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    Hello everyone I am looking for expert in to detect text from image. This will be Tesseract OCR . Will discuss more details in chat. Thanks.

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    $10 - $100
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    Sphos Firewall Wifi Setup 6 hari left

    We have Sophos XG115W with wifi network setup, however there is no internet access and cannot connect to wifi network - SOPHOS firewall experience essential.

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    ...In addition, they periodically report the records of events that have occurred to the cloud layer. • Cloud: contains a holistic view of all managed IoT domains and is, therefore, able to identify attack patterns from different domains. In this way, mitigation policies at the global level can be established. * IoT devices & IoT gateway • * Security layer (Endpoint Detection and response (EDR),Firewall , IPS , Honeybot, Access list We need an experimental evaluation using an open source IoT platform with combining Hyperledger blockchain, Edge Computing, Fog computing software-defined networking technologies and Endpoint Detection and response (EDR) , The propose of this proposed security architecture project: to test the effectiveness’ of suggested model wi...

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    In this we require a project to detect 20-30 different landmarks/labels/tags from image and video of mouth (intra oral picture and video) , and use it to train a model which is able to detect those in images and video. The program is to be linked with mobile application so will require an api for that. The accuracy required will be good (enough sample data will be available). In attached images please see what kind of objects are needed to be detected from images/video.

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    AWS Cloudformation work 6 hari left

    Hi, I need a cloudformation template that will install AWS Firewall.

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    With your much expertise, i am trusting you to give me as much knowledge in handling VPN, Firewall, Network, VMWare, etc myself confidently.

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    Xamarin.Forms expert needed 5 hari left

    Hello everyone I am looking for expert in to detect text from image. This will be Tesseract OCR . Will discuss more details in chat. Thanks.

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    Some network consultations like tls/ssl, vpn, firewall setting

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    Security check list 5 hari left

    Security checklist Firewall Servers Desktops and Laptops Network

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    ...street map satellite imagery layer as a background. 2. Add features like stoppings, junctions, bridges etc. 3. Visualize the above features in images 4. Provision to inspect images and add comments in the portal. 5. Multiple user access and submit jobs. 6. Dashboard to visualise progress, track jobs and email alert notifications. 7. Tool to automatically create orthophoto from overlapping images 8. Detect changes in the above features over previous years data automatically using machine learning technologies. 9. Analyze historical data using visual analytics built in the portal 10. Automated detection of damages and anomalies of features in the transport route using machine learning. Portal/App must be accessible through various levels of management. The data generated to be used...

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    The project was basically a productivity time tracker. How it worked was that I would place gesture sensors around my home, and they would detect when I entered a room and when I left. This would also be in combination with proximity node modules that would detect a chip place onto my phone. This way when I enter a room, the gesture sensor will trigger the proximity node to check for the chip I’m carrying to confirm that I am in the room. This is done so the gesture sensors that are constantly on, will not trigger a bunch of false positives. The purpose of this system is so I can get data like: 8:30am – 10:00am Office, 10:01am – 1:00pm Kitchen, 1:01pm – 3:00 Outside, ect, in a Excel. I hope this makes sense.

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    I need to create a simple circuit diagram including specific components that allow me to detect a light or infrared, and get a 5v signal in an Arduino Uno when the light is seen. I have a 5v laser for Arduino and the sensor may get only a 1% or less of the intensity of the light. don't think if there is light around, the sensor and the laser will be inside a dark space. Could be awesome if you can use LTspice XVII to make the circuit.

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    Cyber security 4 hari left

    Hello, we have integrated the cyber section in our agency. We are looking for cyber experts able to detect flaws in company websites. Our niche is cryptocurrency/NFT companies.

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    Hello sir, we have integrated the cyber section in our agency. We are looking for cyber experts able to detect flaws in company websites. Our niche is cryptocurrency/NFT companies.

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    Goal: The goal of this project is to capture in real time accurately the number of people/cars passing the camera. Their genders and age ranges (if people). The application must attach and “ID” to users and post all this data to my backend api. Milestone 1: - Count the number of people/cars and post to endpoint - Deploy/Testing to ensure features work Milestone 2: - Detect age/gender and post to endpoint - Deploy/Testing to ensure features work

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    Php Script Issue 3 hari left

    Looking to fix a php script issue . You have to detect the issue and fix the bug and restart it so it will start working. Inbox us let us talk.

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    Tôi muốn xây dựng extension chrome mobile có khả năng detect khóa qr rồi tự tìm file trong thiết bị như điện thoại và tương tác vào ô "drop pass key của trang web "

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    ...bugs for several browsers. • Extensively used GitLab for version controlling and regularly pushed the code to Git. • Used JIRA as the bug tracking system to track and maintain the history of bugs/issues on a daily basis. • Developed software’s for AWS in Java 8 (using Spring Framework 5.0, MySQL 5.6, AWS Aurora, Lambda, API Gateway, S3, SNS, SQS, DyanamoDB, EC2, EBS, Akamai WAF (web application firewall) and Apache Tomcat web server.) Involved in web designing using HTML 4/5, XHTML, CSS 2/3, JavaScript and extensively used Table Less Design in CSS for positioning. • Developed Single Page application using React JS for better rendering performance. • Designed and developed code for table less web interfaces using XHTML, CSS, DOM and JavaScript. &bul...

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    Logo designer 3 hari left

    redesign of our company logo. we want to add different sublogos für different departments 1) IT Security / IT Security Awareness (e.g. Firewall Symbol)´??) - Networking/Hardware department (e.g. cables, etc.) - countries Austria, Columbia (Flags) maybe change the "-IT" in the end of the Logo. Maybe change the logo to one color only. Except the dot in the i i want to keep.

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    I need an eye-catchy drawing of a suspicious dog who is sniffing someone's hand. The title of the project is: "dogs can detect a bad person". Basically, I need something like one of these drawings:

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    Hi, everyone ! I've used RPSystemBroadcastPickerView to record screen. (BroadcastExtension) I have to know mute/unmute microphone status while screen recording. So please let me know how to check it. Any help would be appreciated. (please type "microphone" at the top.)

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    User will take a photo or upload photo, this application should be able to detect and place jewelry on the human body parts. If a finger is detected, it should place the ring on it. The width and angle of jewelry should look alike as wear in the real time.

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    57 bida to setup best the new network for IPv4 and IPv6. Also part of the job is to share us how you want to document NAT and firewall rules and how to ensure that they will stay documented in the future. Since we get often application/proposals of "experts" with no real hands on experience in the requested topic, please provide us: - how big is your currently maintained network with opnSense (how many IPs, how many networks, how many VLANs) - how is your opnSense connected to the internal network (bandwidth, technology, redundancy)? - how many opnSense setups have you done in the last 2 years? - how you ensure ongoing documentation of firewalls (topology, nat and firewall rules) with multiple administrative persons? - what is the best practice for IPv4 and IPv6 set...

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    User will take a photo or upload photo, this application should be able to detect and place jewelry on the human body parts. If a finger is detected, it should place the ring on it. The width and angle of jewelry should look alike as wear in the real time.

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    Hi Team, We have our cloud setup in Delhi region with fortigate now, we are looking for DR(disaster recovery) setup in mumbai region. So, we will launch a fortinet firewall in Mumbai region. Right now need the site to site integration between Delhi and Mumbai region.

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    ...setup in Country A. As i travel around alot i would like to configure a travel router () with OpenWRT to connect back to my OpenVPN server (pFSense) so I can access online services in Country A which is configured to detect my location. The project will be deemed a sucess if I can access the online services when I'm not in country A and when I check the public IP address in Country B it will show the IP address of Country A (in order to correctly detect geo location to access the services). OpenWRT is already installed on the travel router and OpenVPN server is already setup and verified by using iPhone over 4G network. The project scope is to configure OpenWRT to play nicely with OpenVPN server as I cannot configure the travel

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    Hi, i am after a project that will detect number plates in a still image and a video highlighting the number plate(s) in current frame needs to be in c#

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    42 bida

    Able to Vie Cameras on Local Network But Not able to View the cameras through remote app . Needed assistance in setting up the Hikvision NVR for remote viewing through Fortinet firewall if needed.

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    opencart bug fix 1 hari left

    It is necessary to detect and correct the error that occurs on the developed system. The error is in the attached filee.

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    12 bida

    deadline 8/7 design a drowsiness detection system to prevent these accidents. Your system will be able to detect that a person’s eyes are closed for a few seconds. You will build this system by using Python, which will alert the driver when he feels sleepy. The dataset consists of 2900 images which include both normal and yawning images. You may find the dataset in ACG OneDrive/link. You will have to feed the images of drivers into a Deep Learning model which will classify whether the person’s eyes are “Open” or “Closed”. The steps of the approach follows: Step 1 – Take image as input from a camera. Step 2 – Detect the face in the image and create a Region of Interest. Step 3 – Detect the eyes from Region of Interes...

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    Water Flow App 23 jam left
    DISAHKAN My goal is to make this device cheap enough to literally give it away- so we are looking for an app developer (paid) to help us out on this environmental endeavor. It’s a very simple device that does not need to be glitzy. This is more of a utility not meant to impress anyone with aesthetics. I’m going to use a golf course as an example as it’s the easiest to explain. Requirements: A. Detect the ring attached to the pipe via Bluetooth and then assign a name to the ring. For example, zone 1 for golf courses, they have hundreds of zones so put it a min of 7 digits(zones) to be safe. Example 49,000 zones B. Input address info is optional except for the zip code- this is to pull water rates from the national database to compare the hopefully show...

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    To do the software for controlling the ON and OFF sates of a Linear Actuator (5-6 ...BIOPAC 100 Amplifier. Because we are in different countries, please elaborate how the Quality Control will be done. A more detailed specification will be given once we agree in pricing and delivery time. The project is simple, but requires experience in Real Time signal processing. A BIOPAC 100 Amplifier provides an EKG analog signal that can be regulated until 10 Volts. What is needed is to detect the "R" peak of the EKG waveform. After a time delay higher than 85 milliseconds, a Linear actuator is activated to an ON state during a time of about 300 milliseconds, when the Linear actuator goes back to its OFF state, until the next "R" pack, which is dictated in a Look up Win...

    $250 - $500
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    $250 - $500
    21 bida

    I want to make a video for my graduation project which talks about a mobile application that detect monuments in the egyptian museum. I need an expert in video editing to make me a video of 2-3 minutes long. I will give him/her some videos too to put it in the video.

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    34 bida

    You have to develop an AI that can analyze face images and detect whether a person is wearing a face mask or not, as well as the type of mask that is being worn: also you would need to perform an evaluation for a possible bias of your AI and (at least partially) eliminate it.

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    I have 2 VPS working with Private Networking VPS1:Psense VPS2: Proxmox under 03 container LXC working with webserver and with authers services and ports I want all packets pass by pfsense so need to configur: -networking (LAN,NAT, proxy, firewall, suricata, DNS, DHCP...ect) -isolate proxmox from his public ip -open all necessery ports and ssh for each container and services

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    I want a system that can detect if a motorcycle driver is wearing a helmet or not and if he is not wearing one, I want the snapshot of the number plate.

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    ...What3Words ( ) to locate the location of each gateway when installed. The Beacons will signal to each Gateway they are close to and we want to show on a map where each Beacon is (not exactly but to the closest Gateway). The initial demo will involve 4 gateways and 4 beacons. Once we have this demo working we will then proceed to add the following features as a second stage: 1. Detect a button press (alarm signal) and raise a flag (Alert) 2. Monitor for lack of movement (no location change) for a period and flag if no movement 3. Send a signal to the Beacon to make a buzz (each beacon has a buzzer) and set an Alert that a request to respond has been made 4. Clear the request to respond if the beacon user presses the button. Once we have demonstrated this to the customer we

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    Hi, I want someone to build App for prayer time. App should detect local mosques from google and user should be able to choose their local mosque and update their local mosque prayer time. On Google search mosque names does appear but people can’t find prayer times there. Prayer times keep updating and vary from mosque to mosque. So people should be able to update their prayer time whenever it’s change. Please contact me for more details. Thanks

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    ..."closed" time, should not allow customer to place order. - Cart pages, When customer save location name or food item notes has/have an Emoji icon or Aphostrophe the website will not allow customer to complete order "ERROR" will display. - Cart pages, Randomly the customer will order food. The website will show the wrong restaurant name and can not see the food item names*** Maybe create a fix to detect this null data output and popup an error "We are sorry, your browser has an error. Please close all your browser windows and try to order again." - Admin panel, dashboard top header bar, when it auto refreshs it doesn't update the value for cancelled. (Must manually refresh or click on dashboard) - Admin panel, dashboard on vendor page, if delive...

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    I am needing someone to write a simple python script that will open a file (bytes) and encrypt the file with a random AES Encryption Key. Then Add the AES encryption key to the start of the file but use a private RSA encryption key to encrypt the AES encryption key. The script should also detect if the file has already been encrypted and if it has then unencrypted it. File output for encrypting <AES_Encryption_Key>(PUT AES ENCRYPTION KEY HERE AFTER ITS BEEN RSA ENCRYPTED)<AES_Encryption_Key><Data>(PUT ALL THE FILES BYTES HERE AFTER ITS BEEN AES ENCRYPTED)</Data>

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    Don't bid if you can't meet the budget and all other requirements below. We are seeking a skillful developer for a small number of minor fixes as described below. We currently have a Wordpress blog with language auto detect and language switcher icons. (1) We want the logo to change to English logo version when English is detected or switched to and the Swedish logo version to be switched to when the Swedish language is detected or switched to. (2) We want the same as above for the blog's tagline. (3) You shall also control that current auto detect for language and language switcher works flawlessly. (4) You shall also put the language switcher icons closer together and in only one row in menu on mobile device. - No paid theme and/or plugins will be us...

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    36 bida A1 in English on English site. Post A1 also goes to Swedish site and is automatically translated as a draft and/or published directly (options: and, or automatically translated) there. Writer B posts post B1 in Swedish on Swedish site and can do the same. (4) Tagline: If Swedish language, then show Swedish tagline, if English language then show English tagline. (5) Control that current auto detect for language works flawlessly. (6) Put language switcher icons closer together and only one row in menu on mobile device. - No paid theme and/or plugins will be used other than existing. - You/your team will be meticulous, communicative and excellent at user-friendliness. - You will deliver without bugs and layout errors. - Maximum of 3 days to complete. - IMPORTANT to sav...

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    24 bida

    Hello, We need to setup configuration site to site VPN using FortiGate firewall & another Site to Site VPN using sonicwall

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    42 bida

    use deep learning to detect text from natural scene

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    11 bida

    I want to build a app which can detect the nearby BLE or IBeacon….Further also tell the distance of IBeacon

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    9 bida

    - We have Installed Windows Server2016 Standard [Dell Rack Server X5660] - Domain setup for the user already installed. - Now some user wants to access it from home? (Outside Network) Work to Do: - Freelancer can connect via anydesk & do changes in server/add features. - Modified the ports of the Router if required (Dlink router / TP-Link TLR480 Load balancer ) | No firewall available in the network. - No static IP available - In case of server restart or dynamic ip change/freelancer must advise how to change the config for future.

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    We require a Sophos expert to solve some connectivity issues we are having with the Wifi connections to Sphos firewall device

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    4 bida

    With your much expertise, i am trusting you to give me as much knowledge in handling VPN, Firewall, Network, VMWare, etc myself confidently.

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    1 bida to auto track if it sees something, or if it sees fire or something for 2 minutes, after 2 minutes of tracking it needs to go for second preset and then real-time video analyse doing its job again, if there no vehicle or human it needs to swtich to next preset after 20 seconds of looking that direction, what else we need is as I said I will install motion detection radars and if our radar detect a motion (car, human etc) we need our camera to look at that preset for video analys and smart tracking, if there's nothing there, ptz switches for next preset. Or lets say a motion detector sensed a motion camera is tracking it for about 2 minute and then second motion radar is sent signal our camera needs to switch to second signal to video analyis and check movements, if 2 ...

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    ...easily installed. It should be independent of the vehicle it is in and should not have connections such as cables etc. It should be able to work with a long-lasting battery or provide its energy from factors such as vibration, sound and wave that occur in the vehicle. It should be able to be installed on all kinds of vehicles, since vehicles do not have a certain size, they should automatically detect the rear part of the vehicle and determine the blind spot part by itself. We can easily get support when requested. Materials used while delivering the project, software, pcb design, project file, if possible, if there is no prototype we can use, we should get detailed support while creating the prototype ourselves. Turkish Merhabalar. Projemiz taşıtlar için kör nokta u...

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