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    I need someone to create an animated music lesson activity on flash or Animate, Adobe. the idea is that i have a template of the game taken from a music book, and we need to add an interaction for the activity. for this specific one: i do have a table chart of the instruments families, and the goal of the activity is to drag and drop the instruments

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    ...theme for the phones Create an overall design, layout and theme for the tablets Upon our direction, we will provide you with all the necessary information required for each page. You will design all 300 pages for the website, phone, and tablet format. We want all customized and not “responsive” Create 60-80 custom buttons (i.e., add, edit, save, submit

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    ...for the home page's focus to be a functional animated book that opens when it is clicked. So, the cover of the book would have the company name, Evolution Talent, and then it will open when clicked. Once it is open there will be clickable links that take us to the the specific page it references to. The page on the left hand side will say 'Actors...

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    Hello, we are a small game studio based in México based in México and we are looking to an artist. I require a high quality designer with experience in game UI and animations. I need: An animated book, so when player change of page it will show an animated animation for it. 4 screens of high quality art. 1080p resolution is expetected.

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    This is an app to allow reader to read, similar to a book. The app will have 1. Main menu for user to browse any page the user wants (about 50 pages available) 2. 50 pages of book content (a page won't contain many contents, maybe just few sentences and one image 3. Splash page (animated, will provide) 4. Daily or weekly notification (configurable)

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    ...every website is like a book" In the same folder you will find a Blend file. Open it and select the scene Book and Site. Very basic camera movement has been added to the blend file to follow the script. The key parts to this project are: 1) BOOK ACTION - When the camera goes back to the book at frame 120 either: a) the book is open at the front showing

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    ...our second children's motorcycle book. We want an illustrator who is a motorcycle rider; if you are not a motorcycle rider please do not contact us. Our first book was done using vector based illustration and this is what we want for the second book. The book will have a front cover, back cover, title page, credit page and 13 spreads. The main ...

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    21 bida credit card isn't possible anymore, don't know why, stripe was succesfully connected to the website but it's gone now, only PayPal and Cash payment are available. 2) the "book now" button isn't pointing to the booking form anymore it used to be fine before. (check the image: screenshot (2) ) 3)The red call button need to be the same color as the

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    ...actively man our social media handles for a book launch project. The main objective would be to: 1) Increase online sales of the books (Through your effective sales copy) 2) Create awareness of the books and the launch event The work will be from approximately 4-6 weeks max. The Project This is a book launch Project for 6 books. The books range

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    I have a business logo that needs to be 3D animated. I would like you to tell me your thoughts and idea for doing this. Some ideas I like • Have prices of logo come in 1 at a time. Entire process of logo should only take about 15 seconds at most though. • I maybe having the inside orange circle start at one point then slowly move all the way around

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    ...actively man our social media handles for a book launch project. The main objective would be to: 1) Increase online sales of the books (Through your effective sales copy) 2) Create awareness of the books and the launch event The work will be from approximately 4-6 weeks max. The Project This is a book launch Project for 6 books. The books range

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    ...opens a blank book and as he/she turns the pages key information about the IBDP ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) is animated in an infographic in our school CI ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) (shows learning coming to life – off/out of the pages). Augmented reality style. Story line: 1. StGIS Logo and IB logo 2. Student sits down and opens book 3. Page...

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    10 bida, so I would love for the wave to become animated and actually move somehow, maybe in a swirling motion or something :) -B Outro: For the outro video, there would be a few different texts of information that would pop up. We would want to state the following: - Have our 3 different logos appear on the page (Bluewater Travel, Bluewater Photo, Underwater

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    ...Intro and Outro package that includes an animated version of my logo which I can provide. The youtube channel is called Tristanado Tube. Our main focuses are on: Videogames (represented by the controller on the logo) Boardgames (represented by the dice on the logo) Educational Games (represented by the book on our logo) The video must have:

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    Hi Nicolas, I want to tell interactive stories through my website and I need help! I'd like to hire you for two hours for a skype chat to discuss feasibility and then book more time with you to build thereafter. I am probably the world's worst coder however I think I have identified the correct tools needed to make the stories. The overall goal

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    This will be a 12 book series, and each page inside will be animated. The currently contest is just for the front cover which will be used for the series. The winner will get an additional job to design each page. These are islamic religious books so information about islam is important. MAKE IT A4 sized for now. See a sample of another

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    ...Vuforia. 2. The Unity app should be able to recognize pages (image targets) in a book with unique content (pictures and text - not a repeating pattern) and then show an animated model on top (like in the video). 3. When the image target is recognized, together with the animated 3d model shown, there should be a “More” button that is enabled in the center

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    I would like a great e-book tempate of about 10 pages with different content and shapes on each page, as well as a header and final page. I don't have the content for this just yet, looking to use this as a template for future e-books. I love the way Salesforce do their e-books so I would like to keep similar animated styling, while keeping within

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    We require a two launch videos to be use on an app launch page. About the app BOOK WAITERS, BAR STAFF OR GREETERS FOR YOUR EVENT, WHEREVER YOU ARE. Event staff for your event on demand. Whether you a planning an wedding, launch party, corporate event or dinner party get the help you need with KA:DR Staff The Annimation Two animation are

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    ...children's book about an African American family and their friends. The illustrations will also include school yard photos and classroom photos, there is a dinner table scene within a home on one page. This book is about 30 pages 12 of them with illustrations. Illustrations would have real lifelike features in the characters but still animated for the

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    32 bida which will be selling a children's book, e-book and interactive mobile app. We need a lightweight, fully responsive site and SEO help and advice to make sure the books name, which is the same of the URL, is at the top of all search engines. (There are no competing names and is unique.) The book is not ready for release yet, however we would

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    ...and dogs) It should be modern, non-text heavy website, where my clients can 1. Choose a service 2. See all stylists' work, choose the stylist 3. Book time online 4. Informational home page (with animated elements, samples i will provide) 5. Contact us 6. Latest news 7. Promos or discounts must be highlighted on homepage 8. Special offers (it has

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    Hello, I would like you to help me on the front end side of my web page. I would like to have animation like here [log masuk untuk melihat URL] So the book mockup will be animated with some textes. This is 90% of the work. The rest we will talk about. the back end work will be done by another ukrainian, he recommended you to me by the way. his name

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    Customized author Web page about me and my books. Customized YouTube page (with followers) Customized Facebook Page (with followers) Containing: Cover design from my book Synopsis of the title Links to digital platforms Link to click and purchase the book easily on both sites. Up to 60mb for images 3 email accounts (at least) 4 Rotating headers Domain

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    ...[log masuk untuk melihat URL] Kind of development: Customization of existing website Description of every page/module: The homepage would be a long single page with a animated navigator to guide through most navigation menus. A few of the navigation menu will have a separate page jump out. We are open to any adjustment that contribute to a general improvement on...

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    ...draw a 20 page digital comic book; someone who can draw the gritty realism that is so well captured in Ghibli's Graveyard of the Fireflies. I am most definitely NOT after cartoony type images. I will use the comic book to raise funding to make a 3.5 minute animated trailer that will be used to raise funding for the 120 minute 2D animated feature film

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    ...colors (white, gray and red) of a bike parked at a fire hydrant. This is what I want done: THIS IS STICK FIGURE / FRAME-BY-FRAME ANIMATION / FLIP BOOK STYLE (WITHOUT THE PAGE FLIPS) An animated white stick figure walks into the center of a black canvas, he pulls out a piece of white chalk from his stick figure body and begins drawing the WHITE

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    I'm looking for a creative graphic artist to create a "branding machine" that takes a a) book, b) magazine, and c) checklist through a "machine" and stamps/presses a generic logo on it! Step 1: Watch this short video for a quick explanation of what we're looking for: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Step

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    ...image. We will provide you with approximately 20 coloring book style illustrations. The app will take a picture of a child’s artwork and use the child’s colors for each illustrated figure. For example, if the image is line art of a turtle and the teacher prints out the line art on a page, the child could choose to color the turtle pink. When the

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    ...particular image has most of the elements I need. But my room should not be so dark and it should have a more holistic healing alternative feel to it. 3. The site must contain the animated gif window. so the color of the walls will have to match the grey color on the window. The window contains the logo and slogan so it must be one of the first things you see

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    Hi I have a 74 page book i want to convert into a graphic novel. Later it will be turned into a series of animations I want to create a graphic novel with 9 panels on a page and 30 pages. Can you turn the book into a script or screenplay to be drawn and then animated. The script would indicate what each character is saying as well as describe what

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    ...Welcome page, book reviews, and giveaways. I'd like everything to flow. Right now, I do not like the look of the "book review" page. Possibly utilize a grid format instead of the typical "blog" formatting? I have no idea. Skies the limit with this job. I don't have any requirement other than it looks beautiful. I do think an animat...

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    ...I launch the site on 2/14. I am on a tight deadline (I'd like this completed by the end of Sunday 2/12). -I'm looking for maybe some type of animated welcome page. -I have three pages right now: Welcome, book reviews, and giveaways. I don't have a lot of content right now, but I'd like everything to be really easy to navigate to. -I don't mind if ...

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    turn a 32 page children's book into an animated video- making the storyboard from a finished book and making a mp4 video with voice [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    ...change the current design for the home page and post (books) page to a new design that's : ->Soft & Clear ->Fast ->Animated (js) Home page should contain: ->Showing Last Added and Sort Buttons(Depend on categories) ->Most Popular Books Slider ->Coming Soon ebooks Slider ->Random Books Slider Post Page should contain :...

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    1)Homepage : (Use the attached word template to design the look of homepage, the home page should look professional and attractive- choice of images, background etc should fit perfectly well) ->Selection of the bedroom/bathroom and redirect to the booking [log masuk untuk melihat URL] can create a new section for this purpose instead of having same format as in https://maidmarines

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    ...Home/About Mr. Eldercare 101 – animated pictures & Animated messages • Book (links to Amazon, & Testimonials) • Services (professional speaker, consultant) o Contacts • Topics (scroll window) o Testimonials o Clips • Press & Testimonials (Interviews articles etc.) o Testimonials o Articles o Interviews • Resource Pag...

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    Animated Story Application I have about 20 very short animated stories I would like to put into an app/book on IOS and Amazon. Each story is about 10 pages long and the screen needs to be split in two - top and bottom - as the story is in two separate languages. The top and bottom part of the screen will have identical animation, independent of

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    Abraham Father of Atheism is a provocative and inciting book.( The cover is attached.) The author would like to hire a freelancer to design a provocative image ad to be used on Google Adwords. What will be written on the image: The text is The Best Book Ever. Read it before you die; it helps. (Show thumb up) Discover why the teachings of nonbelievers

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    Trying to create a 20-25 page story / animated cartoon book for print. Its a personal project / gift for someone.

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    Calling all comic book fans! Recently I have been working on an all new anti hero to release as an animated cartoon, and i'm looking for animators, or a group of animators to work alongside to create this. Once the basic concepts for the animated series are ready, I plan on creating a 'Go Fund Me' page to give us the funds to make our creation a reality

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    Trophy icon Design a Website Mockup Tamat left

    I'm looking to re-design the cover page of my website. See the link below to my existing website [log masuk untuk melihat URL] . My website is an educational one which serves young people between the ages of 12-18. As such, I would like the design to capture their interest. My products include online courses, exam past papers, past paper answers, online

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    ...I'd like this book to have near-future animated movie potential. It's a 14 page book including the cover. This is my 1st and I am open to discussions on the quantity of pictures included. I have never published anything before but I'd like to try with this one. It's important to me (sentimentally) and I just really want to bring this book ...

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    take a 64 page children's book and turn it into a short animated movie

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    ...must be configured to work properly with our website i. Website template is a fully responsive template. Freelancer to make all mobile & all handheld devices functionality & page layouts to look how we want. j. EU Cookie Law k. Policies terms & conditions for the website & for all email send outs 2. Add to WHMCS system all .TLDs Domains from an Excel

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    ...initial consultation. At this point we will show you our wedding film in full HD quality. If you haven't already done so then we suggest you take a look at our Video on our page, this is a scaled down version for web and as such does not represent the produced HD quality as seen on a 1080p HDTV, it just serves to provide an example of the kind of quality

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    We need a theme customized ( X Theme ) for Wordpress. Our company creates Animated Videos. We are a very premium company. We are looking to go the route of a very minimal, highly premium, black and white design with Open Sans fonts. Think Apple. We need someone who is excellent with communication and very proficient in Wordpress, and CSS, but who is

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    ...must be configured to work properly with our website i. Website template is a fully responsive template. Freelancer to make all mobile & all handheld devices functionality & page layouts to look how we want. j. EU Cookie Law k. Policies terms & conditions for the website & for all email send outs 2. Add to WHMCS system all .TLDs Domains from an Excel

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    ...have an animated logo created and animated imagery of a book opening, for a promotional video I am shooting now. The logo is for an intro to the video, and will be the letters S.R. powerfully entering the screen. Enter through fire or ice, some type of polar energy. The letters stand for my trademark brand of Singular Reasoning. The book animation

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    ...YouTube: 10 sec animated video Reference video of Jarir Book Store [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Social Media: Facebook – sponsored ads, contests, daily product offer posts. – At least 4 million Impressions. CTR 2 – 2.5% . Pay per Click model Digital catalogue of the product offers to be developed that will act as a landing page for the ...

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