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    mencari sumberdaya baru di pasar mosal indonesia belajar bermain saham , membuat analisis pasar saham, dan lain sebagainya yang berhubungan dengan pasar modal

    $2 - $8 / hr
    $2 - $8 / hr
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    mencari sumberdaya baru di pasar mosal indonesia belajar bermain saham , membuat analisis pasar saham, dan lain sebagainya yang berhubungan dengan pasar modal

    $2 - $8 / hr
    $2 - $8 / hr
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    ...funding from investors and For Internal Purposes Industry: - The business plan is industry-specific, so the freelancer would need to perform accurate industry and market research. Level of Detail: - The documents should be moderately detailed, including some market research and financial projections. I need help with an offering package for a healthcare client looking to expand via a private equity offering. The package will need to include: Delivereables: - Business plan including market data, financial statements and detailed use of funds and exit strategy sections - Pitch Deck for Investor Presentations - Business Valuation A complete offering memorandum is needed by December 25 therefore the deadline for all items except the Pitch Deck would be 25th. The project can b...

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    I am looking for an experienced AFL Amibroker coder to assist me with a specific task related to indicators, scanners, and backtesting strategies. Specific Requirements: - I need AFL code for options, specifically for long straddle with the deepest OTM (out of the money) options with liquidity. - I already have a strategy in mind and can provide the code for reference. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in AFL Amibroker coding - Strong understanding of options trading and strategies - Experience in creating indicators, scanners, and backtesting strategies Timeline: - The AFL code needs to be completed within 2 weeks. If you are confident in your AFL Amibroker coding skills and have experience in options trading, please reach out to me. I am open to discussi...

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    I am looking for a skilled Pine Script developer to modify my tradingview strategy. The specific modifications I need for my strategy include optimizing its performance and improving accuracy. I do not have a preferred method of optimization, but I prioritize improving accuracy over maximizing profit or minimizing risk. Backtesting the strategy is not necessary for this project. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Pine Script - Experience in modifying tradingview strategies - Knowledge of optimization techniques for trading strategies - Attention to detail and ability to improve accuracy in strategy implementation and designs. Detailed file attached

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    social media manager 4 hari left

    Social Media Manager(long term with equity options with one month trail) - Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - Existing social media accounts: Yes - Main goal: Building brand awareness and generate sales We are seeking a skilled Social Media Manager to handle our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. The ideal candidate will have experience managing accounts on these platforms and be able to effectively engage with our audience. Responsibilities: - Create and curate engaging content that aligns with our brand - Develop and implement strategies to increase brand awareness - Monitor and respond to comments and messages on social media platforms - Analyze and report on social media metrics to track progress and identify areas for improvement Requirements: - Proven experi...

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    trading software 4 hari left

    ...the software to provide real-time market data, including price quotes, charts, and news updates to help users make informed trading decisions. - Backtesting: The software should allow users to test their trading strategies against historical market data, enabling them to assess the effectiveness of their strategies before using them in live trading. Skills and Experience: - Strong programming skills, preferably in languages such as Python or Java. - Experience in developing trading software, particularly in the forex market. - Knowledge of APIs and data feeds to integrate real-time market data. - Understanding of trading strategies and backtesting methodologies. If you are a talented developer with a passion for forex trading and the skills mentioned above, please reach ...

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    Raise Money Through Equity: Attracting Strategic Partnerships and Investors - Our company has developed highly effective formulas created by top scientists, originally for probiotics but also valuable for disease treatment. - We are seeking to raise funds through equity to attract strategic partnerships and investors. - Our goal is to scale the business and expand operations to maximize the potential of these formulas. - We are looking to raise more than $1,000,000 to support our growth and development. - We are open to offering equity in exchange for investment and are willing to discuss different options. - We have formulas that have been patented that were 100% effective In Vitro for , UTI.s, yeast infections and more. - Ideal skills and experience for this project...

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    Pine Code 2 hari left

    Project Title: Pine Code Description: I am looking for a developer who can help me create custom indicators using Pine code for the TradingView platform. Requirements: - Experience in creating custom indicators u...creating custom indicators using Pine Script - Proficient in beginner-level Pine Script coding - Familiarity with the TradingView trading platform Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong understanding of technical analysis and trading strategies - Ability to modify existing scripts and adapt them to specific requirements - Knowledge of TradingView's built-in functions and syntax - Experience in backtesting and optimizing trading strategies using Pine code - Ability to collaborate and communicate effectively to understand the project requirements and deliver hig...

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    flat pop art 2 hari left

    Hello! I'm looking for ...commercial game. Game style: Turn based, memory, speed (kind of like Monopoly Deal or Golf) Theme: Italian inspired (more details in the design brief) Art style: I really like the styles of retro comic books or Andy Warhol (happy, bright, colorful, flat). Alternative styles also considered as long as they're bright and colorful (inspiration pics attached) Budget: Yes! (Paid project, not just equity or royalties or whatnot) If this sounds interesting, please send me a note and I can share the brief with more detail! Thank you very much for considering my project. Skills and Experience: - Strong understanding of Andy Warhol's pop art style, or retro comic book style - Ability to create flat and bold designs - Proficiency in depic...

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    Algo trading 1 hari left

    ...existing strategy. Simultaneously, incorporate a mechanism to avoid taking trades during identified sideways market conditions. Adaptive Parameters: Develop adaptive parameters to dynamically adjust the algorithm's sensitivity to changing market conditions, ensuring optimal performance in various environments. Backtesting and Optimization: Conduct comprehensive backtesting to evaluate the algorithm's performance under diverse market conditions. Optimize parameters based on the backtesting results to enhance accuracy and effectiveness. Risk Management: Integrate risk management protocols to control exposure during uncertain market conditions. Include features such as position size limits and temporary suspension of trading during ambiguous market phases....

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    ...a financial questions. I have on me the numbers but I need to calculate: 1. Performance - What was the percentage change in total assets and Shareholders equity + liabilities from previous quarter? 2. Liquidity – What is the Company’s ability to meet it’s near term obligations? • Current Ratio = Current Assets / Current Liabilities • Ratio Greater than 1.2 is good 3. Solvency – what is the company’s ability to pay its debts as they mature? • (Income after tax + depreciation) / Total Liabilities • Ratio Greater than 0.20 is good Commonly Used Debt Ratios and Formulas 1. Debt-to-Equity Ratio = Liabilities (Total) / Shareholder Equity (Total) 2. Debt Ratio = Total Liabilities/Total Assets Commonly Used Liquidity R...

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    ...description of what qualifies or is considered a hazard on a construction site. i mean the images,videos and description would act as the initial set of learning material for the engine 2. Once the initial model is developed it needs to be piloted on a real site and refined. Monetary part : 1. Since we are a early stage startup - we can offer only equity participation now and the concerned person will be suitably compensated along with equity vesting once we gain some traction or investor funding. 2. We are flexible to consider people who want to involve on a part-time basis and pursue their existing professional commitments. Please apply only if you are fine with the monetary part To get a feel of things please visit If you have the expertise and dedication to dev...

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    I am looking for experienced software developers to help me improve an existing process. I have a specific deadline in mind and I have a specific programming language that I would like the software to be written in. I will provide further details on the task once a suitable freelancer is chosen. The chosen freelancer ...programming language that I have in mind is also of significance as the existing process must be able to work effectively with that language. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding the project or further details. Agency not accepted Partners are also welcome( this once will participate and cofound the will sign up a contract and accept a smaller stipend and some equity, with an NDA) Innovative ideas and suggestions e,g AI, are WELCO...

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    ...application should have a user-friendly interface and be easy to navigate - It should be able to perform specific functions and tasks as specified by the client - The application should be efficient and responsive, with quick load times and minimal lag - The developer should have experience in desktop application development for Windows - The application is about stock market data screener, like Equity, Options and futures - The application have all the Technical Analysis tools and Indicators -The application have API function that allows user to connect with their brokers with the help of API - The application have Multiple Trading function like algo Trading, Bot Trading or trade on preset parameters. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in desktop application development, spec...

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    I am looking for an experienced freelancer to build a Keras model for price direction prediction and use them in backtesting. The project requires the following skills and experience: Time Frame: - Short-term prediction (1-3 days) Dataset: - The client will provide the specific dataset for model training Accuracy: - The desired accuracy for the price direction prediction is above 70% Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Keras and deep learning models - Experience in price direction prediction and financial markets - Strong understanding of data analysis and feature engineering - Ability to optimize model performance and achieve high accuracy levels - Excellent communication and collaboration skills to receive guidance from the client and provide updates on the project p...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer who can integrate my Interactive Brokers trading platform with a TradingView script to automate trades. The ideal candidate should have experience in both pla...trades. The ideal candidate should have experience in both platforms and be able to handle intermediate complexity scripts. Requirements: - Proficient in Interactive Brokers trading platform - Familiarity with TradingView and its scripting language - Able to integrate the two platforms seamlessly - Experience with intermediate complexity TradingView scripts - Knowledge of backtesting and the ability to implement a backtesting feature to validate the automated trading strategy If you have the necessary skills and experience, please apply with examples of previous projects or relev...

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    Crypto Token Creator I am looking for a skilled developer to create a crypto token on the Ethereum blockchain. Requirements: - Expertise in Ethereum blockchain development - Experience in creating crypto tokens - Knowledge of Solidity programming language The token does not need to be compatible with any specific wallets or exchanges. The primary purpose of the token is for equity. The token should be able to be exchanged for local currency. If you have experience in creating crypto tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and are familiar with Solidity programming language, please reach out to discuss further details of the project.

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    ...female TikTok creators in the US, boasting 1 million likes and under 1 million followers. Tailor outreach strategies to resonate with creators in niches such as Fashion, minimalism, environmentally conscious living, Crypto, and NFTs. Crysteous Initiative Promotion: Articulate the benefits of Crysteous' community initiative, emphasizing the unique opportunity for creators to join the first community equity pool. Drive Program Signups: Persuade creators to sign up for the program and experience Crysteous for free. Provide relevant product details, focusing on its appeal to the specified niches. Results Tracking: Maintain meticulous records of outreach efforts and communications. Regularly update progress toward the ambitious goal of recruiting 100 targeted creators. Require...

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    Trophy icon Design of online badges Tamat left

    Customer: International Certification of Evidence of Impact in Education (ICEIE) We certify edtech companies (). Three main levels: Gold, Silver, Bronze. Five sub categories (similar badges but different colours) Efficacy Effectiveness Equity Ethics Environment Design of Online Badges Purpose of the Badges: - Recognition of Achievements Style or Theme: - Elegant and sophisticated Skills and Experience: - Graphic design expertise - Proficiency in creating elegant and sophisticated designs - Ability to create visually appealing badges that convey recognition and achievement

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    ...develop a trading bot using C# for the IC market trading platform. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing automated trading systems and be familiar with C# Algo Main functionalities of the trading bot should include: - Automated Trading: The bot should be able to execute trades based on predefined trading strategies. no risk management - I want to have manual control - Backtesting: The bot should be able to backtest trading strategies using historical data. I have specific trading strategies that I would like to implement in the bot and will provide the details to the freelancer. However, I am open to suggestions and a mix of both my strategies and the freelancer's suggestions. Overall, the freelancer should have a strong understanding of trading conc...

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    I need a Python program to implement a prop strategy for my trading project. The program should connect to live trading data and should not have a preference for the backtesting platform. The ideal freelancer for this job should have experience in Python programming and knowledge of trading strategies such as Moving Average Crossover, Bollinger Bands, and RSI Divergence.

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    ...learning, and algorithmic trading strategies. **Key Requirements:** 1. Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, Java, or C++. 2. Experience in developing AI-based systems for financial markets. 3. Strong understanding of algorithmic trading principles and strategies. 4. Capability to integrate data feeds and implement real-time data analysis. 5. Knowledge of risk management and backtesting methodologies. **Responsibilities:** 1. Collaborate with our team to define project requirements and specifications. 2. Develop a robust AI algorithmic trading system. 3. Implement data analysis techniques for market trend identification. 4. Ensure seamless integration with various financial data sources. 5. Conduct thorough testing and debugging to guarantee system reliability. 6...

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    Video editor Tamat left

    ...long term. In addition we have several other video editing projects, so ideally you would become a cofounder. As a cofounder you get compensated partially in equity according to our model of founder cooperative: We like to compensate you on a project basis. However, in terms of hourly basis these are the compensation alternatives: 80 USD total: 80 USD in equity plus 0 USD in cash 52 USD total: 50 USD in equity plus 2 USD in cash 29 USD total: 25 USD in equity plus 4 USD in cash 6 USD total: 0 USD in equity plus 6 USD in cash Which would be the preferred option for you? A low hourly rate that gives more cash or a high hourly rate with less cash? When applying for

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    Pine-script Tamat left

    Project Title: Pine-script Indicator Development for Trading Description: I am looking for a skilled developer who can help me with Pine-script indicator development specifically for trading purposes. I have existing code that needs to be modified to suit my requirements. Im looking to add alert...purposes. I have existing code that needs to be modified to suit my requirements. Im looking to add alerts that gives commands to Autoview. Strategy script has it own entering, TP, SL. Attatched a screenshot. Skills and Experience Required: - Strong proficiency in Pine-script - Experience in modifying existing code - Knowledge of trading strategies and technical indicators - Familiarity with backtesting techniques - Attention to detail and ability to understand and implement specific req...

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    ...dynamically adjusting the composition of your portfolio based on market conditions and the performance of different assets. Continuous Learning: Implement machine learning algorithms that can adapt and learn from new market data. This allows the system to improve its performance over time and adapt to changing market conditions. Backtesting: Before deploying your AI trading algorithm in live markets, conduct thorough backtesting. This involves running the algorithm on historical data to assess its performance and refine its parameters. Security Measures: Ensure robust security measures for your trading bot, as the cryptocurrency space is susceptible to security threats. Use secure API keys, implement encryption, and follow best practi...

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    Hello, I need someone who knows how to work on tradinview, to work on my backtesting project, who will check the chart in tradingview and verify 100 trade opportunity which the indicator showed. Steps are easy and simple: - open the chart - lookback for the first signal (I will provide you with the indicator and signal condition in a private video) - Add a forcasting positing - Take a screenshot - Data entry to register the trade situation and result in excel - get back the chart agin and look for older signal ....etc Notes: - We need to cover 100 positions - you should have tradingview account (free account would work) - I will provide you with the indicator and signal condition step by step in a private video - each position expected to take around 3-5 minutes work - after addin...

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    Google Finance API programmer required to retrieve data for a list of equities provided in a CSV file. Your program will make requests to the Google Finance API for each equity in the list. Once you have retrieved the data, your code should handle the API responses and parse the data. This parsed data should then be stored in a database for future use. It is important to ensure that the data is stored in a way that is easily accessible and searchable. To ensure that your program is working efficiently, it is important to test it thoroughly and make any necessary adjustments. This will help to ensure that the data is being retrieved accurately and in a timely manner. Overall, with your expertise in the Google Finance API, you can create a program that will retrieve and store data f...

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    1. *Data Collection and Analysis:* Gather historical and real-time cryptocurrency market data, cleaning and processing it f...cryptocurrency market data, cleaning and processing it for meaningful insights. 2. *Algorithm Development:* Utilize Python's machine learning libraries to create predictive models capable of identifying potential trading opportunities. 3. *Risk Management Integration:* Implement risk mitigation strategies within the algorithm to minimize potential losses during volatile market conditions. 4. *Backtesting and Optimization:* Test the algorithm's performance using historical data to refine and optimize its effectiveness. 5. *Live Testing and Deployment:* Gradually introduce the algorithm to live market conditions, continuously monitoring and fine-tuni...

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    forex expert Tamat left

    I am looking for a forex expert who specializes in trading strategies, particularly short-term strategies. My risk tolerance level is moderate, so I am looking for someone who can develop strategies that balan...Experience: - Expertise in forex trading and analysis - Strong understanding of technical analysis and its application in short-term trading - Proven track record of developing successful short-term trading strategies - Ability to analyze market trends and identify profitable opportunities - Knowledge of risk management techniques and the ability to minimize potential losses - Experience in backtesting and optimizing trading strategies - Proficiency in using trading platforms and tools - Excellent communication skills and the ability to explain complex trading concepts to no...

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    I am looking for a skilled Pinescript developer to help me implement a modified Elliot wave trading strategy on TradingView. Requirements: - Strong understanding of Pinescript and TradingView platform - Experience in developing and implementing trading str...looking for a skilled Pinescript developer to help me implement a modified Elliot wave trading strategy on TradingView. Requirements: - Strong understanding of Pinescript and TradingView platform - Experience in developing and implementing trading strategies, specifically with Elliot wave theory - Ability to modify and customize indicators and signals to fit the strategy - Familiarity with backtesting and optimizing trading strategies The project needs to be completed as soon as possible, so prompt and efficient communicati...

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    Project Title: Analysis of public limited companies I am looking for a freelancer who can analyze the financial ratios of public limited companies. The specific financial ratios that need to be analyzed are - Cost of equity - Cost of debt - WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital) - CAPM Model (Capital Asset Pricing Model) The analysis should cover the last 10 years of financial data. Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and expertise in financial analysis and ratio analysis - Proficiency in interpreting financial statements and calculating profitability ratios - Experience in analyzing financial data of public limited companies - Attention to detail and ability to analyze and interpret complex financial data accurately Requirements: - Conduct a comprehensive analysis of prof...

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    Project Description: Auto Trade Upon Signal I am looking for a skilled developer to script an integration to autotrade when the indicator shows a buy/sell and ...preferred Type of Signals: - The auto trade system will be based on technical indicators - Understanding of various technical indicators and their application in trading is necessary Specific Strategy: - The client has a specific strategy in mind for the auto trade system - Knowledge and experience in implementing trading strategies is essential Additional Requirements: - Familiarity with backtesting and optimization techniques - Ability to integrate the auto trade system with the chosen trading platform Note: The client will provide further details and specifications regarding their specific strategy to the selected f...

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    ...experienced AFL coder to assist with backtesting and optimization for my Amibroker project. Specific AFL coding tasks include: - Developing and fine-tuning indicators for accurate backtesting - Creating and optimizing trading strategies within Amibroker Requirements: - Advanced level of familiarity with AFL coding - Ability to work with specific parameters for backtesting and optimization - Strong understanding of stock market data and analysis Ideal skills and experience: - Proven track record in developing and optimizing AFL codes for Amibroker - Familiarity with various technical indicators and trading strategies - Ability to interpret and analyze backtesting results to improve trading performance If you are a skilled AFL coder with expertise in ba...

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    I need a Python Code to implement the BCD model of equity valuation. This model uses stochastic processes and a minimization equation to estimate 8 parameters that will help us get to the equity value of the stock at a certain date. Keep in mind that I want to run this code on a number of stocks I have. You need to make the code work on one stock 'MCD', with the inputs I provided in the excel file. I attached a folder with all the files you might need. Start by reading the 'Detailed ' file: - it will guide you through all the explanation of the project. - it will explain what all the other documents in the folder are.

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    I am looking for a skilled PineScript developer to upgrade my indicator with specific features. Features needed: - Alerts only - Backtesting capabilities - Customizable parameters The client already has a specific indicator in mind that they want to upgrade. The project needs to be completed within a timeframe of 5 days. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Strong proficiency in PineScript - Experience in upgrading indicators - Knowledge of creating alerts and backtesting capabilities - Ability to customize indicator parameters.

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    I am looking for a fundraising consultant in Singapore who can assist me in raising 1 Million US$ debt or equity capital. Skills and Experience: - Proven track record of successfully raising significant amounts of capital - Excellent communication and negotiation skills - Ability to work within a tight deadline and deliver results in less than a month.

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