; -Live aircraft view; -Random events; -Time scale (real life, 1h=1 day etc.) The ideal freelancer should have experience in game development with a special interest in simulation games. An understanding of the airline industry's operational aspects ...

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    Fluid Simulation I am looking for a freelancer who can create a basic level liquid simulation with general behavior to simulate a specific scenario. The ideal candidate should have experience in fluid dynamics and simulation software. Requirements: - Create a basic level liquid simulation with general behavior - Simulate a specific sc...liquid simulation with general behavior - Simulate a specific scenario - Understand fluid behavior and dynamics - Experience with fluid simulation software Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in fluid dynamics - Experience in simulating fluid systems - Knowledge of fluid simulation software - Strong understanding of fluid behavior and dynamics The project is to simulate various propeller and propulsion types in order to hoover up solid objects u...

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    I'm looking for a creative and experienced logo designer to create a logo for my company, Moonstone Aviation Company Ltd. While the core services of the company are not confirmed yet, we are leaning towards flight training, aircraft maintenance, and charter services. The logo should reflect our high standards, service quality, and professionalism. Key Requirements: - A professional and creative logo design - The design should include the name "Moonstone Aviation" - Submit initial design proposals for review - Must be willing to make revisions Ideal candidate: - Expert in graphic designing especially in logo designing. - Must have a portfolio of past logo design projects - Excellent communication skills - Ability to create unique logo concepts No s...

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    97 penyertaan create a unique and eye-catching Tshirt design for an Airplane Refueling Person. The design should incorporate the following elements: - Logo: The design should include a logo that represents the U.S. Navy Airplane Refueling Person profession. - Illustration: The design should feature an illustration that showcases the Airplane Refueling Person in a military style and includes the following aircraft: F/A-18, C-130, C5, and a SH-60 helicopter - Typography: The design should include typography elements that enhance the overall aesthetic of the Tshirt. -The words "Pumper of the Month!" as a slogan The final design will be used for both print and digital media, including Tshirts and stickers. Therefore, it is important that the designer is skilled in creating designs t...

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    Space Engineering Project-1 for NASA You will be working with our team to find the best solution to "Detect, Track, and Remediate: Small Space Debris". Objective: - Conduct research on rocket propulsion and space debris Timeline: - Project completion within 10 days Skills and Experience: - Expertise in rocket propulsion and space engineering - Strong background in research and data analysis - Familiarity with NASA's guidelines and protocols - Ability to work within tight deadlines and deliver high-quality results

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    I need a talented graphic designer who can help me with branding materials that appeal to business professionals. Specifically, I'm looking to create PowerPoint template Word document letterhead template Business card template Brochure template Instagram ad template My business, Arafura Broking, operates as an international dealer and sales agent for private and commercial aircraft, as well as aerospace, defence and security products. I need help making marketing materials to engage with my customers and the public. I will provide the logo kit to the successful freelancer Tanks

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    ...terminology Here are some potential topics and areas of interest: 1. Electric Propulsion Systems for Marine Vessels: - Advances in electric propulsion technologies for ships. - Comparison of electric propulsion systems (e.g., electric motors, drives) for marine applications. - Integration of electric propulsion with traditional ship propulsion systems. 2. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: - Design and optimization of electric propulsion systems for energy efficiency. - Environmental impact assessment of electric propulsion in maritime transport. - Integration of renewable energy sources (e.g., solar, wind) with electric propulsion. 3. Control and Power Management: - Control strategies for electric propulsion in...

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    I am the new UK dealer for a range of kit built aircraft from Just Aircraft in South Carolina USA and need an urgent holding page for credibility with suppliers. This to be done in the next week. This to be followed by a 6 page website as soon as I can provide the content. Completion for this is end of Jan. No e-commerce function is needed, this site is purely a promotional ‘brochure’. It needs to be optimised for SEO (I will provide keywords) and be a responsive design as a majority of customers will search via mobile. Menu structure will be: Home|Aircraft|FAQ|News|About|Contact I’d like the website constructed via SquareSpace and I hold several URLs, the main one being Our supplier: This is our nearest competitor and I&r...

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    I'm looking for a design expert to step in and rehaul my pitch deck. The primary objectives for this project are to: - Significantly enhance its visual appeal - Reorganize the content for improved readability and comprehension - Update information to be current and relevant - Ultimately, create a custom Pitch Deck Template re-usable for future rounds, offering a forward-think...ideal freelancer for this project should have solid experience in graphic design, be adept at arranging information in a manner that's compelling and easy to understand, and demonstrate an understanding of contemporary, forward-thinking visual trends and have past ppt / PD experience with clients from sector's like High Tech Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defence, Engine Manufacturer, Jet Engine, ...

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    FEA analysis of fuselage longitudinal riveted joint under cabin pressurisation and thermal stress due to temperature difference. A part of the fuselage to be modelled as attached in the picture. A detailed report to be prepared with detailed explanation of methodology and result discussion

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    Project Description: Aircraft Images Tracing Vectors I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can help me with generate aircraft images with high-quality vectors. The project requires the following: Type of aircraft images: Commercial airplanes - The freelancer should have experience in generating commercial airplane images accurately and efficiently. Vectors coloring preference: Black and White - The vectors should be in black and white, as per the project requirements. Number of aircraft images: More than 10 - The freelancer should be able to handle a large number of aircraft images and deliver high-quality vectors within the specified timeframe. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in using vector tracing software such as Adob...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to create a static aircraft scenery for X plane 12. The project specifically requires the creation of moderately detailed aircraft models to be used for Dubai Airport scenery by Taimodels. The package will include 2 static aircraft only. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 3D modeling and rendering software - Experience in creating aircraft models - Attention to detail to ensure accurate representation of the specific model provided by the client

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    ...use these skills to make the trailer more captivating. We will need to condense multiple fast-paced, high-speed, and short action scenes together, and will add more later. We also give you the liberty of choosing a dramatic and thrilling action scene to suggest and create if you so choose and we approve the suggestion. The scenes needed for now are as following: Scene 1- Modern military jet aircraft from 2 different nations, there is muffled radio chatter from both sides in background, one fires a rocket and destroys the other before a scene of the pilot with his eyes widened foreshadows his death from the explosion of the rocket Scene 2- Alien spacecraft larger than the size of the planet destroying the earth with an energy beam which causes it to explode. Scene 3- Dimly ...

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